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  • Da da da da
    Da da da da
    da da da daa da da-da

    The one that gets played as background music during the dramatic bits in devil films. What’s it called ?

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    Carmina Burana?


    It’s from Carmina Burana by Carl Orf.
    The piece is called “O Fortuna


    ORFE carmina burana

    You mean O Fortuna, yes?

    Or O Verona by Craig Armstrong, from R&J soundtrack.

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    Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

    Or it’s “I’m on a horse” by Old Spice. 🙂


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ave_Satanifrom the omen, I think it’s called Ave Satani.

    That’s the one, thank you.


    Carmina Burana, 13th C Gregorian Monks, arranged Carl Orff 1937

    From the Uf Dem Anger suite
    8. Chramer, gip die varwe mir (Shopkeeper, give me colour)

    Shopkeeper, give me colour
    to make my cheeks red,
    so that I can make the young men
    love me, against their will.
    Look at me,
    young men!
    Let me please you!
    Good men, love
    women worthy of love!
    Love ennobles your spirit
    and gives you honour.
    Look at me,
    young men!
    Let me please you!
    Hail, world,
    so rich in joys!
    I will be obedient to you
    because of the pleasures you afford.
    Look at me,
    young men!
    Let me please you!

    From the In Taberna Suite
    14. In taberna quando sumus (When we are in the tavern)

    When we are in the tavern,
    we do not think how we will go to dust,
    but we hurry to gamble,
    which always makes us sweat.
    What happens in the tavern,
    where money is host,
    you may well ask,
    and hear what I say.
    Some gamble, some drink,
    some behave loosely.
    But of those who gamble,
    some are stripped bare,
    some win their clothes here,
    some are dressed in sacks.
    Here no-one fears death,
    but they throw the dice in the name of Bacchus.
    First of all it is to the wine-merchant
    the the libertines drink,
    one for the prisoners,
    three for the living,
    four for all Christians,
    five for the faithful dead,
    six for the loose sisters,
    seven for the footpads in the wood,
    Eight for the errant brethren,
    nine for the dispersed monks,
    ten for the seamen,
    eleven for the squabblers,
    twelve for the penitent,
    thirteen for the wayfarers.
    To the Pope as to the king
    they all drink without restraint.
    The mistress drinks, the master drinks,
    the soldier drinks, the priest drinks,
    the man drinks, the woman drinks,
    the servant drinks with the maid,
    the swift man drinks, the lazy man drinks,
    the white man drinks, the black man drinks,
    the settled man drinks, the wanderer drinks,
    the stupid man drinks, the wise man drinks,
    The poor man drinks, the sick man drinks,
    the exile drinks, and the stranger,
    the boy drinks, the old man drinks,
    the bishop drinks, and the deacon,
    the sister drinks, the brother drinks,
    the old lady drinks, the mother drinks,
    this man drinks, that man drinks,
    a hundred drink, a thousand drink.
    Six hundred pennies would hardly
    suffice, if everyone
    drinks immoderately and immeasurably.
    However much they cheerfully drink
    we are the ones whom everyone scolds,
    and thus we are destitute.
    May those who slander us be cursed
    and may their names not be written in the book of the righteous.



    Saw it performed by the BSO and a 150 piece choir earlier In the year. HIGHLY recommended 🙂

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    Don’t know why but whenever I hear that music I get the urge to go surfing….. 😕


    That’s the one, thank you.

    Is it compulsory for conductors to have great hair?


    Terrific piece of music, I must make an effort to see a performance someday. I’ve got a vinyl copy, but I ought to get a CD version sometime too. I’ve got a version of the 1812 as well, that used real cannon during the recording; that’ll test amp and speakers!


    I sang this back in 85, as a tenor, one of my good friends was a bass standing behind me. He had a large thermos filled with coffee and whisky. It was good fun, rude though.

    I like this one.


    It’ll blow your socks off!


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    Google jan gaberek and the Hilliard ensemble – brilliant music.

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