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    Normal spokes and nipples – or at least none of the UST rims I've built on said to use anything different!
    Don't re-use old spokes/nipples though, it'll be easier and quicker to buy new ones.

    (That comment will inevitably start an argument about using old spokes – you can do if you want but personally I wouldn't).


    Ha ha…you can use old spokes ok IF they are the right length. Best to clean the threads tho, and if you don't get them in the right place they won't bed in as well and it won't look as good.

    I'd use 14 or 16mm nipples though. You do know that lacing takes a while due to the alloy eyelets?


    Right then, decided to take the plunge and build myself some new wheels. I'm pretty confident truing now so i'm not worried about lacing, dishing etc. I'll be ccopying the current pattern and have a fall back in one of Sheldon Brown's sites if it all goes wrong.

    The build will be Mavic XM819 on Pro II hubs. My current set up is the tubed version (XM719 on same hubs) so i'll be building side by side and copying spoke pattern etc.

    My only question is this – having never run UST rims before, i'm not familiar with the spoke/spoke nipple set up. Can I, for example take the regular spokes out of the current set up and put them on the UST rim? What about spoke nipples…are these specialist for a UST rim?

    Advice/directions to a relevant website would be greatly appreciated.



    Also pretty sure that the DT spoke calculator will recommend spoke lengths a couple of mm too long if I remember correctly. Anybody else confirm this, long time/short memory, may well have typed in wrong nipple length.

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    THIS book tells you all you ever need to know and it's got an example of an 819 build in it.

    Great book 🙂

    not the wheel combination i would recommend you starting out your wheelbuilding experiments on… It's some amount of kit to screw up if you don't do it right. Don't forget to threadlock the cups in!


    buy a bottle of fluid threadlock for the cups ..not the pritt sticky version.get the spoke lengths right to begin with and dont waste yer time
    laceing it to find out as you will only waste threadlock and patience!

    use 16mm nipples.12mm can be used with a quality spoke key as they only protrude a little out of the cups but still possible.i`d also use dt proloc nipples.remember to take into account the length of the 16mm nipple in the calculations if you do choose to use them.

    aye, just double check everything.number of cross,nipple length,flange diameters,etc etc. miss something out and you will be back to the start.


    Why not buy a set of Hope Hoops with Stans Flow rims, less than £240 from Bike Outlet York, strip them and then rebuild them. That way, you get all the correct components at a great price, and you get to see the correct configuration (did I spell that right ?) of spokes etc.

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