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  • Whats the difference? – Kenda Nevegal vs. Panaracer Rampage
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    I run both on the front of different bikes, Nevs have bigger/taller blocks and seem to be a slightly bigger volume, between the 2 I’d probably go for the nevs. (actually I’d go for the cheapest but if same price the nevs)
    I’d say they are decently big for a 2.35 not the biggest but not skinny.

    (i use the dual compound for both)


    Visually the look the same, both are available in normal and softer versions, and in the 2.35″ casing the published weights are very similar

    Why should I buy one over the other? Is there any notable difference in riding them?

    How do they size up volume wise (in a 2.35″)?


    I never liked my Nevegals – seemed to be too round in profile for me. I like my Rampages though. A bit squarer and roll incredibly well.


    spelled different ?


    I used to run a 2.5 Nevegal up front and 2.35 Rampage on the rear. Both are really good tyres. Some people don’t get on with the slightly taller tread on the Kenda. Both tyres come up quite big but the Nevagal probably comes up slighly bigger. The 2.5 is massive.


    on the serious note …

    im a die hard KENDA man so my input would be baised 🙂

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    I’ve had 3 Kenda Nevegals tear around the circumferance of the bead, Its not happened with the rampages yet…

    I think the Rampages are better! But I’ve always got on with Panaracer tyres


    Originally thought rampages were good, they do roll well, but find as a front they wash too easy during dry conditions and dont leave me with enough confidence. Back to high rollers

    Rode nevegals 2.3s for a few years but when rampages came out I switched – feel identical to each other to be honest but panaracers are better made IMO, by the way the ‘anti-snakebike’ chamber on the rampages in nonsense… has 2 snakies on this tyre vs none on the nevegals.

    That said the rampages are lasting longer… I’d say if you are paying same price get the rampages or buy nevegals if cheaper (My rampages were 30 quid and used to get nevegals via ebay for about 15!!! but those bargains dissapeared and all that I could find were wire beads – avoid!)

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    kendas grip better in all conditions but roll slower on the road, noticeably. that’s only running kenda or panny on the back, both with blue groove front.
    rampages roll better but i can spin them up on the road climb even in the dry.
    i’m more confident in the rampages’ side walls. the wire bead kendas i have had have had two failures at the bead, at about half worn, but were only 11 quid a go shipped if bought by the pair from woolly hat shop. skid more = less failures.
    same tread pattern, one runs reversed compared to the other, oddly.
    they’re both good tyres. if you want outright grip – kenda. mucho cheapness too.
    if you want a little more confidence in longevity – panaracer, though it has to be said that wear rate appears the same if you don’t behave like a kid, but i don’t expect the bead on the panny to give up. dunno if i’d pay twice the kendas’ price though.
    i only run these on the rear on my SS.


    I’ve just got some Nevs and went for protected side wall versions.

    Will see how they get on but BG on the front is what some people do but some reviews say the BG is a dry tyre and to use Nevs on the front.

    Also depends on the riders feel for them.

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