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  • What's the most rewarding thing you've done at work?
  • cheekyboy

    I can piss the highest in the workshop shithouse 🙂

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    I teach Physics in a college and I do get alot of good day by day satisfaction teaching stuff

    Few high points were:

    Last years uppers were amazing and they got 13A* out of 53 students. Good by any standards but we are the main A-level provider to an area perhaps best described as mixed, so in that context I still can’t believe it

    A few years back I was involved in a consultation on how we decide what to do with Britain’s Nuclear Waste. My students were brilliant gathering opinions and analyzing them. A real bright spark student and I analysed the data in quiet a clever way. When we met up with the nuclear physicists at a conference they were impressed by our stats. That student is now a Thermal Engineer on satellites. But the best bit was the small group debates. I just remember the look of angst on this 15 year old girls face while she tried to decide if it was morally OK to bury waste knowing that in 100,000 years time it could come to the surface and kill people. Every student there got how huge the questions they were answering were

    Oh and living for a week in a cottage with no mains electricity or running water with my first tutor group was amazing to…


    While working as a video editor I walked into my edit suite one day to find the coked up Extreme! Sports! video director who had been driving me mad for months crouching under my desk looking for tapes.
    I sat on his back and released a giant & grotesque fart up his back.
    He went mental and stormed out shouting.

    That was rewarding.

    Although our working relationship was a little frosty after that.


    Finger bashed the receptionist.


    I got sacked for writing an email to a friend of mine about one of my colleagues. I threatened to defecate his cup and call it coffee. Although I didn’t know it at the time being sacked was the best thing that happened to me. It was a terrible job, I had nothing to do for weeks at a time and I used to look out of the window into the field and bet which quadrant of the field the lonely cos would take a dump in.


    With the shoe on the other foot, and as a couple of others have mentioned teaching, I bumped into my old English teacher recently.
    He was one of the few good teachers I had and it was a pleasure to tell him that, as well as pointing out that I have friends with kids that he teaches and they all rave about him as well.
    He was suitably embarrassed but I’m sure he felt pretty chuffed that evening over dinner (eating the lamb loin I recommended 😆 ).


    I put a gate into a fence a few weeks back so an autistic kid could access the local park from his back garden rather than risk walking out onto the main road and around the block. Parish council permission, local round table funded and me doing the woodwork.
    Didn’t think much about it till the mum gave me a massive hug in tears when I handed her the keys to the padlock. It’s going to make their life a lot richer and give him a bit more freedom to be a 3yo in the body of a teenager.
    Nice moment.


    Blimey. I wish I had a useful job. My wife works in the health service and really enjoys it. Doing good quality work, diagnosing problems and being generally a brilliant people person.

    I fly a spreadsheet most of the time. I am pretty good at it too, but rewarding? Really?

    So, for me, it’s got to be the trip I make every Friday to trap 2. As a direct result of our mandatory weekly lunchtime trip to the burger/kebab van on the corner. Rewarding, certainly, but not something I would put on my CV.


    I design and build small hydro-electric power stations – our company has 15, 30-750kW under way at the moment.

    Pretty satisfying when they start generating.


    I’ve locked up some very bad people. But I love locking up burgling bastards and drink drivers. They have no idea how much misery they cause.

    A particularly satisfying job was when I attended a suspicious incident involving a severe MS sufferer. She had some odd bruises that had been explained away by her carer as being from where she gets lifted up after falling over.

    My spider senses tingled and after a bit of digging around I found that her carer had been gradually isolating her from all of her friends, relatives and other agencies (cancelling appointments etc). and was now physically abusing her.

    He got locked up for the offences, which I was very pleased about. Less pleasing was that he submitted a formal complaint for wrongful arrest (??), which took about 9 months to resolve.


    Seeing the middle class faces light up when i do a stove demo after a days woodburner fitting. 🙄

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