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  • Bb, or pedals.
    Have fun huntibg the mystery squeek. 😀


    Pedal axles

    Premier Icon ChrisI

    Make sure the seatpost is clean and tight enough. I had a creak today and the post must have had some dirt as I moved it a bit, tightened it up and it went away.

    Premier Icon crispo

    I have a strange creaking noise coming from my bike. It’s sounds like its coming from right underneath me (bottom bracket/linkage area). It’s mostly going down hill on rough stuff or really cranking it. Disappears if I am going downhill just sat down with feet off the pedals though.

    I had my bearing replaced earlier in the year and there’s no play at all so don’t think it’s that. Thought it could be the bottom bracket but replaced that this morning and its still making the noise!

    What could it be, thoughts please!!



    Check your seat bolts/saddle bolts, pedals, dropouts and anything else that has an allen key head on your bike…just in case they are either loose or dry…


    Funnily enough I have just had this with my 11 Enduro. Turns out one of the bearings had slid out a bit and that shock clevis was rubbing on the linkage. Just thought this might be relevant to you.


    Seat raills or post.
    I had exactly the same on my Stumpjumper.
    Fiddled with everything.
    Finally, post broke and – after replacement – it was gone forever.
    (It broke at the bond near the top)


    Similar problem with my bike today.
    Sounds like the bearings must have cracked into millions of pieces – no play in cranks but the bloody noise!
    New BB time me thinks.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    My lower pivot on the Pitch started to creak, bearing was fine. I just stripped, cleaned and greased it up. Creak gone.

    Premier Icon abatty

    It sounds like the same as I had with my Stumpy and Roubaix saddles. It’s a creak generated where the seat rails seat at the rear of the saddle. I’ve dropped a small amount of lube into each cavity and that’s sorted it. Try pressing down on the saddle with your hands to see if it’s that.

    I have a Stumpjumper and it’s like riding a xylophone. It’s definitely not my saddle.

    The PF30 BB’s are the pits.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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