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  • Whats the most obscene amount you have spent on a component?
  • Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    You know, the one that makes your non biking buddy’s say ‘how much!’
    Mine would probably be a Ti bottom bracket, just how the **** do you justify it to non biking brethren?

    Whats yours?


    Almost anything. £200 for a torch?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Rohloff gearhub
    Ti29 frame
    Gordo rim (nearly £100)

    EDIT: I am planning on buying a Royce Ti BB too…

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Don’t go there, it will all end in tears!

    Don’t talk to non-mtb folk about bike/component prices.


    £5.99…………….for a bloody innertube!!!!!!!!!!!29er tho.


    £1000 for a tandem. £250 for a rear wheel for it. gave me a right pain in the wallet that did

    Premier Icon njee20

    £280 odd on an SLR C64 saddle? I returned it after one ride, it wasn’t uncomfy, the gravity just hit home!


    Don’t talk to non-mtb folk about bike/component prices.

    spot on.

    gloves for me; probably spent over a ton since the the summer.


    4ti eggbeaters – daren’t say how much just in case my wife ever reads this!


    my Hope 1led light. Even at £50 they questioned my sanity 🙄


    4ti eggbeaters

    About £350? 😉

    Premier Icon Stoner


    you’re kidding! No?!!?

    £800 on a steel frame.
    love it though 🙂

    £800 on a rohloff wheel. pretty good too!!

    various CK bits and some middleburn cranks too…


    I’m better now!!
    Back in the day it was a set of Grafton speed controller brakes f+R. £400, and then you ‘had’ to have the brake levers as well….
    As I said, i’m better now.


    a grand on an 853 singlespeed frame

    3 years on it’s paid for itself I think, I’ve lost as much chopping and changing geared bikes since

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    I think the 4 Ti pedals has it so far, the saddle running a close second 😉


    £550 on a set of racing wheels for my road bike I did get 10% discount to make it £550 though thanks LBS)

    Otherwise I’ve only gone up to £2000 per whole bike when I build a race whippet from haggling from chains to mechs and frames.

    Looking back I should have just a mid range bike but it is great to have something nice between your legs 😯


    £400 on C.King hubs now that the pound has dropped!!!!!!!!

    Premier Icon on and on

    over the last year the guys at work have had a shit fit over most of my bike bits.

    £170 on a speedneedle saddle
    £600 on wheels
    £120 on an XTR cassette
    £400 on Formula brakes
    £100 on an EC90 seatpost
    £90 on EC90 bars
    £70 on a Syntace stem
    £80 on Wellgo MG-1 Ti
    £50 on skewers
    £600+ on forks

    the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on ( hence the user name )

    Tioga disc drive back in the day £600

    Premier Icon njee20

    I’ve had 2 sets of £1500 wheels, is that worse?!

    It lasted 6 months before it tore in half, sounded cool and made me think I was the tomes 😉

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    45 quid on a spring for a pike!! (did get the fork cheap though)

    Premier Icon mboy

    Spent £100 on a CK headset… Only once mind, next one was £60!

    Haven’t bothered with a CK since, £25 cartridge bearing headsets do almost as good a job, last plenty long enough, and you don’t feel so bad knocking em in with a block of wood and a rubber mallet!

    Think the most frivolous expenditure for me personally though was a pair of M960 XTR cranks brand new back in 2003 (to go on the same bike as the £100 CK headset). Not having been anything more than an average rider at best, why did I get XTR? Well, just cos I was being a tart! Cost me £250 and realising that they were a waste of my time and money, I sold them for £180 a couple of months later and they got replaced with some LX I think which did just as good a job.

    Owned 5 pairs of those 4ti eggbeaters by the way, but only cos I got them cheap off a contact in a race team, and I sold them on for some profit. Wouldn’t use them when they do no better job than the standard pedals that cost £50 and only weigh 100g more!

    Learnt the lesson about talking to non biking people about bike parts prices a long while ago though. Telling them you fitted a ti BB is probably easier, as it’s “only £100 or so” and they wouldn’t know what it was anyway. You might justify £1000 on a new Full sus frame much easier than £100 on a ti BB, but to a non biking person all they hear is the money involved!

    Premier Icon nickc

    £600 on a fork.

    Most of my non biking friends (who am I kidding) have no idea of the amount of cash it’s worth.


    Nothing too obscene for me. I tend to go long on the frames but as far as I’m concerned everything else wears out and needs replacing in the long run, so I tend to go mid range (rockshox, xt, ultegra etc) on the parts. Positively avoid carbon and weight weenie stuff.

    Good clothing makes more of a difference to the ride than bling parts IMO.

    Premier Icon Will M

    If anyones partner’s are like mine, just mentioning that you’ll be spending £1800 on a pedal bike makes her eyes water, let alone all the extras. She has come to accept it now, after much “I won’t need one for years if I get this one” kind of talking! Even the clothing, like £100 on a jacket/shoes/insert name of any kind of biking clothing makes all of my non biking friends choke on whatever drink their chewing!


    Graftons – Tick
    Disc Drive – Tick
    Titanium Flexstem – Tick
    Eggbeaters in Amazing aluminum box – Tick
    Rohloff – Tick
    6 pot Hopes – Tick
    Full XTR – Tick

    Had/got all that crap and now ride a £1400 bike and its the best one I have owned.

    We’re all afflicted.


    I revel in bargainicity. But only because I’m poor.


    joe1983-if you have a big heart then you’ll be the richest man on here.


    I’m usually pretty well behaved when it comes to buying bicycle components but once my brother asked me what I’d like for Christmas and jokingly replied “a carbon Lefty ELO for my Cannondale”. Thing is thats what he got me! Have you an idea how expensive they were as a fork only purchase a few years back?


    £400+ on a FSA K-Force Light BB30 chainset (and then take two rings off to run it as a SS) 🙄


    £280 odd on an SLR C64 saddle? Got one of them on my road bike, cost £100 from planet x, I couldn’t let that ‘bargain’ pass. I find it pretty comfy.

    Gasman Jim

    Pulls up a chair… where to start?

    If we’re allowed to include frames I suppose it’s my Merlin Works 4.0 (although bought before massive price rises and at a special price from a friend who owns the LBS). In the long run I think it’ll prove to be a wise buy as I don’t chop & change bikes often, and am still using a Merlin Taiga from 1995 and an Extralight from 2003.

    If we’re not allowed to include frames I suppose a Royce Ti BB. But thats still going strong from 1995 too!!

    (Fox) fork prices seem pretty obscene to me these days.

    Still, when I think how much some of my work colleagues spend on cars, holiday homes, second wives / second families / bits of fluff, biking seems pretty affordable.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    £216 on a vastly reduced in price Chris King rear hub.
    OK I’ve spent more on other items (forks) but £216 FOR A HUB! what was I thinking…..

    270 on brakes
    300 on a light
    300 on a pair of wheels
    and the list goes on…

    Premier Icon myheadsashed

    £2500 on a Maverick frame which i ended up giving away
    £440 on some touring hubs.
    Custom ti cross frame
    the list goes on and on.

    mr frosty

    Grafton re entry brake levers, king ti hs, king ti bottle cages, ti cycles custom ti stem where do i stop ?!


    Sootyandjim you have one very generous or rich brother or your got something embarrassing on him that he wants kept secret.

    £1700 on a Gemini DH frame (regret selling)
    £100 on a Selle Italia Flite Carbonio (very comfy)
    Just brought a Saint rear mech and shifters.

    Premier Icon ssboggy

    £500 for my Explosif frame 12 years ago (still i wasn’t married then and also lived with my parents)

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