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  • andyl

    Bikes – carbon 456 and just building up an old Yeti 575 so 26″.
    Riding – mainly mendips so lots of rocky climbs, rocky descents, roots, slippy off cambers (mud or rock) etc etc
    Riding style – Little bit of air time, little bit of drops but want to do more. Currently lack of skill (will be worked on) and fear of killing my 7171 rims putting me off doing anything more serious.
    Tyres – 2.25 NNs at the moment. Might look for a bigger 2.25 or a 2.35 as I am loving the smorgasbords on my 29er at the moment.

    I don’t race. I value good feel and control over speed but at the same time obviously don’t want something lardy for no reason.

    Flow EX (having second thoughts about these now)
    or try Chinese carbon?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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