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  • What's your commuter bike then?
  • Am I a roadie now?

    No, not by a long shot. You're worse, far far worse, you bought a hybrid.



    i have an old mongoose fireball,that i use as a runaround,lacky bike.man i've mistreated it over the years(never even serviced/washed it!!!) ๐Ÿ˜ณ


    Bought it off an old friend who did 50 miles and then sat in his front room for 20 years. I love it (now has brookes saddle)

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    Will other cyclists shun me if I'm on a "Hybrid" then?


    Sorry, did someone say something just then?
    ** looks around **


    Quite similar to yours actually- a 4/5 year old Trek hybrid, recently converted to SS. Just the thing for everyday getting about, and hybrid snobbery be damned!

    Globe- that's a sort of Spesh spinoff isn't it?


    I only have one bike. My trusty Kona which only takes a tyre change to turn it from a mountain bike into a commuter bike.

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    it is a specialized Globe with 8 speed Nexus gears too. Looks like SS but isn't! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    One of these

    I love hybrids me ๐Ÿ˜€


    My commuter bike depends on the weather. If it's dry, then I ride the road bike (mid '90s Ribble 731 with Campag Veloce)

    If the weather's wet and nasty, I ride the frankenbike… '97 kona cindercone with drop bars, full mudguards, slicks, 1×8 gears with home-made chain device and down tube shifter.

    Surprisingly, the road bike is only about 4 minutes faster over the 20km commute.

    various roadie bikes for commuting on, none at the moment as im within walking distance of work.

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    slicks for commuting nobblies for xc including races!


    Here is my latest creation for the commute nice and lite cromo steel hack made from bits picked up from the classifieds and ebay and even some but many things from the LBS

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    Not mine, but my wife's new commuter steed.

    She fell in love with Dutch biking culture when we were over there last month and had to have her own dutch bike.

    Mind you, when we visited the shop I had a spin on this:-

    Which was a really fun ride!

    The Dutch really know a thing or two about how to commute on a bike!


    I ride a singlespeed 2006 Rockhopper with an old leaky Talas and I'm currently trying Marys on it. Tyre choice is some Michelin 2.2s as I've got plenty of offroad options on the way home

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    After a bit of thought I just bought one of these

    As my wife nicked my Single Speed and the only other bike I have now is an S-Works Enduro (2006) kitted up for Alps duty. A bit much for riding to work.

    Am I a roadie now?


    cheap Merlin steel frame
    stxrc 8 sp kit
    semi-decent wheels and fast tyres


    Early / mid eighties marin MTB with 1×9 and bits and bobs from my spares pile. Its a bike and I commute on it. Its fine


    Has to fold for the train section of my commute so:

    Airnimal Joey – somewhere between a folding road / touring / hybrid bike. Does the job admirably…


    The coolest bike ive ever owned

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    That is an AWESOME freakbike woffle. Like it a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The drops are bolt-on extensions, no?


    Only have one bike , its what i ride to work on everyday…. work will not join the cycle to work scheme !!! ๐Ÿ™


    One of these, a 40th birthday present from MrsSP. Not sure whether it is a hybrid or just a rigid MTB


    Woffle – amazing piece of kit – just been on their website – what a range – definately the next niche-core product!!
    'Road' version tops out with a Full Dura Ace Groupo, and the Offroad version tops out equally well specced – both with prices to match….. 8)
    (Heck, if it got 'reviewed' in Playboy (see website…) It can't be bad :-))


    That is an AWESOME freakbike woffle. Like it a lot.

    The drops are bolt-on extensions, no?

    Thanks! Yes – it is a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

    …dirty great Rohloff, Magura HS33's, red adonized headset and bottom bracket, mis-matching crank bros pedals (because they're always falling apart, one at a time), Easton stem, Brooks saddle complete with copper rivets, Carradice bag in green and brown and chopped-down alu bars with the bolt-on extensions because there isn't a decent method of mounting bl00dy Rohloff shifters onto drops

    It's comfy and relatively fast. 3500 miles in the last year and still going strong…

    (edit: the Chameleon looks grand but there have been a few reports of frame failures as the whole frame assembly is a bit more complicated. I like the look of the Rhino MTB models tho…)


    Currently a SS pompino. Only recently built and I worry everytime I leave it somewhere because it looks nice. Gonna rebuild the pub bike – Schwinn Mesa resprayed matt black (by me), pair of Hope wheels (with stickers removed so they look sh!te), and it'll be SS, naturally.

    Whatever happened to Sunn? They made some lovely bikes.

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    That was the night both my repaired frame was ready and my fork came back from service at Magura (interesting choice of packaging). And I'd just been to the butcher so there was about 10lbs of chops in the pannier.

    Made trackstanding interesting.


    Pinnacle Mean Streak 1.0 SS.

    Brought of a frenchman in Canary Wharf for the princely sum of ยฃ30!


    alfined road rat, although i wish i passed this on my daily commute, it has full mudguards and a nice rack on all the time usally.

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    Currently using a blue horizontal TT Ribble audax with Campag Veloce, full guards and a rack

    Just had an email to tell me it's replacement is on it's way…..

    …a black, compact geometry Ribble audax with Shimano 105….


    I KNOW!!!

    you maybe wondering why the **** i have 819's and 1.5 slicks ?

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    The one in the middle. Its doesn't have its pic taken very often (well, ever) and it's in the dog house tonight for getting a puncture on the way home. Naughty road bike.


    nearly completed now. Should be ready for a completed photo very soon now.

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    trickydisco – is that a Dawes Horizon?

    I bought one for about ยฃ40, looked exactly the same. Got me all the way from Lands End to John O'Groats. Really wish I hadn't given mine away…

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    The original 1st generation Specialized Langster, all black, straight blade alu forks and a nice 48T chainring for a proper gear. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I've changed most of the bits on it since I bought it, new wheels, WI freewheel and BB.

    In good weather I take the CX along the canal towpath but it's WAY too muddy down there now. ๐Ÿ™


    My bike's a proper MINGER! ๐Ÿ˜†

    If the sun's out, it's this one…..

    Both mtbs with slicks; not a hybrid fan here.

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