Whats the fastest you've done the Beast at Coed y Brenin?

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  • Whats the fastest you've done the Beast at Coed y Brenin?
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    About a day. Too good to be rushed.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Yep, when I went last year it took us the best part of 6 hours. Their was 10ish of us mind.

    it is great fun, its easily the best trail centre ive ever done, we had it planned beforehand to go llandegla on the way back so we did push it pretty hard i must say so we could fit llandegla in

    even pushing it, its easily the best trail centre out there, sort of doesnt feel like a trail centre imo, a real ‘out there’ feel to it…some great great fun sections too


    About 5 hours. Only done it once and some relative beginners did the first half with us (not that I would be that fast anyway). Great fun though.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    This suggests that 2hrs 41 is quite nifty, although there are always plenty of niftier people out there.


    jeez – 1hr 50 for the kill, that is some going

    yeah looks like we’d be near enough top 20ish with that time, and i know for defo we werent racing around, we took in the views at the top etc and had a few mechanical stops (nothing major though) but we did stop for 10mins to have a few flapjacks

    that said, even going full pelt and pushing it to the max no chance on this planet id do sub 2hrs, that is seriously seriously seriously fast given the nature of the route (obstacles,climbs,skills needed to ride that quick all the time)


    I seem to remember it was roughly all day and fifteen minutes….

    just wondering, this isnt willy waving, although the cynical amongst you may believe so 😉 but im genuinely interested!

    was just looking through some routes on garmin site etc from a few weeks back, me and a pal went one weekday when it was quiet and did llandegla on the way back (shattered, legs gone etc, great day out mind!)

    just interested as the map suggests 3-6hours for the beast

    and i was very shocked that we did it in 2hours 41mins including a break for flapjacks once!

    id been a few years back and never thought id get near the 3 hour mark let alone under it by 20mins

    so whats the quickest anyone here has done the beast loop?

    let the will waving commence’eth

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    Did you skip the pointless fire road loop of pointlessness?

    Depends on how long is spent in the cafe halfway round & how many of their lovely cakes we consume.


    Is it signposted as a race?


    Did you skip the pointless fire road loop of pointlessness?

    That’s the best bit. Flat out drifting overtakes and synchronised giggling.

    i dont race nor do i use strava, interesting reading though the strava, perhaps i should take it up for a go, looking at that id at least not finish last in racing!

    its all about racing your friends right!?!

    ps i must re-iterate that CYB is indeed a whole heap of fun, whether raced or bimbling along!

    i dont find any of the sections boring TBH even long gravely wide paths, as they all lead to something great at coedy, thats the beauty each climb gives a great reward!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I slightly resent the fire-road descent just before beginning of the end… Fire road descents always peeve me but when you’ve ridden up a fire road to immediately go down one it’s rubbing your nose in it!


    Strava Grr – It’s got my best time as 5hrs 39mins,with an average speed of 3.8mph & a resting time of 25 minutes…..Which is kind of annoying as that was the day I rode the Dragon’s Back,Tarw & MBR back to back with a couple of food stops ! !

    Is that pointless fireroad they say really that pointless? Whats in there? (Yah i know…fireroad 🙄 .. But fireroad and what?) .. I kinda skip that one as well because everybody seems to be skipping it.


    I like the views at the top of the fire road,so always do it…

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