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  • Whats the best way to spend an hour on a turbo trainer
  • tpbiker

    I’m looking to keep things ticking over during the winter so as not to lose all the gains I made last year. Simply can’t face going out at the moment however, to cold and wet and lacking in motivation.

    Anyhow I’ve resigned myself to mainly turbo sessions for the next few months when hopefully renewed motivation in Jan (and a cross bike) will see me get back outside. I’m probably going to fit in 3 or so a week, but whats best way to spend them?

    I have a few of the sufferfest vids, but is there anything else worth doing. Yesterday for example I did 10 min warm up followed by 40 min at about 85% max HR. It was reasonably tiring, but doesn’t feel like I’m pushing things particularly, so unsure of the benefits.

    Anyone got any good programmes they’d like to share? Aim is to just keep a reasonable level until the new year, but anything that would help specifically with climbing would be great.



    Put your iPod on random shuffle, if it’s a fast bpm tune then do 110/120rpm for the duration of the song, if it’s a slow song then you’ve lucked out and get to keep your rpm at 90-95 for the duration.

    It was through doing this that I discovered i have a lot more fast beat songs than slow ones on my iPod…..


    if you have no motivation to get out i cant see you having enough motivation for 3 turbo sessions per week. its fairly tedious even with sufferfest and some new tunes.

    some form of intervals on the turbo make it more bearable, 40 mins at a constant pace would drive me mad

    If I were doing 3 one hour Sufferfest sessions then two would be threshold based and one working on shorter intervals.

    So Angels, The Hunted, Hell hath no Fury, Fight Club for threshold,

    Downward Spiral, Revolver, A Dark Place for intervals.


    If you’re a strata premium member then there’s some suffer feast videos for ‘free’ that you can watch and train to.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Strong hallucinogens?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Laptop + dvd = 1 hour of watching tv, just happening to be on a turbo. I can guarantee there’s better ways to work out but anything that takes enough attention to stop me doing something else at the same time just means I won’t do it at all.


    mtfu and get out in it you poof. 😀


    Try and track down Pete Read’s black book..loads of stuff in there. for climbing you could do 4×10 at sweetspot at a low cadence, if you’re avg cadence is 90 do them at 65/70, sweetspot being 85% of threshold.

    t-p 26

    Unclip the bike, open the door and get the **** outside! Jeezus….


    TrainerRoad 🙂

    Sorry read that as which Sufferfest films to use, clearly TrainerRoad is the choice as there are a number of training plans, the choice of sessions is almost limitless, and you can watch whatever you like whilst training.

    see STW thread here

    Get off it and do summit else.


    I made good gains when i hurt my shoulder by watching movies… I watched every rocky movie. When rock sweats, so do i. The harder he works, the harder i work. When he’s slurring through some script i can rest. Works with most action films tbh.

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