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  • What's the worst thing you have done whilst drunk?
  • marsdenman

    Next time you're
    a. at Centre Parks
    b. bored of an evening – after the pool has closed

    ..take a look at where the outdoor pool exits / enters the main dome and you'll see it's closed off with a roller shutter – it was not always like that….

    Used to to be it was just one of those plastic / rubber curtain things – the type you see on warehouse doors – as we found out on a jolly-boys weekend many moons ago.
    Seeing this, someone had the bright idea we shuffle down the slope (dry cos the outside pool system is drained at night) and go play in the main dome 😀
    All pumps for food and drink were on – o'course no-one would expect anyone to be in there so, we lark about for a bit, no damage but we'd pulled a couple of beers and the odd ice-cream (so rock and roll!!) then we spied security were on the way in….
    We all scarper, dive into boating lake, seemed a sensible way to erm, 'disguise' the fact we'd been swimming in the pool….
    Security collar us, can't say toooo much when we deny all knowledge of being in the building…. we get a rollocking but don't get asked to leave site!

    And that, ladies and gents, is why they now use the roller shutter…..

    Oh, and, end of the weekend, took us about 10 trips to take loan bikes (of all shapes and sizes) back to the hire shop – we'd got into the habit of simply 'borrowing' the nearest one to hand when we came out of the club of a night….


    when I first moved into the flat I'm in now(about 9 years ao) I went on a night out with, for some strange reason about 400 quid on me. so off i go, see my friendly dealer and buy 5 tablets, get into club, drunk and high. meet a couple of friends and we get royally trashed, so I'm walking around the club smoking, and see a girl and her boyfriend, the girl has an ashtray on her leg, and as the tab I'm smoking is nearly dead, i say excuse me, and stub the tab out in the ashtray. Only I'm seeing things, and I've just stubbed a tab out on a girls leg , whoops. 5 secs later and I've been decked.

    oh well, get up continue getting trashed, and eventually leave the club and I've got nothing, no keys, wallet phone or money, sh*t!

    end up at a friends house and at about 4 I head home, get back for 4.30ish, no keys so bang on the door trying to wake my flatmate up, no answer, his rooms at the back of the flat, so I go around the back, climb over the gate and start banging on his window, I can see him through a crack in the curtains but he's not moving so I bang on the window for about 15 minutes, still not moving. Look around the garden, oh sh*t there's loads of kids toys in this yard, its the wrong house…

    finally get into my house at 6ish, do it all again the next night, oh to be in my 20s again!

    There are many other stories like this…

    Whilst travelling around asia, went out for a 'few drinks on the beach' in in koh samui, thailand with two mates and a guy we had just met who was travelling alone. The night ended up with me getting my nipple pierced, one mate gettin his eyebrow done, the other gettin his lip done and we managed to persuade this guy we had just met to get 'you're name' tattood on his arse because 'girls will find it hilarious'. ! Then my mate ended up going back to a prozzies house and getting threatened by the prozzie and two of her mates with bamboo sticks. God i miss thailand….


    went to see a mates flash new rented place in Aberdeen, which came complete with a new swimming pool block set in the gardens. he'd jammed the door so we could get in after the 10pm curfew. Cue much hilarity in the pool until I decide to do a (fateful) final dive. Everyone else was leaving and I went for a swan dive, forgetting that i was now at the shallow end. Smashed into the pool floor head first and luckily didn't get knocked out, otherwise i'd have drowned. no split head, no smashed teeth, no drowning. nobody believed me either – thought i was at it.

    once got really drunk on a stag do in brussels and lost at least half an hour in a dodgy looking gentlemans club which to this day i have no record of.

    once got wasted on a night out at tiger tiger in glasgow and on the bus on the way home I asked the birthday girl if I could smell her pussy. When she replied, outraged, that I could not I suggested it may be her feet then. Little did I realise just how badly this went down on the bus and I was exiled to the back with several of her male friends wanting to give me a kicking at the back of the bus.

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