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  • What's the best food pub in Ambleside?
  • aa

    do you like thai?

    Wateredge Inn , never had a bad meal in what seems like a million visits!!!Great location at the head of the Lake.


    You’ll struggle for either of those things in amble’side!

    The ‘season’ is now about 10months long, it’ll be rammed most places with city critters spilling cash everywhere.

    If you like your ale’s I think the Golden rule is the only one that does anything, might even be a CAMRA pub, but don’t quote me on that, I tend to just pass through the place, quickly.

    Chip shop next to where biketreks’ used to be is always excellent, and if you fancy going a bit upmarket but without the price, the italian on other side of road (requires booking MOST nights) is very good. Meals are £8-16 and bloody good, but not too overpriced compared to just abut everything else in town.


    Red lion, Great food and beer, thread closed

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Not a food pub, but The Glass House WAS decent about 5 yrs ago – not sure if it still is.

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Everyone likes Thai! And good beer.


    I had a Thai in the one on the corner the other week. Total shit. For good food in Ambleside, buy a earnie from the new Tesco.


    the glass house changes hands like a bad car

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Not a pub, but my favourite restaurant there is Zeff’s.


    Premier Icon Drac

    White Lion use to be very good but last few years has been poor.

    CAMRA pub, yeah don’t bother ignore those places it means nothing at al CAMRA are too far up there own backsides.

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Any recommendations please? Looking for good pub food and relaxed atmosphere.

    We went in the Wateredge Inn a couple of weeks ago and whilst we didn’t eat, it looked very nice, if a little pricey – nice setting too.

    Premier Icon TomB

    For a treat, pop up the road to Grasmere to the Jumble Rooms.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Head out of ambleside towards coniston and go to the Drunken Duck Inn. Fantastick food and it had its own brewery!


    +1 Drunken Duck
    Biased as I helped set up the brewery there.

    Bit of a step from Ambleside though

    worth a 10 min journey up the struggle and over the kirkstone to the brotherswater inn for the lamb henry and a pint of jennings.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Not a pub but Lucy’s is good or Chesters up the road in Skelwith Bridge


    I’d avoid Ambleside in summer, parking must be a nightmare & the place is packed.

    Go to Elterwater & Britannia Inn, Chesters for coffee & cake in Skelwith Bridge.

    Wilfs at Staveley & also now I believe Dove Cottage, Grasmere.

    Hope it helps


    Good to know the Wateredge Inn is still good.

    nice place to go in autumn. Get the sofa in front of the log fire and get a nice bowl of muscles. yummy.

    The DD used to be my favourite pub but I think the repositioning and repricing of the menus that occurred not that long ago is frankly taking the proverbial. Equally good food elsewhere at better prices IMO but I do miss sitting out at the front with a nice pint of XB.

    The DD used to be my favourite pub but I think the repositioning and repricing of the menus that occurred not that long ago is frankly taking the proverbial.

    I think its down to the fact that the majority of people that go to these pubs are from a land far away (Down South). Where the streets are paved with gold, the people talk with funny accents and everything costs alot more.

    I went to the masons at strawberry bank the other day and it was nice but pretty expensive. A pint of something from Hawkshead brewery was over £4 (its more like £2.60 at a pub in town)


    Jintana thai = cack. Unimaginative stodgy Chinese. Nice touch with the flower shaped carrots though….. :-/


    What time of day would you be going? Some of the places posted on here are cafes and would be closed if you were looking for an evening meal!


    I’d say Zef’s if just about the only consistent place in Ambleside for good food. From memory, the only consistent thing about most places in Ambleside is that the tablecloth is probably about the most flavoursome thing there.

    First go to the Queens Hotel for a few cracking pints of Hawkshead Windermere Pale, then nip across the road to “Doi Itanoi” Ambleside’s only genuine Thai restaurant.
    DON’T MISTAKE it with “Jintai” which is very accurately described above and worth avoiding if you don’t like waking up with MSG thirst.


    Golden Rule for beer. Chippy for tea.

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