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  • When did you last listen to a whole album?
  • Premier Icon metalheart

    Despite having a Sonos system (which I’ve yet to set back up after moving a year past May) I listen to CDs.

    While I loved the ability to select tracks form thousands on the NAS I found I’d make a couple of lists and then mostly play them (maybe about a hundred tracks each) on repeat. Convenient, but a bit samey.

    When I moved I didn’t have broadband for 6 weeks so started using the CD player/radio. I found I liked having to change albums and it made me drag out some old stuff I’d not listened to in a while. Hence why I still haven’t reinstated Sonos. Also means that when I get a new disc it tends to get played a lot more than it would’ve on Sonos.

    Last album I listened to (yesterday evening) was Alasdair Roberts ‘Farewll Sorrow’. Before that it was (Beatles) Revolver and Mogwai’s Les Revenants soundtrack.

    Premier Icon senor j

    I love full albums , or I should say I love the full albums I love!
    Harder and harder to find new ones to add to the longish list.
    Highlights of the weekend were Underworld “second toughest..” ,
    Ryan Adams “Ashes & Fire” ,My Bloody Valentine “Loveless” and a John Hopkins one….all played loud, hurrah,




    last week

    Machine Gun Etiquette

    Stoneage Romeos


    Angelic Upstarts – Bullingdon Bastards

    I buy lots of CDs, old and new, as I like to have my music collection ‘on display’. Definitely more likely to play a full album from physical media.
    I have even more digital music, but these albums are really treated as samplers, until I get round to buying the disc…

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Well knock me over with a pair of spandex and heels..

    Most excellent 80’s throwback Rock n Roll..

    The Darkness’s latest “Last of our kind”


    Muse – Black Holes and Revelations.

    Usually listen to full albums while I’m training at the gym. Always listen to them in the right order too. Also have some playlists that I randomise. Crazy huh?

    Premier Icon dazh

    Still listen to albums. Making my own playlists just seems like too much bloody effort. In the wake of the recent death of the guitarist Dickie Hammond, this has been on repeat recently. I’m still quite shocked at how good it is 20-odd years later (if you’re into this sort of thing that is)…


    Premier Icon mmannerr

    All the time – all my Spotify playlists contain full albums.
    Also keep couple of CD’s in the garage, although Type O Negative CD are on most of the time. TON works very well for bike maintenance, especially Dead Again for pressfit BB’s. 🙂

    At least 3 in the last week that I remember:

    Kasibian Kasibian (?)
    New Order – Substance 1987
    Jurrassic 5 – Quality Control
    JJ Cale – Troubadour


    ‘Liquid Swords’ by GZA, and ‘Illmatic’ by Nas.


    Boy – We were here


    Listened to Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome on the way home last night. Was fab.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    There are one or two that are best with one track skipped, like Dire Straits Love Over Gold: Industrial Disease has no place on that album at all, it ruins the flow and the mood completely. It’s also the only album of theirs I own.

    100% correct. Telegraph Road & Private Investigation are 20 minutes of listening velvet, and then along come Chas & Dave with Industrial Disease.

    Premier Icon keefmac

    last thursday. Bomba Estereo – Amanecer


    Does Now That’s What I Call Music 5 count?

    I mostly listen to CDs at the moment when on my turbo trainer but I only ever listen to complete CDs anyway, mostly rock but from AC/DC to Zappa. Listen to less now I have a family unfortunately.


    2 days ago, Rustie – EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE

    Premier Icon prawny

    I almost always listen to full albums, last time was last night, live at the sugarmill Maximo Park’s first album on the 10 year anniversary tour.

    I love albums, a good one is like a good film or book, not just a collection of songs.


    I pretty much always play full albums. Must have listened to about a dozen on CD over the weekend.
    Playing one now:
    Fluid Dynamics by Denshi Danshi on Suntrip Records.


    Yesterday –

    Strangeways here we come – the smiths

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Three on the train to work this morning:

    Miles Davis – L’Ascenseur pour l’échafaud
    Nils Frahm – Spaces
    West Nkosi – Sixteen Original Sax Jive Hits

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    I don’t understand the question – shouldn’t it be, how can people not listen to full albums regardless of the platform?

    Musicians generally release a tranche of music at one time. Let’s call it an album. Without listening to the whole album, how can you decide whether it’s any good? Very often the best known tracks aren’t actually the best or representative of the album. So if you buy music regularly surely you buy whole albums and then listen to them? And if you love a particular band then wouldn’t you buy any album they release?

    Surely the only people who don’t listen to albums regularly are people who don’t buy music regularly? People who don’t listen to music, just have it on in the background?

    Premier Icon 10

    I listen to whole albums on flights. Downloaded a load of mini albums from noise trade and a few from Amazon last month and have been working my way through them. Been listening to one of The Walkmen albums too.

    Premier Icon lunge

    I’m generally not an album listener, preferring to create playlists. But, I did listen to Jay-Z unplugged on Friday night whilst cooking dinner, not a proper album I guess but damn good.

    Whenever I’m in my wife’s car I get albums too, Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly at the moment, it’s not bad at all.


    Re the Sonos – I use a Synology NAS and still no problem listening to CDs as full albums as I ripped all my CDs to Flac and store them on my NAS filed by Artist and CD title. I then play the relevant album. I don’t use playlists, random tracks etc.

    Very occasionally though I’ll stick on an Internet radio music channel with some random mix of things, usually if I’m interested in new or different things.

    Rare occasions I’ll use Spotify but it’s still always albums. The mix radio stuff I just end up skipping through the rubbish. Annoyingly Spotify have tracks missing in albums because of rights issues to a particular track. So generally I buy CDs and rip them.


    Today and it was

    Title track here 😀



    I’m listening to one right now. It’s very good.

    Fleetwood Mac

    Greatest hits

    Playing in background while working.


    Does a greatest hits count as an album?

    Nothing much I listen to involves hits, great or otherwise.


    Pretty much always full albums, until I get pissed. Still living in cd world. Currently listening to van Morrison enlightenment. stone roses second coming earlier.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    New Order.
    Music Complete.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’ve just listened to
    “Why Can’t People Read the Original Post” by That’s Just The Title


    Premier Icon senor j


    Just finished listening to Captain Beefheart – Shiny Beast (Bat chain Puller)

    thats why i’ve gone back to vinyl, i love listening to stuff as it was intended to be heard. i also find it fascinating to get albums that i may know many singles from but have never listened to, the B52s ‘B5s’ (bought for a few quid) was a revelation.

    last night thouhj, after seeing a thread on a hifi forum, i did listen to talking heads ‘songs about buildings’ and then ‘remain in light’ on you tube in entirety… the latter i definitely will now buy on vinyl so i can hear it on my better stereo.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    “Night Walks” – Hidden Orchestra, this morning at work to avoid listening to the bitching and moaning of colleagues. Worked a treat.

    All the time! I even use Spotify for albums rather than playlists. Currently listening to After the Fall – Fort Orange.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Just on my second pass…


    Alabama 3 driving home from night ride last Wednesday.

    and again…

    New Order – Music Complete.

    What a return to form!

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