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  • Hadge

    Endura Stealth jacket and merino base layer = sorted. I do use bib-tights as my legs get very cold and I'm looking get something a bit warmer for this winter and I'd like some decent winter boots as I've only really got race shoes and my pinkies get a bit chilly in them.

    Boots and gloves are most important for me as I get cold extremities. Currently running MW80s with thermal socks and Giro ambient gloves, which are excellent.


    Noooooooooooooo – Don't say that word!!!

    Premier Icon nickc

    Depends doesn't it? I'd suggest what I ride in the Chilterns in the winter probably doesn't cut much sway with some-one riding in say; Northern Scotland…

    FWIW Gore Phantom, 3/4 lycra (in all but the chillest of days, then full length tights) winter boots, gloves. Might wear a base layer, but I perfer to run a bit cool.

    Premier Icon Bez

    Gore Phantom over a Dryflo T-shirt (or merino if it's really cold), 3/4s, Sealskinz merino socks, Endura Strike gloves, bandana under the helmet. If it's subzero then maybe a merino Buff round the neck and longs instead of 3/4s. If it's really pissing down then a Gore Atmosphere instead of the Phantom.


    Bike? In Winter?[/b]



    pedal harder usually works quite well for me

    I've taken to using a Montane extreme smock in winter. Superb bit of kit, very warm with lots of venting options, it's not fully waterproof but it's always kept me dry even in the Welsh mountains when it's rained hard all day.

    Premier Icon Trailrider Jim

    For all those offroad winter night and day rides, how do you prefer to kit out? Up until now, I've found a softshell, two base layers, bib leggings, winter socks, gloves and boots work ok for me. But I'm looking to replace a lot of my gear and was wondering what works best for others?

    MrK mkII

    base layer, jersey, waterproof. and i carry a fleece for if the temp really drops. on the bottom half just three-quarter humvees shorts and waterproof socks

    Premier Icon ton

    goretex shorts and a waterproof……………….MTFU

    STW Kirkby Stephen 1-11-09

    Premier Icon vondally

    pretty much the same as now


    Merino baselayer, leg warmers. Goretex sock. Splash proof shorts sometimes. Normal full finger gloves but might look for new gloves this year and a montane superlight.

    Omar Little

    depends how cold it is. on road bike a good base layer for legs and body and roubaix bib tights, winter cycling top, couple of buffs, winter cycling boots and i feel toasty to about minus 10. for mtb then the same although with a pair of baggies over top to give the lycra a bit of protection.

    only thing i really feel the cold with is my finger below about 5 degrees i struggle with keeping my fingers warm no matter how much i spend on quality gloves and undergloves.

    don simon

    ton – Member

    goretex shorts and a waterproof……………….MTFU


    What was the temp ton?

    When it gets really cold -5ºC plus wind, I'll wear bib longs, bib shorts to keep thighs warm. Thermal top, cycling shirt, jacket and maybe a waterproof to really keep the wind out, buff, Gore gloves, two pairs merino socks and that's about it.

    I much prefer being too hot to too cold

    Depends on temperature. Ronhills with shorts over the top, long sleeve base layer, Endura softshell, thicker gloves, woolly or waterproof socks, buff and pi55pot helmet (quite a lot warmer than an XC helmet).

    Extra base layer, hiking boots, gaiters and ski gloves in snow.


    Aldi Winter Bib Tights £11
    Aldi Winter L/S Jersey £8
    Aldi Gloves £9
    Sealskinz £20 something

    Did me the whole winter and the Strathpuffer too.


    Same as now really.. I might invest in some breathable waterproofs soon since I'm doing the CRC in Wales in September and it's bound to rain. Are sealskinz good/do they actually work?

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Endura and merino. Waterproofs make you sweat and damp. I like to stay cool. Layer up as required, I go for good quality breathable kit always. Just use fewer layers in good weather and more in cold – simple, effective and cheaper in the long run.

    Premier Icon Shandy

    Any recommendations for waterproof trousers, shorts or 3/4s? I was going to wait but I might as well have them as an option for Kielder.

    Usually I just layer up, base layer, thin fleece if necessary, windproof jacket. If its minging I have an old shell jacket for snowboarding that I don't mind getting muddy.

    I never really get cold on the MTB but I always seem to freeze my hands or feet on the road bike.


    Ground Effect Submerino base layer, Endura windproof jacket over the top, eVent shell jacket in my Camelbak. If it's really cold Montane Prism jacket instead of the windproof and a buff under my helmet, Usually I just stick with normal lycra shorts with Endura Singletrack shorts over the top. I've got some warmer dhb bibs (full lenght and 3/4) but usually just wear them on the road, round Cannock/Birmingham it just doesn't get cold enough to warrant much of the full-on winter stuff IMO.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    (Scottish Highlands, commuting) Massive variation BUT:

    Endura Convert jacket or (and more and more) Paramo Aspira jacket and Endura Superlight shorts.
    Lake winter boots and some yummy merino socks of various kinds. I add my mountain gaitors when it really chucks it down.
    Base layer of merino (Patagonia, HH, Howies) or a couple of snythetic from Endura and Patagonia.
    Scott bib longs with softshell panels all down front and round lower ankles for wind / water proofness or Nike shorts. Both usually worn with waterproof shorts over.
    Middle layer of thin fleece, usually staff issue Mountain Equipment.
    Gloves, vary from Extremities thinnies to Extremities Munro and old pair of mahooosive green fleece lined mitts worn over both the previous two.
    Buff (normal one) or windproof beanie from Palm kayak kit.

    I run hot so I don't wear half as much as most of you lot.

    Howies NBL base layer, Berghaus AirFoil windproof, lycra shorts and Endura thermastats are pretty much it for me. At about -7 I start to feel a bit of a chill, and then I've got a merino mid layer to wear, but I've worn that more often casually that actually what I bought it for.

    Spesh Defrosters and merino socks for my tootsies, and either Troy lee winter gloves or when its proper cold, I have some oldskool Qranc cold weather gloves that are awesome.

    Add to that some waterproof shorts and jacket if its properly wet, but I don't like to boil in a bag unless I have to.


    Paramo. I use a Velez smock, which is warm with lots of venting if needed. Bought Mrs notlocal a Velez Adventure Light made of Analogy light. 20% lighter than the original Velez.

    I'd also recommend the Torres jacket or gilet for the bivvyists out there…..toasty.

    Oh and some vaude softshell trousers if it's as cold again this coming winter. Minus 21 was cold enough for me, no biking though.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Go for Endura 3/4 long. I find its better to have the water run off and they dont flap about. Longs tend to get soggy at the bottom. Waterproof longs makes you too hot.

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    Extremities powerstretch beanie

    Montane Superfly Jkt or gore gillet
    Embers short sleeve merino top
    over either
    Endura or underarmour long sleeve top
    just a powerstretch fleece top

    Bottoms – Endura 3/4s or longs
    Waterproofs – Endura 3/4 water proofs
    Shimano boots or specialised disco slippes with thick socks

    Outdoor designs waterproof mountain bike gloves

    usually carry some form of insulated jacket.


    foot and leg bit:

    ordinary shoes, + overshoes + brigdale overknee winter walking socks + fleecing bib tights over the top.


    Premier Icon graphite

    Okay I’ll give this a bit of a bump seeing as it’s -4 here…

    I’ve only got Shimano MT41’s or race shoes so I add Sealskinz socks and pearl izumi toe covers or if it’s wet Northwave overshoes. It’s below freezing then some baa baa merino socks help.

    Altura semi dry 3/4 shorts and some good old y-fronts!

    Then a variety of baa baa base layer, bontrager race thermal hooded jersey or tog 24 topped off with a buffalo smock or craghopper viewfield jacket (if wet) and a buff or two.

    Finally some I’ve just bought some Endura windproof gloves and sealskinz merino liners for when it’s chilly – sure has to beat my summer gloves with their nice mesh fingers, not so good in sub zero temps on Salisbury Plain!



    Bib longs (can’t say the t’ word), sealskinz, normal cycling shoes, Lifa baselayer, fleecy cycling top. Windy – add pertex, raining – remove pertex and add waterproof jacket. All plus buff on my poor wee bonce if it’s really cold, and warm, warm gloves.



    Neon Pink Mankini


    Endura Stealth, long or short sleeved merino base layer, Altura Progels under Singletrack 3/4 shorts, Night Vision gloves, merino Sealskinz socks, Spesh Taho shoes. Does the job.


    I just stick an Aldi biking jacket on. Gloves if its below -5. Otherwise same as normal, baggies, trainers and a Tshirt.


    For current freezing conditions –

    aldi / lidl waterproof trousers.
    Buff type thing for neck, mouth, nose.
    Riding glasses with plenty of anti fog on them
    Pisspot helmet usually
    Normal full length gloves
    Thermal ski base layer
    Thick Aldi / Lidl Winter riding jersey
    Race Face Shore riding jacket
    Old Halfords headband (which covers ears – although a decent skull cap would be better for really cold weather


    Jeans,t shirt and hoody. Nuff said.


    those of you with cold fingers and toes – try an extra base layer on the core. IME of standing in the cold in Colorado working ski lifts, it keeps your finger and toes warmer as your body doesn’t draw heat to use for your core. HTH…

    Premier Icon votchy

    Last winter (had temps down to -10) my riding gear consisted of:

    Gore Phantom N2S Jersey
    Endura 3/4 event shorts
    polaris winter socks
    MW80 boots
    Specialized winter gloves
    If raining then this changed to:
    endura base layer
    Endura event jacket
    endura event 3/4 shorts
    polaris winter socks
    goretex oversocks
    mw80 boots
    Specialized winter gloves with waterproof outers


    Yay! My first Report!

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