What’s your least favourite bike maintenance job?

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  • What’s your least favourite bike maintenance job?
  • cleaning the chain on the darkside bike in winter eeuugghh!

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    Anything to do with the roadbike – maintenance, adjusting brakes, changing tyres… but most of all CLEANING it. (Hence my post yesterday)

    MTBs, love em. Give me yours and I’ll have a fiddle.

    A second for forks. I don’t mind doing it, I’ve got all the right kit to do it, but as I have to do it so infrequently it takes ages.

    Nothing else really bothers me at all though, it’s nice just to fettle something mechanical…..relaxing even!


    fitting new bearings to spesh epic frames


    Bleeding the newer type of shimano discs (yes XT M775 im talking to you), seems to take several attempts, then a ride and a re-bleed before they are settled.
    Oh and front mechs are a PITA, although i managed to set up my last one in 2 minutes *smug*

    not maintenance as such but setting up spd shoes and cleats hacks me off. I only mention this as its what i’m trying to do right this second.

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    fixing punctures on the SS cross bike, I use chain tugs so it’s all a bit of a faff but then the chain doesn’t fall off so there’s an upside I guess 😆


    Another one for cleaning the bike, drivetrain and the rest of it. I hate doing it straight after a ride, when I’m usually cold wet and muddy, and I hate doing it later when it’s dried on and hard to wash off….. so I usually manage to persuade my long suffering boyfriend to do it. It kind of goes like this….. “I’ll get the brews on while you rinse the bikes, mkay?”

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    Been said many time before but i do hate playing with the bearing in Shimano hubs, particually the back drive side ones.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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