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  • Sancho

    I set off yesterday and got about 100 metres before a lame over the bars in a gully, but landed badly on my finger and had to retire, that and a bent rotor.
    Absolute ‘mare.

    anyone else retired after even less time on the bike.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    got just about as far at woburn one time before a branch poked through my back wheel, took out about 5 spokes had me off and waiting in the car park for a few hours till my lift came back!

    A few feet, after a recently repaired Dynatech frame what I’d just built up again came apart just a few yards from my building. The welding had melted the glue, although there was no indication owt was wrong as it had also bin resprayed, and the top and down tubes seperated from the back end.

    Rather annoying. 😐

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    Not quite as short a ride as some, but I managed 1/4 of a mile then tried my newly installed disc brakes and the front locked up on some leaves and I went down and smashed my humerous. I then rode back and drove my self to hospital very carefully!

    Premier Icon D0NK

    mtb ride made it about a mile from my house before I realised my hangover really was that bad and it wouldn’t clear with a bit of exercise.

    road ride turning the corner at the end of my GFs road, put the powerdown chain slipped crashed massive roadrash on my hip. ouch.

    Car park at Mabie, my mate gets on his bike, turns pedals….BANG!!

    His front wheel explodes as the (vey worn) rim splits.


    We all met in a carpark then one of the lads realised as he was unloading he’d left his front wheel at home, what a fool.

    Premier Icon tthew

    Saw a bloke snap his chain as the starting gun went off at a CX race in Macclefield a couple on boxing day’s ago. How annoying would that be having not only had to drive to get there, but pay for the privalege to ride as well. 🙁

    Was a rubbish lap though, round and round a playing field with a couple of scaff plank hudles as obstacles.

    Forgotten SPD shoes so had to give up on the first climb as CB’s were digging into my soles a bit too much.

    Normaly this wouldnt be a bad thing as my other bike I’d leant to a friend would have flats on it but I’d put CB’s on that for him too!

    As I was pushing bike through the front door, it jumped enthusiastically out of my hand, down the step, rolled about 4 feet only to fall on the right side smashing the rear mech and bending the hanger. So, 4 foot for me 😐

    My first biking trip was to Mabie. Had been biking just a few months. Rode about 50m from the bike shop, left into the forest, and down a steep roller – got a branch caught in my spokes, tore the whole derailleur off, broke the hanger, mangled the chain.

    Had to replace the whole lot at the wee shop, at full-whack prices, including a new cassette. And he only had XT in stock, and rapid rise at that.


    A bit further than the OP – 300 yards on a brand new bike; first ride. Looked down for a second or two too long, run alongside the curb line, couldn’t recover and went over the bars and to the left knackering my elbow and wrist followed by a trip to A&E.

    Bike was fine which is the important part, right…

    A few years back my brother got a new bike – mount vision. We drove 45 minutes out into the Chilterns, rode 200m on the road, then to the first short off-road incline. Bang. Rear mech in the spokes. Turned out he’d got one of a dodgy batch of gear hangers, which were stronger than the swing arm, so that snapped instead of the hanger. Lots of swearing that day.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Normaly this wouldnt be a bad thing as my other bike I’d leant to a friend would have flats on it but I’d put CB’s on that for him too!

    so if your other biek had still had flats on would you have nicked the bike back and told your mate to balance on the CBs on your main bike? firm but fair 🙂


    my friend was once riding round in circles outside my house waiting to set off, caught a pedal on the road, came off and had to go for stitches… 😆


    About a month ago we went DH riding at Wharncliffe. Got to the top of the ‘Fasttrack’ and punctured on the rocky run in at the start. Did a further 2 runs and moved up to one of the other runs and wiped out part way down ,hit a tree with my thigh(one of the only unpadded bits of me) smashed my shifter off and got another puncture.

    We decided to go home.

    Premier Icon offthebrakes

    Mangled the tensioner on my bodged SS within the first two pedalstrokes of a ride I was supposed to be leading on Puttenham Common when a stick leapt into the wheel. Cue a lengthy argument between the two competitive mechanics amongst the group over how best to fix it.

    After about 5 minutes of heated debate I managed to reclaim my bike from the fray, simply removed the tensioner completely, and led the ride without further incident.


    Fell out my front door by tripping over the BMX on my way out for a days session at the skatepark…

    … broke my elbow.

    Didn’t even make it to the end of the drive!!

    Many moons ago, I hired a bike from Alpine Bikes in Aberdeen (mine got pinched). We drove out to Glen Tannar and I did a lap of the carpark whilst waiting for my mates to fettle their bikes. Heard a rubbing from the back wheel and by the time I got back to the car the wheel was the shape of a Pringle 🙁

    Had to sit in the car and wait for six hours while everyone went off and had a cracking ride 🙁

    Alpine bikes tried to charge me for the repair – I wasn’t happy….


    Unloaded the bike from the car one night, got kitted up, hit the lights and…nothing.

    I had put the light units on but the battery packs were still at home


    I once fell down the steps getting my bike out of the house!
    Buggered up my front rotor

    Premier Icon kilo

    Did a two up twenty five mile tt with the wife this year, warmed up, rode to the start, rode up to the line, held by starter, got pushed off by the starter and within five feet the valve on the front wheel had come loose and deflated the tub straight away. Mrs decided to do the 25 on her own and apparently it was a horrible windy day 😀


    It started raining so I didn’t go… 🙂


    First pedal stroke, snapped the chain, pulled it into the rear mech and mangled that as well, fortunately I was riding direct from home.


    5 minutes up the White’s climb at the start of W2 a rock flicked up into my spokes & mangled the rear mech. Steel frame, so managed to bend the mech hanger back & completed the day with the use of 6 gears, but not the ideal start to a ride. It was the same day I put a big ding in my Crest on the rear too. Altogether a fairly expensive day.


    1 metre – straight over on black ice so put the bike away and drove to work.


    Came out the house on sunday,rode up the hill for 7/8 minutes and the pedal just didnt feel right. Looked at it,saw nothing wrong and carried on. Roughly 2minutes later it just fell loose. Turns out it was a stripped thread in the crank arm. Actually,10 mins sounds a lot compared to some of these stories of woe!

    Premier Icon Nick

    Went out for a quick early morning spin, managed to get off road for about 200 metres before falling off for absolutly no apparent reason. Landed on my face, bloody nose, split lip, dislocated finger, taco’d front wheel.

    Was nice walking back home past people going to the village shop saying “morning” as cheerfully as I could 🙂

    End of the driveway, going out on a makeshift roadbike (i didn’t have time to get out properly on the mtb). Chain half broke, went back to repair it at the house. While I was doing that, the tyre slowly deflated. Gave up, put the bike back and went inside


    Not quite the same, though I once got a puncture 1/2 way down the DS…fixed it…then punctured literally 20 feet down the trail.


    Lost front wheel grip on my drive for some reason – mind said can’t be falling off here so didn’t put my hands out, big gash in chin said otherwise

    3rd day back on my way into work, after spending a year and a half away..
    150m down the road I slipped going over a wooden bridge.. my hand sent into the railing as I went down, and stopped me dead. Result: 2 very broken metacarpals, and another month off work.


    yesterday i tried to ride again after 4wks off due to eye surgery i walked to the top of my local downhill play area dropped my saddle and fell off on the first corner approx 2 seconds in due to a wierd depth perception problem im experiencing at the moment ha ha a new record


    150 mile drive to Coed-y-Brenin, take my mates bike out of the van, notice something feels loose-front axle in three pieces. Made it worse that i’d offered to give everyone’s bikes the once over during the preceding week, but was told they were fine.
    Another mate drove from Bristol to the peak district, then fell off riding to the toilets in the car park, and broke his wrist.


    I once met Bushwacked of STW fame for a ride, when I get there he was nursing a hurty arm after he’d just fallen off his bike in the car park. Turned out he’d broken it, but he rode anyway ‘cos hes a double-‘ard bars-tard.


    Almost exactly 4 yrs ago. 400yards roll down the road, turn on to the trail, 50 metres later over the bars into a stream, broken humerus, 12 weeks off work, no riding for about 6 months.
    Great start..


    Got my bike out of garage and was pushing it towards the front, noticed motorbike tipping over, drop pushbike, try and catch motorbike, almost fail, succeed by standing on brake cables and removing them from the pushbike. Great, dings in both my bikes.

    Learnt to leave the motor on its stand now not just leant against wall.


    Yeah, pump tyres, get 30 yards from car park and rear rim peels out like a long piece of swarf and tyre goes bang. Done that.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    start of a Nemba race in the early nineties stood on start line for ages, straddled bike and tore my groin..

    200m into a race at bingley was pulled off bike when bars got tangled in a spectators camera strap

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Done the rim blowing up one as well, road bike. Got a mile down the road, thought that it didn’t sound right when braking, checked the rim and saw how worn it was. Dropped the tyre pressure to about 40 ish, just enough for me to roll home with minimum stress on the rim and I got to within 100m of the front door when there was a massive BANG and about a third of the rim blew outwards, mangling the tyre and tube in the process.

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