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  • What's the biggest cycling injury you've recovered from?
  • cynic-al

    I stubbed my toe a few weeks ago, it was back to normal colour after a week.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Broken Hip learning how not to jump.

    took about 3 or 4 months.

    I think hopping on the ‘bad’ leg was the breakthrough for me – I was convinced my leg would just snap off again if I put all my weight on it 😳

    Buying a new bike as a ‘reward’ for recovering helped 🙂

    If you’ve got a number of dfferent issues I’d go and see a sports physio and get some specific exercises/stretches to help.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Fractured pelvis.

    I was actually back up and about again reasonably quickly but it took ages to be back to normal on the bike, a year or so to recover to full fitness.


    Achilles Tendonitis, which I ignored and ended up tearing my calf. 6-8 months physio I was back on the bike.

    Today I have trapped a nerve in my neck! So probably won’t be riding this weekend. 😐


    Infection in my neck caused by a big crash, was told afterwards I had 24 hours if hadn’t had the surgery to remove it 😯 as body was starting to shutdown, kind of puts thing into perspective when you find stuff out like that 😀

    Premier Icon alfabus

    The dark spots are broken bones:


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    you’re not as tall as I thought you’d be.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I died once. Ok now though 😀


    Broke my back ten years ago coming off my bike and going headfirst into a dry-stone wall. To be more precise I sustained a wedge fracture of my T8 vertebra. Was told that if my spine had moved a couple of millimetres more I would have been paralysed. 3 months of work with a back brace on.

    I got a new bike out of it though!

    EDIT: and I broke my left wrist last November – plate and screws in forever. It’s now about back to full strength.

    I got a booking on a skills course (Great Rock ‘Stop Crashing’ 😕 )out of it though!


    I’ve also got a toenail that wants to fall off, may take a bit more time though.


    I got a scratch on my leg from some brambles and got stung by nettles at the same time.

    Found some dock leaves for the nettles…so not too bad.

    @alfabus – you look skinny.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Broke the end of my left Tip & fib. too many small bits to screw back together so 6 months laid up. Then a little op to take the shrapnel out of the knee joint.


    broken ribs is my worst and re broken many times since

    Look kids jumping of your mates garage roof will impress all your friends but it will end badly 🙄

    Ps thanks to the long renthal seatpost in my BMX 80’s stylee or my crown jewels would have been pulverised on my back wheel.


    Premier Icon alfabus

    @alfabus – you look skinny.

    you should also be able to make out that I was desperate for a piss!


    Well, in some sort of order, all over bruising, scrapes, strains (amazingly no bone breaks) from getting run off the bike, fractured thumbs and toes, then a plica and torn cartilage in one knee (fixed!), and torn cartilage in the other (still not fixed!). Hence the name…


    Am feeling very decrepit this week with a number of niggling sprains/strains/aches etc nothing seems to be working as it should

    A little inspiration please – tell me how you got back on your bike after being injured.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Over the bars at Gethin dh track. Broken Tibial Plataeu

    Several concussions and a bit of a hurty knee one time…


    Snapped my achilles last May then re-ruptured it during rehab had to go in for an op where they took my tendons from my big toe and graffted it on to my achilles still not back on bike but hopefully not to long

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Currently into a 6 week ‘recovery’ from shoulder separation operation. Unfortunately the pain is worse than ever, living on anti-inflammatories and painkillers, and have brought forward an appointment with consultant to later today.

    Am hoping that I won’t need to be opened up again but am absolutely sick of pain and disturbed sleep. Can’t believe what a grumpy girl I’ve become. 😥

    Edit: sorry but am not showing my scar!


    Lots of leg ones up there.

    Fractured skull and two teeth out.
    Broken jaw and another tooth gone.
    Broken nose.
    (hairnet helmet days)

    Ribs, three times.
    Broken wrist.
    Broken finger, which took ages and was very disruptive. Also left me with a permanently split finger nail – cloven hoof!


    Fractured pelvis.

    Live in fear of that one.


    I’ve stopped breathing on a few descents 🙂


    I broke my coccyx on my saddle. It took months until I could sit properly again. It still feels a bit brittle even now 😐


    this talk of weeks/months/years off is making me feel a bit better thanks

    Much appreciated 😉


    Broke my wrist and tore my face up.

    Rode 12 miles home, had a hot bath and went to bed.

    Attended A n E the next day.

    4 days off work, which was 150 miles from home.


    went over on my hip about five years ago.

    Smarted quite a bit at the time but developed into a big sack of puss larger than my hand could cover

    3 months later I went over on the same hip – this time it hurt like an absolute **** – however ther fluid dispered of its own accord


    other people have had it worse I see

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Not one specific injury, but hitting a car at about 25 mph led to what I believe is known in medical terminiology as a cluster***k of injuries, which kept me off the bike for about 6 months I think. Don’t recommend it.


    Fell off back of bike doing a wheelie. hit head (no helmet). Woke up in hospital 4 weeks later. Was told i had 1/2 hr to live at one point during the coma as they were struggling to keep my heart going. The hit to the head fractured my skull and caused minor brain damage leading to tests on brain activity over a period of months. Speach was mildly affected for a while.

    Was a long time ago though. Only 4 when it happened, 42 now.

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Speach was mildly affected for a while.

    <bites lip to avoid making joke in poor taste/>

    I did my knee in 2006, didn’t really ride again untill 2008. didn’t break anything but it just never quite recovered, even now I have to be really carefull about doing too much on it without building up the training really slowly and occasionaly it just packs up mid ride and i have to find a way home and/or stretch it every couple of miles to keep it moving untill I’m home 🙁

    Broke my arm in December which was a PITA and still feels fragile even if it has healed up.


    Broke my arm in December which was a PITA and still feels fragile even if it has healed up

    Bust my wrist 1st October 2011.
    Moving weights in Nov.

    You should be good to go, I’d have thought.

    If not ?, get it checked out.


    Right wrist + right ankle (spiral fracture).

    Chicksands 4X track….. sessioning the monster triple!

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Crushed two vertebrae first weekend in May 2010 and was Ok to ride on road by about July (short commutes only) . Didn’t ride MTB in anger for another two months though. Spent six months stoned, but bunged up on codeine 8)

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Broken collarbone, sustained rolling over a manhole cover that had a wheel-sized hollow covered by grass behind it that saw me over the bars in slow motion. About 50 yards from my front door.

    The most innocuous fall imaginable, and the worst injury – the only bone I’ve ever broken. Put the wind up me good and proper, that did. Kept me off the bike for months. Any excuse!


    Am just riding again after three months of post operative recuperation, following a Weaver Dunn procedure on my shoulder.

    I hit a tree stump hidden in a patch of long grass whilst pedalling up hill and had an OTB moment. There was a loud “crunch” when I hit the ground and that was it.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    broke my heal (3 fractures) and a small fracture in my ankle last march/april

    rode the megavalanche mid july

    had 6 weeks supposedly imobile, but that was hard then another 3 weeks still on crutches
    did all my physio stretches with the big rubber bands, commuting to work by bike by week 10 and got swimming as soon as possible

    mega was hard as id piled on the pounds and foot was still tender (I knocked it once in the race) probably took a year before id say it was fully healed

    Faceplant at 25mph+ ten years ago leading to mild traumatic brain injury (wearing a full facer and armoured up) Witness said I stopped moving for a couple of seconds then sat straight up swearing. Hospital said the, “electricity had probably stopped in your head during those seconds.” Guess I died and resurrected! Nowadays I just have to persuade myself I am old and in need of comfort because I still can’t go out riding where I get shaken too much or I suffer bad symptoms for weeks after. Guess it’s never going to ‘heal’.


    Witness said I stopped moving for a couple of seconds then sat straight up swearing


    10/10 for comedy


    Collar bone, squidged off a roundabout by a skool run whirling dervish.

    Premier Icon composite

    Currently recovering from a broken arm. I still maintain landed mostly on my chest though. My chest has only really started hurting properly in the last day or 2; a week after the event. I guess the bruising is just coming out now. 🙁


    Road crash descending Mount Etna; I don’t really recall what happened I just woke up in hospital a very unhappy confused bunny, but I guess my front wheel washed out seemingly on a straightish bit?? Took the impact on my face breaking my nose, jaw and cheek bone. I lost 9 teeth, and a lot of skin from a variety of parts of my face and body. The hospital did a great job putting me all back together, with pins and some facial surgery to put my bottom lip straight, and after a further nose job and a lot of expensive dental work my new smile is actually far better than my old one. I do tend to keep a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow though as it masks a few of the scars. Rather interestingly they took some skin from just above and to the left of my ‘little fella’ to graft onto my hand and little finger, and I now get ‘pubes’ growing from near my left little finger knuckle.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Not a cycling injury, but I only ride bikes because I broke my hip. Used to ride mountain bikes back at the dawn of time but gave up, took to motorbikes and laziness. One morning, fell on some ice while walking, broken hip, bolts through the leg, lots of lost muscle… 4 months on crutches, 6 months of physio and I could walk pretty normally but it gave me a lot of bother, so decided to drag out the old bike and have a go, purely for the health benefits… 2 years later and I was downhill racing 😆 Leg’s still buggered mind but it does the job.


    Hit a switchback at warp 9 and fell approx 50-60 foot down a drop on an embankment and ended up in a stream.

    To this day I don’t know where my other shoe went


    Broke my collarbone two weeks landing badly after a silly small jump , cant wait to get back on a bike albeit a road one.

    Me personally, just 12 stiches in leg from a DMR pedal, and broken ribs from a 4ft drop to head then onto chest.

    My wife not so lucky, first gentle MTB ride – broken neck (C2 vertebrate… the hangmans break!), broken wrist, 1 inch gash on lip, major bruising everywhere, broken tooth… All from a forest trail at nevis, loose descent, panic braking then slide off a 5ft bridge into a stream. Was just behind and found her face down, knocked out in the water – If riding alone then I dread to think what would have happend. She made a full recovery with just some scars and lost a fair bit of neck movement, gladly my wife made it out of nevis range forest on a van and then an ambulance trip before they found out the neck was broken… free helicopter trip too.

    No MTBing for my wife, but she was always more of a cyclepath kind of girl!

    snapped tibial plateau in morzine summer 2009 (crashed on 10% and spd didnt unclip). Had it pinned out there (and now ride flats).

    snapped end of elbow (elecronon) off in penmachno spring 2011, taking a tricep tendon with it. Surgery to re attach it all late june 2011. Healed quickly enough to go riding in Spain in September, but still not at full strength (have weight trained for years and no where near back to where I was).

    My only holiday photos from 2009…. 🙄

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