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  • mogrim

    yet to meet anyone thats still happy with their android on the 2nd and third year of ownership

    Had previous Android phone for 3 years, now replaced with another one. I did seriously consider an iPhone when I got the first one, but right now at least the top Android phones are quite a way ahead of the iPhone 5.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Quite an eye-opener is a comment like that, just how much money have you spent on phones?

    Phones quotes were over 5 or 6 years
    iPhone 3 and 4 were work phones (my employer was one of the first large companies , 30,000 handsets ?, to ditch blackberry worldwide)
    Google/android was a personal phone but binned after 6 months
    4S is current personal phone
    Normally keep personal phones 2 years and switch on contract renewal – normally phones are free but I paid £50 for the 4S, a new 5 with three would be £30 upfront and £30 a month, I usually spend more as I travel abroad a lot

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    yet to meet anyone thats still happy with their android on the 2nd and third year of ownership

    Hi, I’m molgrips, nice to meet you. I was happy with my droid, only changed cos it broke.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    3yrs into Android here, not tempted to swap yet. 🙂

    Surely Nexus vs HTC One is not a direct comparison…
    Isn’t the One a much higher spec device ?

    Next time I’ll buy a Nexus though, that Giff Gaff deal is hard to beat.


    I’ve been an Android user for over 4 years, currently using a 2 year old handset, Galaxy Note.
    Not tempted by iPhone in the slightest but I can see the appeal.
    The Nexus and GiffGaff deal is very good.


    Broke my previous iphone trying to chage the battery myself so had to replace it and bought a galaxy s4, sure it was nice but most of the selling points of the phone were things I’d never use. Who could be arsed with all the settings and features. Just want to browse web, emails and messaging and apps. For that iphone is much nicer. Plus, for all the claims of how fast the s4 is, just got a iphone 5 and it does just about everything faster. I guess that’s because the device is absolutely optimised for the OS, and does away with nonsense like eye tracking software or swipe keyboards.

    A lesson learned…

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Daily Mash to the OP’s rescue….

    Windows 95 buys Nokia 3210

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