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  • Whats the best 27.2 dropper post out there for a reasonable budget?
  • tazzymtb
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    building a new bike and toying with the idea of a dropper, never seen the point before as my bikes have usually been weight wippety or niche ego chariots, but this current one is going to be yob, so the added weight isn’t going to upset my karma too much.

    so whats the good stuff, what are service intervals like etc… looking about 150-200 quid ish unless there are good budget models out there?

    explain it all to an uppy-downy botty action virgin please.

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    Second hand gravity dropper. Ok it’s all clunky with springs cables and magnets, but it rarely needs servicing and even when it does, you can strip & rebuild it in 10 minutes. Take that, hydraulic air spring posse.

    I have had my GD several years and it gets all the winter riding abuse. I have broken it twice: once the remote trigger, and another time I snapped the inner post because I had mounted it wrong way round with the holes facing forward not backward. In the latter case I had to pay £40 for a new inner post shipped from the US. Replaced in 10 minuted once it arrived.

    Most common service needed is a 30 second adjustment of collar tension, and once I’ve installed new plastic thingies that stop it rising all the way out. I forgot what they’re called – they’re not expensive though.

    Have also owned both reverb and ks (neither in 27.2) and they are both less reliable and harder to fix.

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    Another vote for Gravity Dropper.
    Had mine for around 5 years (it was 2nd hand then) and all it’s needed in that time is one new cable, and that’s just a standard gear cable.


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    Thomson is very nice.
    You have to pay for nice though.
    Im currently mourning the loss of mine after leaving it in a carpark after putting the bike away

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    Gravity dropper

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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