What’s the point of cowled/ Ritchey dropouts?

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  • What’s the point of cowled/ Ritchey dropouts?
  • hillsplease

    I know they look pretty, but they’re a pain in the whatsits getting the wheel out. Or is it just me being rubbish?



    They look pretty though! 🙂

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    they give a large weld area for the ends of the seat and chain stays.

    ditto wwaswas, and they look pretty, except cotic.


    it’s easier to build and you don’t need a different drop-out to allow for the changing angles of the stays as you go up/down in size.


    cotic dropouts are gooooorgeous

    i dont know what they are for, but i like the weld area idea, that seems logical

    can’t be as much of a pain ion the arse as Klein’s gorgeous but ever so tricky ‘micro dropouts’


    2nd Mr Wright. Cotics are fugly compared to Ritcheys on my old Dekerf.


    Thanks fellas. Still think they’re rubbish, mind and will be avoiding henceforth.

    Cotic dropouts (Cotouts?) let you drop the wheel out without fouling the rear mech, a godsend compared to my fs which I have to remove the rear QR nut completely to get the wheel out!

    Premier Icon cp

    they look pretty. I had them on a road bike… i couldn’t get the road bike to sit on a turbo trainer with them as they fouled the turbo’s clamps!

    i loved the rear entry of Kleins. Never had a problem with them 🙂

    Premier Icon jonathan

    Cowled drop outs are a complete pain in the arse if you want to attach things like child trailers as well – quite a few hitches assume there’s a large flat surface around the qr nut 🙁

    Oh yes – I love the Klien dropouts too, never had a problem with them. It’s just a different knack than getting in/out of normal dropouts.

    my switchback’s got “Ritchey style” dropouts
    my Sunn had Ritchey dropouts
    i think the sanderson has Ritchey dropouts.
    my trailstar had plate dropouts

    how can the cowel get in the way of getting the wheel past the mech, unless you have the ridiculously flexy foreward dropouts off an old road bike (which only realy suppourt the axel over 1/4 of its circumfnce) you’ll always have to flick the mech back as you push the wheel out with your thumbs?

    Ah, I have perhaps not made myself clear, it is not the cowel itself, but rather the cotic designed dropouts as a whole which ensures that the QR nut does not fowl the rear mech attachment point. A more concise explanation can be found on the Cotic site if this is still confusing?

    hmmm, read it, and its still not clear, how does the huge dropout move the mech out of the way?

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