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  • whats your AM/Enduro bike weight?
  • Premier Icon nemesis

    I foresee postings of many ‘optimistic’ weights ahead… 🙂

    Premier Icon jam bo

    30lbs pretty much dead on.


    For me any more than about 31/32 lbs starts to feel a bit too heavy, but YMMV. I’ve no idea what mine weighs though. 🙂


    This is how you calculate weight;

    Aluminium frame – weigh the bike, disregard weight on scales, claim 28-29lbs

    Carbon frame – weigh the bike, disregard weight on scales, claim 26-28lbs

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Thought 30lbs or below was about the standard weight to aim for, but if your happy with it thats all that matters.

    Not really a weight weenie but happy how mine came out, though as with all these things probably better, and cheaper, to simply loose weight.

    My Ion 16 sits at 29.94 lbs (I bought lighter grips and fitted a handful of titanium bolts to scrape it under 30).

    I’d struggle to lighten it much more without making compromises I don’t want to make, or buying wheels that would result in divorce..

    Premier Icon kayak23

    My Mega is fairly portly at about 34.5lbs.

    Not sure why really. Carbon bars, new Pikes, Flow rims… Still weighs a ton. It’s got a CCDBA on it now too.

    Still, it’s totes amazeballs… 🙂


    Mine’s going to be ~28lb mark

    But need to get it on scales to confirm.

    (the frame is 2lb heavier than my scott was @26lb)


    Just read Devash’s post……. 😳 Hahahaha.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Blur ltc 28-30 depending on what I do with it, lightened it up a bit going 1x but added a heavier damper.


    Aluminium frame – weigh the bike, disregard weight on scales, claim 28-29lbs

    lol if i did that i’d end up cursing myself on the climbs when the extra weight slows me down.
    to be honest, i’ve always built up all my bikes to be a bit more DH/freeride orientated.
    before you ask i’m happy with 26″, and seeing as a great deal of the upgrades on the bike have been very recent…i cant justify moving over to 650b yet (which would be something for the future) as it would involve a brand new bike of new frame, forks and wheels.


    My 2013 Meta AM is just over 33lbs with XR4’s on – reverb, flows, zee brakes 203/180, 3×9, saint pedals, air lyriks.


    mine is 14.5kg (banshee Rune and Bos suspension, rigid saddlepost)

    🙂 😮

    in my opinion 12.5 kg is in XC bike category, no matter what.


    i should have said spec consists of…
    marzocchi bomber 55cr
    rock shox monarch rl
    zee shifter
    lx ht2 cranks
    slx shadow+
    slx cassette/chain
    zee with 203mm/slx with 180mm
    atomlab dhr rims, atomlab trailpimp rear hub/wtb laser dh front hub
    dmr bashring
    wtb saddle
    it will have a blackspire shore seatpost back on soon
    raceface diabolus d2 stem
    renthal fat bar lite
    odi tld grips (not pictured)
    x-lite bar plugs
    either maxxis ignitor 2.35 or panaraces fire fr 2.4

    to be honest, with that spec i expected it to weigh more so i was pleasantly surprised

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Mines about 33-34 then as Scampers is similar to mine 🙂


    My 06 Tomac Omen is my AM bike and weighs a smidge under 35lbs. ~4lbs of that is in the Bombers, DH rims, and Raceface chainguide.

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    My Alpine 160 in this pic is 29.9 lbs on my feedback scales


    31-34 depending on which tyres/wheels are on it on the day.

    It’s at the point where swapping any bits for lighter ones starts to compromise its reliability, I’ve had it under 30, but slowly ended up putting weight back on to deal with failures.

    Most people vastly under-estimate the weight of their bikes, especially ‘Enduro’ bikes in my experience…


    after slapping on some new brakes i finally got round to weighing the whole bike to see how heavy/light it is.
    i new it wont be a whippet so i got the luggage scales out and found that its weighing in at 34lbs.
    the bike has heavy but bombproof DH wheels and changing these for something lighter would lose a couple of pounds but i love the way it rides, but is this a reasonable weight?

    Note: the brakes are now a Zee/SLX combi…and currently on Panaracer Fire 2.4
    what does everyone else ride? pics and weights please…

    My Prophet weighs around 15kg/34lbs (using a digital luggage scale)

    Flow EXs
    Hans Dampfs
    2×10 SLX and XT
    Bash and single roller
    KS Dropper
    Pike 409s

    It’s too heavy really. Ditching the Pikes for the new version would save around 600g, but the finances aren’t going to allow that for a while.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Genuinely weighed, but with a cheap scale, mine comes in at 27.54lbs ready to race. That’s a Hemlock with Pikes, fat singleplys, 1×10 and ti or carbon everythings, nothing on it that doesn’t work or can’t be trusted. But the number still seems a bit low tbf.

    Having said that I’m about to alp it, that’ll add probably 5lbs of wheel, tyre and fork.


    My Covert 26 comes in between 31-32lb. Could shed some weight but I’d be getting into silly money per gram and I could probably do with loosing a couple of lbs myself!

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Alloy Mk2 Nomad with Lyrik RC2DH, Iodine wheels, carbon cranks, bars and bits of gear/brakes, Minion & HR tyres, was 30lbs with a 2×10 X0 set up.

    Got EXO Minion and HRII on there now which are heavier and more so that I put a fair bit of sealant in now. However I’ve gone 1×10 so no front mech, but then again added a Reverb. Haven’t weighed it, but feels heavy. Never notice it when riding though, except maybe some climbs if I compare it against my hard tail.

    The EXO stuff is chunky also, 2.4/2.5 size tyres. I put them on for the alps a year ago and is maybe a bit OTT for normal duties (it’s only Surrey Hills in the main after all 😀 ).


    26ers clearly have the advantage here, saving at least 10g!

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Mojo HD140 frame (large),
    X Fusion Slant 160 fork
    Hope Pro 2 Evo, Stans Flows, NN 2.4 tubeless
    Funn Fatboy bar, SS Zephir stem, Ibis foam grips
    XT 785 2×10, XT shifters, SRAM XO front and XT shadow rear
    11-36 cassette,
    XT M785 brakes
    Reverb, Spoon
    MRP Ibis chainguide

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    32 lbs.

    which as everyone knows: is the perfect weight for a sturdy, full-bounce 29er.

    (it could be lighter, but that would cost several hundreds, and i’d rather go on holiday)

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Son’s bike
    Canyon Nerve AM 140 frame, RP2 HV shock
    Funn bar, Crank Bros foam lock-ons, Ragley stem
    Revelation 150 fork
    DT 500 rims on Hope Pro 2
    NN 2.35 tubeless
    SLX M675 brakes
    XT M785 2×10, XT front and rear mechs, SLX shifters 11-36 cassette
    Reverb, WTB saddle
    MRP BB mounted chainguide
    29.5 lb


    Current LTHT that I’ve used in races is 27.8lbs, incl. dropper and beefy tyres (on slightly too light wheels). My previous alu, coil-sprung, 160mm FS was about 31.6lbs, iirc.


    Weight is a curious one, sometimes considerable heft can be reassuring….there is plenty of stuff at the Devils Punchbowl in Hindhead that i think twice about going down on a mountain bike but will happily go down on 120kg worth of off road motorcycle….falling off doesnt bother me (or it) either, it feels bombproof, pick it up, fire it up and carry on….but the mountain bike can feel skittish and the light weight sometimes feels like its being bounced around all over the place whereas the motorcycle always feels planted.

    The only bike i like to weigh is my road bike (8kg exactly if you must know, not bad for aluminium)….i couldnt care less what the mountain bikes weigh.



    to go any lighter would make it faster up/along hill, but probably worse downhill IMO,and I’m happy with the balance as it is.

    With the possible exception of swapping the coil fork for a new pike would take a pound and a bit off the weight, but it still might not be quite as good.

    Ibis mojo HD (large)
    CCDB air
    marzocchi 55 rc3 ti coil forks
    rockshox reverb seat post
    Shimano xt brakes
    Renthal carbon bars
    superstar megnesium flat pedals
    Light bike carbon rims on pro II hubs
    Hans Dampf 2.3
    1 x 10 shimano drivetrain

    Premier Icon kimbers

    13.5 kg on my luggage scales

    Kona process 153 with dhx air and pikes, KS drop zone post, slx cranks, 1×10 zee mech ,xt caserte and shifter, hope race m4 brakes, mrp 1x guide. kona alluminium bars, crank bros mallets
    Light bicycle 35mm carbon rims hope hubs HR2 / ardent exo tubeless

    That’s good enough for ews, laps of swinley 😉 and ukge – off to Wales tomorrow for round 4 😀

    I put on the stock wtb/shimano wheels and dual ply tyres for the Alps adds another kilo or so

    the carbon wheels were the only effort to make it lighter for all day loops and teh longer 40-50k endruos with lots of climbing, going 1×10 also helps, loose weight though mostly did that for simplicity

    Premier Icon domderbyshire

    Trance carbon running tubeless 1X10 with dropper and Flows. A shade under 27lbs.


    34.8lbs for a 2012 18 inch Orange Alpine 160. All stock apart from Reverb, XT brakes 1×10, SRAM X9 mech/shifter, Pro Atherton saddle, Ti Superstar pedals (nicked from wife when she stole my DX SPDs!) Renthal Kevlar lockons (not worth the money), 740 Kore Durox bar (again a hand me down from the wife) and 2 Ply 2.5 Minion DHFs (ghetto tubeless). Just about to switch back to single ply tyres for UK riding when I can afford some.

    Next thing to upgrade will be the forks as currently standard Fox 36R and regularly push them past the limits of control.

    Could be lighter (a friend’s Mondraker summum is lighter than it) but I’m skint and have a mortgage to pay.

    Tom KP


    29lbs as I actually weighed a bike I’ve owned for the first time ever.

    13.8kg for my banshee spitfire as it is , so a shade over 30Ib . I could go under 30Ib with carbon bars and a couple of small changes, doesn’t really matter though as the bike is great as it is:)


    2014 cube stereo 160 carbon 650b frame
    Kashima 34 talas
    carbon haven bars
    hope pro 2 flow ex wheel set
    hans and rock razor tubeless
    saint pedals
    saint brakes
    1×10 x0 gear set

    28.6 lb. Could trim it with lighter wheels, pedals, brakes, tyres etc but I’m happy with a bit of extra weight for wide rims, sticky pedals, big tyres and powerful brakes


    29.2lb by the bathroom scales.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    JonEdwards – Member

    29.2lb by the bathroom scales.

    in other words:

    “i haven’t the slightest clue”


    Premier Icon Northwind

    JonEdwards – Member

    29.2lb by the bathroom scales.

    Sounds like Meatloaf. Paradise by the bathroom scales.


    2013 26″ Orange Five, built up for the Lakes, Pennines and Alps: bang on 30lb with Reverb, 150mm forks and a Dual Ply Minion rear.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    2013 Al Pivot 5.7, EX1750’s, 2×9 XT + bash, XT brakes & Cranks, 150mm Pikes, Purg + Hans Damph rubber, Haven carbon bars, PD540 pedals.
    28.25lb with standard post, 29 with reverb.


    between 28-29lb depending on tyres.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    It may be a little lighter now.


    Intense Tracer 2 33lbs
    Usual Reverb, Flowex hoops, High Roller 2Tr exo. Xt /xtr mix saint pedals,Easton Havoc bar n stem.


    34 1/2 lbs on the bathroom scales which if my wife is to be believed is more likely to be under 29 lbs because these scales always put 5lb on her 😉


    E29, 28lbs.

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