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  • What’s the modern version of the 2013 Marin Pine Mountain?
  • lister
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    In my old job we had a small fleet of the 27.5+ ‘new’ Pine Mountains for hire.
    In my eyes they were perfect hire bikes; simple, reliable, well-specced for a basic bike and not too expensive.
    Yes they were a bit heavy and had weird hub spacing but beginners really enjoyed riding them and mountain bikers were able to ride them reasonably hard and still have a good time considering they were on a rigid steel bike.
    Maintenance was really easy too.

    I’m now trying to look for something similar in my new job but am struggling a bit. Marin now don’t make anything like it and the others like it that I remember like Genesis and Charge don’t do anything either.

    My wish list:
    Single chain ring…and 10 speed is enough.
    Rigid, or if that’s not possible, then a sus fork that will last more than 5 months…ie something actually worth having.
    ‘Good’ hubs and bottom brackets that will last a bit of use.
    Not more than £800 RRP so hopefully affordable in a trade deal.

    Any ideas? Cheers…

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    2 good suggestions, thanks.

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    Following this. I had one of those Pine Mountains and regret selling it. Have been looking for something similar ever since. As above, closest i have found within budget is the Sonder.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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