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  • Wheel sizes – what is the definative conclusion?
  • Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Spanner time. Swap three wheels on each of the 4 cars so that each has 4 different wheels on. Each car will then be simultaneously be future proof, fashionable, staid and quaintly obsolete.

    It’ll really bring the A38 alive

    I have 4 cars with 4 different wheel sizes. Which car is correct and which are the three that are clearly Gay/Wrong/Fail/LOL or whatever the current correct term of derision is?


    Drive each car back to back over the same run and time each one. Then discount the fasted and still come to the conclusion the slowest is best cause its the one you’ve always had. Seems to be the method for determining the best mtb wheel sizes these days.

    Read a website forum discussing it; it is the only real way of finding a solution.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Fit smaller wheels to all of them, speedo will read higher than your actual ground speed, they’ll wear ou faster too all of which must mean you are going faster… Right?

    Or just ditch the Motors and buy a bicycle, its half as much bother – Obviously its the same wheel diameter based circus of bullshit, but only having two wheels per bike means 50% less to worry about… 8)

    Premier Icon cp

    For the intended purpose and design intent, they are all correct, as per mtb wheels……


    i don’t drive and have never owned a car, but 17″ is the best size FACT!

    whatever the current correct term of derision is?

    I believe it is “illiterate”.


    My problem with 29 is its’ still in the beta version. Will it go round corners? Is it all a bit flexy? Can short people reach the ground? All of the above can be fixed, bolt thru axles, frames without a straight line in them, custom offset forks etc.etc. All for a speed advantage when xc racing when we spend our lives looking for twisty single track. They’ll make it work but it’ll never be as simple and elegant as the 26 version…

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    The Bugatti Royale had the best wheel size ever. Perfectly proportioned to the size of the body.

    It’s only when you see someone stood beside one you realise it has the same wheelbase and wheel size as an old London bus.

    Premier Icon aracer

    Do two of your cars have wheel sizes which are close enough that it is impossible to tell them apart without close inspection? The correct size is one of those, the other is completely obsolete and should be scrapped immediately. Your other cars provide some of the benefit you get from the “right” wheel size and can be kept as an alternative.

    Alternatively, does one of your cars have a wheel size you didn’t know you wanted, and you were perfectly happy with the wheel sizes you already had until you were told be the salesman that it is what people like you are clamouring for? That is the right size.


    there is no definitive wheel size, whats good fro tractors isnt good for the road, whats good for trucks isnt good on the track..

    IMO 15″ rims with dep section tyres on them are best for Landarn town driving, oh and not alloys, simple steelies and hub caps rule..
    darn sarf anything sub 18″ and not alloy is just pikey…

    The BMW Z3 I am rebodying as a 50s racer was on 17″ alloys with lowish profile tyres and they have been swapped for 16″ wires with deeper profile tyres which give the same diameter.

    Oh God! I have discovered another vital niche!

    It is not just what size your wheels are but also how deep your tyres are. If I ride a 26″ wheeled bike but with balloon tyres then that is almost 650B.

    Will I become fashionable?


    WCA – I thought you were doing a scimitar / what happened to that?


    BMW Z3

    Passers by will be checking out your breasts not the wheels fitted, so you can get away with whatever feels comfortable.



    Which of the cars has rear suspension, and which are hardtails?

    As they’ll clearly need different sized wheels.

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