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  • chief9000

    Afternoon chaps,

    I’m in the market for a set of wheels and some good tyres to furnish my steel hardtail which has 120mm forks (15mm maxle).

    I’m looking for relatively low weight wheels certainly no more than 1700g. Cost affective and durable would be a bonus. Budget I would say is 400 quid for wheel if possible, if not let me know what I need to spend.

    Type of riding is going to be a big mixture, but lots of climbing which is why i’m looking for something low weight. I guess they gonna get some bashing on the way down also. I weigh about 80kg.

    what else’ ah, that’s it. Tubes or tubless? I have always been a tubes man, but i see tubless seems to be taking off. whats the lowdown ? are they easy to fix when i’m out on the hill?

    Thanks for any pointers

    Cheers chaps

    Premier Icon nickc

    TBH it doesn’t make a massive difference if you choose say hope hubs and mavic rims or shimano hubs and stans rims or any combo of the above. You’d probably even be able to get some end of production factory wheels at that price, I think you you can still get Easton havens for under £400 squids.

    Choose what’s important in a list, is it serviceability, or weight, what would you compromise on?

    If it was my money, I’d build some stans on shimano hubs* bit on the faffy side to build as you have to be careful with tension but Tubless is less of a faff, and they are bullet proof, and they’re a bit lighter than mavic.

    * some people will tell you that cartridge hubs are less of a faff to service, but shimano hubs are relentless if you look after them from the get go


    Hope Pro2 on Stans Crest Rims or Arch EX if you’ll be riding particularly rocky stuff.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Either these, these or Superstar Tesla on Crest get my vote at the moment I reckon.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Superstar Tesla on Crest

    This or…. some Pacenti TL28 rims, wider than Crests (supposedly) more durable, and kinda the same weight.

    I don’t see the point of spending big bucks on wheels, they all do the same job.

    Have a look at On-one for tyres, some Schwalbe Nobby Nic front and Racing Ralph rear would be a good mix. 2.25 both ends.


    Thanks chaps


    I have a pair of Hope Pro II hubs on Arch EX rims if you interested? Black rims blue hubs £220 no scratches dings or marks what so ever. Apologies for the sale on your post but I do believe Hopes on Stans are awesum!

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