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  • When did Hope stop shipping brakes without rotors
  • Frisky

    Been a while that I needed some brakes, back quite a while ago now I thought most boxes from hope came with a rotor and you would spec what you needed. Can understand the time needed for CRC and Wiggle or even just bike shops to swap rotors out being a pain so probably a change for the better plus metal costs going up.

    P.s see that there are bundle deals including rotors online so looks like companies are bundling as an option but doesn’t seem the norm like before when every hope box had a rotor inside. This question is really just out of curiosity as I remember reading on a press release maybe in 2010 that brakes would now come normally specd without rotors, does that sound about right?


    probably about the time they went post mount only.

    Ramsey Neil

    The thread title and your first post seem to be at odds with each other .Did you mean to say with rotors.


    As trail_rat says – how would the manufacturer know what size rotors you want?

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Too many different combinations these days…

    Calliper Model (V4/E4/XT)
    Lever Type (X3, Race)
    Hose type (normal, braided)
    Colour (Black, Orange, Red, Purple, Team)
    Rotor Size (203, 180, 160, 140)
    Rotor Colour (Black, Orange, Red, Purple, Grey, Silver, Team)
    Rotor Type (Floating, Floating Lightweight, solid, vented)


    When they realised they could charge for them separately 🙂

    Premier Icon nixie

    It’s been a very long time. 10 years+


    [list]Like trail rat said about the time they went post mount (10-12yeays ago). Used to be no8 Caliper front was 200 rear was 180 6 bolt or 5 bolt rotor that’s atleast 4 different sets of packaging with different components in(rotors) now it’s just front or rear but less components. You also didn’t[/list] have the rotor choice either size,vented floating, standard, 6 bolt or Center lock. Couple that with 3 different post mount sizes and IS logistically that would be a nightmare for manufacturers

    Ha daffy beat me to it and better put too.


    At least 10, if not 15yrs ago….

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