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  • What's sea bream like?
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    If you like sea bass, you’ll like bream. They’re very similar. Bream is great on the barbecue.


    yum yum yum!!! similar in texture to bass and IMHO a better! lends itself well to roasting whole, bbq, and all the usual cooking methods and sashimi too . my favorite is to scale (outside under a cloth… they go EVERYWHERE!) flour and fry and serve with a lemon butter drizle and steamed samphire, baby carrots and jersey royals… yes its simple but thats the beauty

    They’re kinda like us really.

    Sometimes a bit sad:

    Sometimes a bit happy:

    Sometimes a bit sceptical:


    My favourite fish. Lovely to just salt bake whole – nice and easy and locks in all the flavour.
    Plus it’s a nice sustainable fish – there’s thousands of the buggers – and depending where you are they can be obtained ‘locally caught’.

    And like us, they face the problems of growing obesity in the population:


    DD has now made one of my favourite STW posts ever.

    Bream is good. Fill your boots (metaphorically speaking)


    Fancy a change and have never tried this. For the record, I love sea bass but hate monkfish.

    Where does the bream sit within this range of taste/texture?

    Ta loves.

    For me Bream is the best eating fish found in UK waters.

    They also tend to come in one fish one portion sizes which makes life easy in the kitchen!!

    Only downside for me is that you sometimes have to pick round the bones but this is made up for in the taste.


    Just like all fish that comes out of the sea, it’ll taste like salty jizz with extra added salt but you people keep eating it.

    LIke Routeunknown, I think Sea Bream is the nicest fish – delicious!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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