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  • steve-g

    So, we are in a “consultation phase” regarding a “reduction in workforce” and may, worst comes to the worst, have 2 months left.

    If that happens I currently have no concrete plans that would fill the rest of my working life, what would you do if you got/have just been, made redundant?

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    Any dependents? If not, why don’t you go “do something you’ve always wanted to do”? If you have, job at Tescos while you think about it!


    do you have kids? a mortgage? a partner is a job she won’t leave? if the answer is no to all of those what about a bit of traveling? then you can get back when the mess is closer to being sorted.


    Oh Yeah, should have mentioned, first baby due in may so earning money has to come into it somewhere

    probably demand to keep the golden hancuff they gave us at the start.

    then spend the rest of the reccession doing stuff ive alwasy wanted to do, starting with learning to snowboard, maybe get a challet job or similar.

    Then get some guiding quallifications and see if i can get a MTB job for the summer.


    Find another job in the same area – move to London during the week if I absolutely had to in order to get work (IT management) – there’s still plenty about for the skills I have, luckily.

    It really does depend on how much money/motivation/etc you have though doesn’t it?


    Start planning now.

    My redundancy came out of the blue and I’m struggling to get interviews for new positions.

    If you’ve got transferrable skills start beefing them up and put the word about with friends/family/work contacts that you might be interested in moving on.

    It’s amazing how quickly 2 months can go.

    Whatever happens, good luck!

    My last day is 4th Feb after 8 years of hard graft (and 2 months gardening leave), I’m in the VERY lucky position of getting a hefty payoff that will keep the wolf from the door until next year. Current game plan is a “gap-few-months” as I have my own little mid-life crisis and ride the bike loads and try growing a beard. Fortunately the bike riding is going better than the beard growing. Goal is to be fit as a butchers dog for the Transportugal in June. Oh and to find another job as well.
    Glad I don’t have any dependents or debts, a number of collegues are not in such a fortunate position


    I am currently trying to think about the things i do, and it is actually hard to realise that some of the skills i have aren’t that widespread and people might want them.

    Then it is a matter of trying to create a CV and “sell myself” something i don’t find easy.

    After that wait to see what the consultation brings up, i may have the option to re-locate, would depend on money, or take redundancy.

    Neither option appeals, but no point worrying i am where i am, just got to figure where i want to be.


    Ideally I would move to the highlands, take a job as a forestry worker/something involving working outdoors and live in a wee hoose with a door in the middle and a window either side. But since that would involve uprooting the family it’s more than likely I’d get a job, any job, to stay in this life of slavery.

    we found swaping CV’s between frineds a usefull way of beefing them up a bit, especialy to make them more interesting to read, and it stops you being modest.

    top tips,
    only answer the questions in the advert (unless your going for a scattergun approach), if theyr looking for a highly motivated team player, put in those skills and examples, saying your great IT and communication skills is good, but if you didnt answer the questions they asked then you may be better looking at a career in politics?


    and live in a wee hoose with a door in the middle and a window either side.

    Gary-m, you can do this now in the Band Q car park, its called a wendy house.

    Some advice i got given when made redundant, when in work youve got the money to buy and do what you want,but not the time, when unemployed youve got the time , but not the money to do what you want.


    mmm . . . get a tidy pay off for 21 years service, then sit back and refuse to get another job, my partner would then have to get a job and I would then look after the house and the kids.

    I’m sure though in reality it would work out slightly different!

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    No plans at all…


    I have until april, then two months gardening leave.

    I am off to the alps for the summer, then Canada to go on a biking trip thatis already planned with some mates.

    Then I am going to loiter in Candiacostercestershire and the USA for a few months before heading elsewhere. Elsewhere is s america or australia/NZ/Asia at the moment.

    No dependents at all, and I am saving really hard at the moment……its now or never really

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