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  • What's the weather like up there, in Scotland
  • lee2d2

    A group of us southern softies are supposed to be coming up to Scotland for the weekend.

    Probably riding Kirroughtree, AE, Dalbeattie.

    Just wanted to know if all the trails were open. We don't mind the rain but just want to be able to ride.



    Even by Scottish standards it's fairly wet in the south at the moment. Pishing it down in Glasgow today so don't think it'll be dry down there.

    I rode down in Dalbettie last year when there had been much less rain and one of the riders in our group was up to his bars in water trying to plough through a soggy section! Kirroughtree drains better, but I would avoid Dalbettie.

    It has rained pretty much non stop for 2 weeks in Glasgow and I hear the south west has been heavier, sorry if this sounds pessimistic!


    Was down in Galloway area at the weekend. Lots of flooded fields, but the roads were open, as were Mabie and Kirroughtree.

    Some fun can be had putting one's trust in the wet granite at Kirroughtree.

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    I was there too. Kirroughtree was fine, Mabie a bit muddy. Spoke to some guys who were at dalbeattie and said it was fine. Biggets problem could be the roads around Dumfries itself if it rains much more this week. If its dry for the rest of the week you should be fine. Think its to be dry and cold by the end of the week.

    Premier Icon himupstairs

    grim as fook in edinburgh today.
    look on here to get an idea.. http://www.trafficscotland.org/lev/
    looks pretty dreich everywhere


    Cheers for the info peeps,

    BoardinBob – that was the news article that prompted my posting on here

    I've been looking forward to the trip. As long as we can get to the trails we'll have a go 🙂


    I have lived here all my 36 years and i have never seen this amount of
    rain. But these centers are pretty weather proof i think,you just will get wet but as Steve Peat says "thats what makes us British"

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Glasgow wet 😯

    In all seriousness, in my bit of Perthshire at least its not too bad.


    Just started building an ark and rounding up breeding pairs of animals up here in Carnoustie.


    I live just outside inverness its 29degrees with clear skies and has been for the last 3 weeks….


    Yes, but Miami is just "outside" of Inverness, it is just a matter of scale.


    Moray was nice and dry till this morning. It's a bit miserable today but nothing on the scale of down south. We had our biblical downpours in sep and oct. Still finding new trail "features" caused by the erosion from them.


    weather was horrendous out in argyll the past couple of days but the forecast is nice for the weekend so have a good one 😀

    Rode at Dalbeattie 10 days ago. It was biblically wet down there with flooding on the roads. The trails were fine. Surface water – obviously – but rocky and firm underneath.


    It's a bit grim to be honest. It's even getting to the point where I am thinking twice about going out.


    duckman – Member

    Just started building an ark and rounding up breeding pairs of animals up here in Carnoustie.

    Seriously leave the sheeples alone!

    Glasgow is wet – however I am riding GT or Inners on thursday (not decided yet) and I fully expect those two trail centres to be rideable.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    The weather is lovely in Scotland (Highlands).

    We've got lots of it, and the mountains look all the better for a bit of weather.

    Really it's a case of just getting on with it – take plenty of waterproofs, and it won't rain. 🙂

    BTW if you've got any spare global warming could you bring that up with you too?

    Dalbeattie has 2 sections of Red Route closed for timber harvesting and the easy green and blue routes I think are closed completely as they are felling near the trail car park. Most of Dalbeattie, almost all of Kirroughtree and 3/4 of Ae are in forrest so protected from the worst wind. Dalbeattie surface erroded and rough from the recent rain but still a good challenge, Ae's exposed decents again very erroded, and Kirroughtree barely suffers at all from water errosion.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    The cycle home last night was the worst weather I can ever remember cycling in.

    Tonight doesn't look much better.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Give Steve a bell re Ae Steve

    If anyone has been out and about then he will know.

    As D`beattie marin rider says Kirry/Dalbeattie and Mabie are pretty sturdy.

    Clair/Sam or Mark for kirry;= Kirry

    Jemma/John for Mabie ;- Mabie

    Dumfries news


    Inners is fine – if a little windy!


    Well I think the eucalyptus in my front garden is coming down!

    (18 miles north of Inverness)


    I heard on the news that they were checking brigdes in Dumfries and Galloway for the same reasons as Cumbria !

    As Bob says, it has been hammering down for about the last 2 or 3 days, but to make matters worse, there are gale force gusting winds !

    If i were u I'd make an informed decision on Friday before travelling all that way Norf ! Check as many sites as possible. metcheck.com has always been reliable for me.

    If you do come up, have a blast and let us know how it works out !

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