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  • What's the most controversial band you've ever seen live?
  • I think Sol Invictus and Einsturzende Neubauten would be mine. What's yours?



    Very controversial back in the day. Probably wouldn't get a second look these days.


    Bodycount, mutha****a.

    Bodycount at Heaton Park. They, including Ice-T, got chased off stage by the police wielding truncheons, after starting to play 'Cop Killer'. Great gig, free too.

    Other than that the Exploited and the Macc Lads…

    Premier Icon Coyote

    W.A.S.P. in the mid to late 80s were a bit naughty.


    Some minger from L7 threw a used tampon near me at Reading 92, which was nice.

    Gary Glitter.


    The Macc Lads and GWAR (check them out on you tube) conflict and the dead kennedys


    The Dwarves
    Death in June

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    My mates band – F.O.A.D. (**** off and Die) in Southport in 1987

    They did a cover of Roll Over Beetoven but replaced just one word with Zebrugge

    It didn't go down well being a few days after the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster.

    it was their first song and they got two lines in before the manager pulled the plug, literally.


    OMG GWAR – forgot all about them, headin off to limewire…….


    Gotta agree with Hairychested. Einsturzende Neubaten & test department, on the same night at a squatted warehouse. Angle grinders on the stage shooting sparks into the crowd, plus politically charged ranting. Awesome!

    Premier Icon ton

    black lace

    paedotastic………. 😉


    The only thing that has ever offended me at a gig is seeing a totally faced Bright Eyes insult the memory of John Peel.

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Hue and Cry – first ever gig and I've still not gotten over it!

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Painters & Dockers in Oz

    Took some visiting Mormon friends to a gig in Oz. The band stripped off on stage and most of the girls in the audience were bouncing around topless. The lads were so grateful that I took them there 🙂


    Cradle of Filth – we walked away after the first song.

    Oh god, GWAR? Was meant to seen them once, but unfortunatly did not.


    Massive Attack at the Marcus Garvey Centre in the mid 90's handing out rather large hand made cigarettes to the crowd.

    Looking forward to their new album.

    Not really G.G Allin but thats as good as it got for me back in the day.

    Mr Woppit

    The Butthole Surfers, probably.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Daphne and Celeste at Reading.

    Actually Bodycount I guess but since that was after Ice T's day job became playing a cop on TV, Cop Killer lost some of its impact really. They were bloody good though.


    Public Enemy is the only one I can think of.


    Cannibal Corpse
    Sham 69 (controversial when a certain cockernee lead singer almost incites a riot by being a cockernee throbber – in Newcastle)

    Premier Icon DezB

    Beastie Boys with women in cages. On the tour where they got in trouble for offending the disabled in some way.

    Bodycount… "Mr & Mrs, be nice to each other"… controversial!!

    !!! (or chk chk chk) were pretty controversial in Brighton recently when the singer got carried away and dropped his pants. Dancing around with your knob out is frowned upon in some circles. Great band though 🙂


    Napalm Death maybe…


    I think this would be hard to beat and I was thrilled that two other STWers saw them on the same tour, the next night and a few days later in 1982 (from a thread a few months ago).

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Possibly Black Sabbath at Royal Albert Hall. Mini riot at the end and rock bands were banned after that. Mind you, twas a long time ago 😳

    The Beverly hillibilies in a gothic underground nightclub in Aberdeen in 1984.Skinheads slamdancin to what can only be described as a racket
    (18 yrs old – so long ago!!!).


    I'm not sure I want to remember any part of the experience – I might attempt describe it if the thread is here tomorrow morning or perhaps any other similarly traumatised Edinburghers who were at the Bongo Club when Costes came to town might explain it for me. I feel ill just thinking about it.


    Another vote for Gary Glitter. It was a great gig, and I swear I had no idea I was funding paedophilia.


    About the only one that could be called controversial would be Wayne (later Jayne) County and The Electric Chairs at Reading, somewhen in the Eighties. A very muddy gig, Wayne got halfway through the second song, 'If You Dont Wanna **** Me, **** Off', when the storm of clods of mud, bottles and cans drove them off stage, while roadies dragged plastic sheets over the Doobie Bros kit to protect it. Took them half an hour to shovel the mess off the stage. I thought it was hilarious, the band were bloody awful.

    The Southern Yeti – Member

    Girls Aloud


    Public Enemy a few times.

    I saw GWAR in Vancouver had nearly forgot that, that must have been in 1989, laughed my head off.

    Shouldn't admit to this but Laibach (although I don't think I really understood what they were all about, still don't)


    Oh yeah and the Sugar Cubes, but luckily not the gig where she ate her own jobby.


    turn on the wayyyyyyyyyyyy back machine

    Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics.

    Rock Bitch or

    Proper band – Jesus and Mary Chain

    Skrewdriver. In my defence, they were supporting another band that I'd gone to see (too long ago to remember). Oh dear – they had 'interesting' political views 😕
    Saw the Pistols a couple of times as well – once in 76 and later when they reformed (think it was the Phoenix festival). It has to be said, they were more listenable the second time around, though not nearly as exciting.


    The Leather Nun, on the fist f***ers anonymous tour. then again on the I can smell your thoughts tour.

    L7, in the crowd in the studio on the word

    And more recently The Dixie Chicks.


    The Cramps were always good for a bit of cross dressing and eventual lewdness with microphones as the clothes were peeled away.

    Rise Against

    Then again they're t-total vegies, so not that controversial

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