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  • What’s your most loved electrical / electronic possession?
  • Premier Icon ampthill

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2jgxtyQ]My Kindle[/url] by

    I do spend far too much time with my phone. Particularly as it has is used for work now I’m working from home. But I do like having a Kindle. As other have said it won’t be forever and that’s fine.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Micromega stage 1, had a bit of a refresh a few years ago but I hardly use it these days. As in I never use it

    I had a Stage 1. Lovely bit of kit but long since given up the ghost.

    All of my hi-fi is packed away now and I have a Naim Muso QB2 that is probably my most loved bit of kit.


    Looks like you had teething troubles with your Kindle, ampthill.

    @ Johnx2 – I didn’t ask what’s your most loved electronic heirloom did I?


    Premier Icon footflaps

    Currently probably my Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones, absolutely amazing things. Spend all day with them on whilst working away…..

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Looks like you had teething troubles with your Kindle, ampthill.

    The first few years where fine. Then a dog chewed it. More seriously the corners went in the case, hence the duck tape

    Premier Icon ajaj

    I have a Microsoft trackball that they don’t make any more, but I’m sure someone out there makes something as comfortable that would replace it.

    Other than that I’ve got a bench power supply that I made when I was about 13. If it died it would be a shame but I’d replace it with something smaller, more flexible and mass produced.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    My Kindle. Had a 1st gen one for years and when it broke I was bereft, couldn’t wait for the replacement to arrive!

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    “Love” is a bit strong for consumer electronics but I appreciate things that serve a purpose and do so reliably.

    I like my Kindle/Phone/Computer but it’s got to be something simple…

    If I had to save one bit of lectrickery from the apocalypse:


    @ Johnx2 – I didn’t ask what’s your most loved electronic heirloom did I?


    Also @educator and others

    I was looking at my son’s Fender precision jazz bass as I typed that, I guess I don’t really think of musical instruments, analogue watches etc as “electronic” as you get non-electronic versions, unlike radios, tellys etc. About defining terms and not a criticism of the thread subject.

    I’ve an old hard drive I hope isn’t dead that I hope holds a lot of photos of my kids when they were young. Backups long since lost. Really really must do something about that. But again, it’s not the kit, it’s the content that would qualify as valuable to me. If it’s still there and recoverable. A legitimate observation no?


    My iPad. I don’t know how people manage without one.

    It’s what I use to read books, to listen to music, to read the news, to post on STW, it’s where I watch most of my tv these days, where I read and reply to emails, where I do most of my shopping, I use it to play games when I have to wait around for a while (I’m replaying ‘Bully’ at the moment – it’s as good as you remember), I use it do do most of my filing and written work, to edit photos, to FaceTime my family while lockdown has been on …

    It’s pretty much the first thing I pick up in the morning, and the last thing I put down at night. My iPad and my bike are the two things I’d replace instantly if they were lost, or stolen, or broken.

    Premier Icon TiRed

    Electrical: Miele washing machine. Eighteen years old. Never missed a beat. One service.

    Personal electronics: iPhone 8x/watch3/EarPods combo works for me. And I was a cranberry addict for nearly 20 years.

    Premier Icon jeffc

    Ah, The Casio F-91W, or Al-Qaeda special

    Premier Icon CountZero

    Same as @easily – my phone and pad are the two electronic items that are the most important, just because there’s so much I do with them. My phone carries all of my music, (as does my Mac Mini, but that is really as much for backup as anything), and it’s my satnav and camera as well as a library with a lot of books in it, (600+), while my pad is basically my main computer for web stuff, as well as a book-reader.
    And I do know they need replacing after a period of time, but after restoring from backup, each new device is just part of an ongoing chain.


    Fuji Epix510
    About 15 yr old now, it was a graduation gift from Mum.
    Sure Im sure there are better these days, but at the time is was a fair bit, and I think not the amount she though cameras came in at.
    As such I’ve made damn use of it, and in truth im on my 2nd one, just not told Mum that 😆

    Especially after ‘The Tonka Incident’

    A toy I received as a small kid when we were poor and Dad at uni. She saved up for it.
    And dismantled the entire thing 3 months later 😯 Completely, even the stickers.
    I’ve felt quite bad about finding that out decades later.

    Premier Icon montylikesbeer

    My Gaggia Classic and my newly resurrected Troute Lumen Liberator


    Sony Cube radio alarm.
    Bought it in Belfast early 1990s.
    It has traveled round Europe and UK and still working.
    I did replace it with a Roberts for weekly travel but that broke so switched back to the Sony.
    I fall asleep listening to it at night and wake up in the morning.


    My old olive style Naim amplifiers and power supplies. Just beautiful. And heavy.

    Oh and my Apple MacBook. I never felt love for a computer until I switched to Apple stuff.

    Premier Icon Kuco

    My iPad Air, use for Readly, browsing news, YouTube, doodling on with the Apple Pencil and a load of other pointless things.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    The phone suggestion is good but I wouldn’t say it’s a thing that I’d be gutted about. I might be a bit miffed that I had the inconvenience of replacing it but the data’s all backed up and it’s just a tool.

    I love music but don’t have that good hearing I could get excited by real serious hi-fi. The irony being that it was probably my love of live music, pub gigs and loud clubs that did for my hearing in the first place!

    I think I’m in the use it and not be attached to it club. I’d be more pissed about losing my grandfather’s hand tools (chisels and gouges and various other bits that I learned the basics of woodworking with as a youngster).

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    OLED TV or iPad Pro for me – I guess I’m pretty easy to please :p

    Premier Icon StuE

    I wont be very happy if/when my ipod classic dies

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Like others above, my De Walt impact screwdriver. Perfect in every way, closely followed by these…

    Shure 425

    But not sure if they strictly count…


    I wont be very happy if/when my ipod classic dies

    I have a very old one which is engraved with ‘Mum and dad’. It broke several years ago but I won’t get rid of it because I bought it as a treat for myself after receiving an inheritance after they both died. I have no idea what to do with it so I guess it’ll just sit in the drawer until I die then end up in landfill.

    Premier Icon StuE

    I was surprised after a quick Google search at the number of ipod repair options

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    I was going to come on here and sanctimoniously declare that I hate electronics and that I don’t have a favourite, but that’s not true, and I would have had to take my foot out of my mouth.

    The fact is, I love whatever crappy old laptop I happen to be able to call my own at any given time.

    Right now it’s some reconditioned HP something-or-other, and I can’t stand the trackpad. However, it allows me to write, to research, and do all the things that are important to me.

    So… my laptop.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I’m not really in love with any electronics/electrics though I was utterly in awe when I held the original iPhone. Up until then I hadn’t owned a mobile but I had to have one of these. Several generations on and smartphones still amaze me.

    Still, for the purposes of the thread I’m going with the hi-fi guys. Particularly my ATC speakers (if they are electric enough for the rules).

    I have un-electric things which I “love” more though.

    iPad air 2

    Use it for:
    Works teams meeting
    Calling family using facetime or Alexa app.
    Read magazines
    Watch films / TV
    streaming music through Spotify
    Shopping online
    GoPro editing

    Can even use it in the bathroom where it becomes a poopad 😯


    Put my Celestion 66 studio monitors up for sale just before covid hit and was somewhat half hearted about it, had them for 34 years and recently replaced the cross over caps (one was labelled 1973).
    They sound beautiful (to me) but I don’t really have anywhere to leave them set up for listening, so currently have to set up and then pack away again, not easy given there size and weight!
    I know if I let them go i’ll never replace them!

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Though it barely counts as electronic, my 1964 Canon FX is my favourite camera.
    Only used for B&W & the mercury battery is still good. God knows how old that is.

    Premier Icon sneakyg4

    No even remotely the most costly or sharpest lens that i own, but its always the one I choose.


    Premier Icon Cougar

    It’s a funny question is this.

    Like others I could easily say my phone. It’s literally a pocket computer and is gradually replacing everything else you might have used to carry, we’ve been promised the Earth since they were called PDas and always disappointed. Walkman; camera; notebook and pen; GPS; torch; wallet stuffed not just with payment cards but store cards, loyalty reward cards… But really, it’s not special, if it went bang tomorrow I’d just go and get another and the only thing I’d bemoan would be being £200 down.

    My in-ear headphones died recently and I was genuinely gutted about that. They were a treat to myself at college and they were expensive for a college student at the time but sounded ace. I probably got 25 years out of them before catching the cord on something one day and ripping them internally.

    There’s my laptop I guess. I’ve waxed lyrical about it before but it’s 12 years old now and it’ll kill me to part with it when it finally dies or becomes truly obsolete because it’s just a Nice Thing and a joy to use.

    (Not my image)

    Premier Icon timmys

    OLED TV or iPad Pro for me – I guess I’m pretty easy to please :p

    Very similar for me, OLED just makes anything else look broken.
    I love my iPad Pro, but would still be pushed to choose it over my Macbook.

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    Some hi-fi speakers my Grandpa built – they don’t get used now but I still like having them about for decorative purposes. I think that counts otherwise we need a stuff a member of your family has made that you keep hold of for sentimental value thread.


    For me it’s either my iPad, as it’s stopped me stealth working so I focus on relaxing / wasting time reading this forum or on YouTube… or my Line6 helix, which means I can finally get the high gain guitar sound i’ve had in my head for years without a divorce / asbo


    I’m going to say it’s our Topfield TF5800PVRt must be a decade old but still our main viewing device. It’s a Freeview recorder (in case you don’t know) which is user customisable. A group of owners developed an interface called MyStuff that really has never been bettered on any other viewing platform.

    It’s currently plugged into a new LG HDR Smart TV and give a nice (if not mega detailed) picture with natural colours.

    Topfield 5800

    I use our Toppy (what its affectionately know as) in preference over using iPlayer and ITVHub etc. It’s easier and quicker to use the Toppy, stuff I might watch gets filed away without worrying it’s going to expire, ready for me to watch when I want, and no ads!


    Probably my Kindle Voyage. I like it as it only really does one thing but does it very well. It is a treat to spend time getting lost in a book and having my favourite tomes at my fingertips.

    I would love one of the new waterproof models for bath reading but cannot justify replacing my existing model.

    I am a bit conflicted though as I would hate bookshops to close and feel guilty browsing in them and ordering the Kindle version.

    Premier Icon batfink

    It’s wierd – despite the positive impact electronics/electricals have on my quality of life – I couldn’t feel more ambivalent about them. I think it’s the functionality of them that I feel strongly about – rater than the physical object.

    Its a shame that more electrical stuff isn’t built to last – as I think the emotional connection if probably connected to longevity. The closest I can think of is probably an old roberts AM/FM radio that was always on the kitchen table growing up – now sitting in my mum’s loft, obsolete.

    An honorable mention goes to the handheld carpet/uphostery shampooer that I bought on Sunday after Batfink Jr shat on the carpet and then stomped in it. Yeah – I saying I love that thing probably isn’t an overstatement.

    Premier Icon richmars

    My HP-41 CV calculator. Spent all summer working on a farm to earn enough to buy it.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    For me it has to be this.

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2jh2Xi6]Untitled[/url] by Pik n Mix, on Flickr

    Not that spectacular in itself but I imported it from Japan and before it arrived my Dad died. I forgot all about it, then in a very dark period of my life it was delivered.

    So for me it represents the last bit of normality from a previous life.

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