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  • Rod

    Has anyone had to use them for a claim in relation to a damaged bike (frame/forks/drivetrain written off)? The frame was an Airborne, so can they source frames from Van Nicholas? I’d much rather use a local shop to sort it out – so I am likely to persaude M&S/AXA to let me do that instead?


    p.s. I have seen this thread but just wanted to see if there were any more experiences…

    I had a bad experience with wheelies direct 2 years ago G/Fs GT avalanche 1.0 was nicked from outside library (which is opposite police station) 🙄

    Our insurance company wouldnt give us a cash settlement only a replacement Wheelies came up with a replacement Scott that was of a lower spec ie rim brakes not disc and 8 speed not 9 speed. To make things worse it was obviously not box fresh. It looked like it had been ridden then shoved back in the box.

    Took quite a while for it all to be sorted I particulary didnt like some idiot on the phone telling me I didnt know what I was talking about. Thumbs down I am afraid.

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    Don’t talk to me about Wheelies!

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    I’ve had to claim twice using Wheelies. Contrary to most opinions, I had excellent experiences both times. They put some effort in to find the bike I wanted as well.

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    Ask matt_outandabout on here…

    Hes just got an orange ST4? IIRC from Wheelies…

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    I did, very pleased with them, bar forgetting to actually send the thing for a couple of days.

    They offered me all sorts, suggested if I wanted a custom build that was no problem. Very efficient, kept in touch, order was V quick.

    They would NOT give me exact financial value – its a RRP vs ‘actual’ prices thing – the insurance companies work on RRP for everything, so Wheelies have to as well. But both insurers, Wheelies and I(you) know that no one pays RRP, so the cash offer was significantly less. Only an issue if you are desperate to use LBS.


    use your LBS – FETCH

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    Had to use them a couple of years ago – no choice, they were the agent used by the insurance company. Trashed my Trek carbon hardtail and they were tasked with getting a frameset to replace it and did just fine. No problems with them.


    Cheers people. So it sounds like a competitive quote is needed from the LBS if that’s going to be an option… Wheelies have to verify the damage first in any event – but I would have thought it makes more sense if a local shop can do the work.


    I used them in 2004 and they replaced a GT avalanche 2 frame with a Cove Stiffee frame = very happy me.

    My insurance company got wheelies to call me when I put in a claim after the wife drove over my Giant Reign frame. They offered a crazy price on the Reign X frame which from what I can remember was a 1k frame at the time and offered it to me for 700 quid. I just told them that I needed a bike ASAP due to a riding holiday in France and had already replaced the frame. They were fine and just told the insurance company I had sorted it myself and my insurance company sent me a cheque! I did however have to send pictures of the frame.


    I have a proflex 768 that the frame has cracked along the toptube, the bike was suplyed by wheelies as a replacement for my stolen norco and there suplyers are eurobike.

    It has taken 6 months for a replacement frame to turn up and when i opened the box it looked like they got it out o SKIP!!

    the frame has bad chips and the paint has rubbed off areas, also the bike has had a monkey welded it togetther with massive over heating cauling the frame to distort.

    I have re-contacted wheelies and told them im not accepting this and they have told me they will be talking to proflex to sort something but time scales are stupid and probley going to take another 4 mounths

    im posting this to see if anyone could advise me what to do I DONT WANT ANOUTHER PROFLEX! there service is naff and im not going much on wheelies at the moment.

    can anyone explain the my rights on this as i have had enough of the stress the company is putting me through

    i must say rubbish company as phoning me everyday to tell me they are still trying to sort this problem is RUBBISH SERVICE AFER £ MONTHS


    can not stress enough use your lbs
    you can take it back if any problem come up
    wheelies are not good with problems

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    i only use them cos i get a discount through work, otherwise there shit


    use your local bike shop they can do quote and send to insurance company then you tell them you want your bike from lbs. had to deal with them on both sides you just need to keep telling insurance company you pay the insurance its your choise

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    Surely ProFlex haven't made bikes in a good number of years, so they probably did get it out of a skip!


    Had to claim ffor a new frame 2 months back – wheelies wnated to put me on a totally different bike or give me a silly low offer – I got on the phone to M&S aand sorted out a full value cash settleement (less excess) in 5 minutes.

    I have to say that I have been really impressed with them, I had my carrera kraken stolen last sunday, I reported it to my insurance monday morning, wheelies called me in the afternoon, they agreed to send me a rockhopper sl comp 2010 (after complaining that I wanted another carrera nod nod wink).

    It arrived yesterday, brand spankers and ready to go 🙂

    heading up to woburn sands at the weekend to try and not wrap it round a tree


    you do know this thread is months old – don't you?

    thought i'd give my 2 pennies worth anyway, always helps for a fresh look at bad companies

    I had a claim recently that my insurance company put through Wheelies, needed a Frame & Forks as well as other components replaced, took a while but eventually got my dream bike so all in all very happy, you have to keep onto them though!


    Wheelies have been good to me.

    Also they give good discount to the staff of companies that they do the insurance handling for. You can find the discounts by after the http://www.wheelies.co.uk you then put /xxxfyourcompanyhere. If you go in this way it doesn't say that normal people can't take advantage so get some bits cheaper…

    for example the sponsor of the england football team gives you 25% off.


    The nice thing about Wheelies from an insurers point of view, is that they have a huge database of released uk models, which I beleive includes spec and original rrp, so when people say "but my Rockhopper was only a couple of years old", Wheelies will tell the insurer that actually it was 6years or what ever. They seem able to source most bikes, and wil actually take over the negotiation on behalf of the insurer so you don't end up with a knowledgeless berk like me "having a go" at your claim.

    however, if you are a cyclist knocked off, and you don't want to claim for injury as you were not actually hurt, you might find someone like me being remarkably generous on your unbranded age/marque unknown fixie, as even insurance handlers can believe in repaying karma sometimes.


    Had a bike stolen recently and was forced to go down the route of using Wheelies with my insurance…. If you go the money option they take the pi$$ ;(

    Terrible to get hold of on the phone and a bunch of idiots on the other end too ;( Finally agreed to take a replacement bike but unfortunately lower spec…. Lost count of the amount of phone calls to get to this point and had to prove all my receipts for the upgrade parts and pic of the stolen bike!

    Still awaiting a call back to tell me the bike is ready to post (over week now)…… I await to see if they can improve on their service?

    IMO convince your insurance not to use them and use a LBS instead!

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