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  • passtherizla

    SC Nomad or TR Covert… may be only about 8 weeks off!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    for the van – Look it sweeps clean and we don’t have to camp in the rain again

    for the bike just get a blur!

    My list
    Carbon Nomad/LTc/Trc depending on what mood i’m finally in
    New TV and TV PC so I can move the 32″ tv to the office as a second screen

    Premier Icon Bregante

    A jetpack and a bacon and egg barm from the butty wagon on langworthy road. Brown sauce obviously.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    mikewsmith – Member

    for the van – Look it sweeps clean and we don’t have to camp in the rain again

    We don’t do camping. We do motorbike trackdays, which a van would be great for, along with my MTB stuff, which it also would be great for. Add into the equation the garden has a large ‘bike cave’ tent in it that the wife wants to get rid of, i can’t see her issue. The bikes would go in the van along with the Almax chain, both out of the way… she should be ecstatic…. i think it’s the concept of the van more than anything… Although i find them a nice drive TBH.


    A better Kitchen 😡


    A bowl


    a road bike (no chance of getting one for a good while though).

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Sun tan lotion. But there’s no need.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    For me at the moment it’s mostly a Renault Traffic Sports/Mercedes Vito.

    Along with a SantaCruz Tallboy carbon 29er.

    I’m having trouble selling the wife on the idea of the van…. i’m having trouble justifying the cost of a SC Tallboy to myself.

    It’s unlike me.


    I really want a carbon Kali Avatar 2 helmet, and a Nukeproof Mega frame.

    Ideally I’d like both before I go to the Alps in 9 days, but that’s not going to happen.


    I’ve been looking for a Morini 3 ½ for nearly 2 years now
    Seen a couple but haven’t managed to make a deal, I’ll have to get back on the case

    Premier Icon martymac

    i fancy an accord type r.
    and some road shoes, mtb ones arent stiff enough on the road.
    and a big mug of tea.


    Smaller house.
    Love the current place, have put heart, soul (and a pile of money) into it these last 7 years but, truth is, it’s more house than we now need. We’ll reduce the mortgage by about 30%…
    Slow market means this could take a while…

    Campervan. More MrsMM’s desire than mine

    New forks – 120mm’ish, 20mm maxle, please. Gutted to have missed the Rev’s on OnOne the other night but busted car last week wrote off the funds squirrelled away…
    Possibly, shorter stem and wider bars.

    edit – also a little ‘road bike curious’ at the mo but, that’ll likely fade 🙂
    New frame, at some point…. nowt flash, 120mm’ish hard tail – got a real soft spot for the Killi Flyer frame that seems to be on offer at the mo but that will have to wait…..


    A cyclo cross bike (maybe early next year some time…

    A Caterham/Westfield. Started saving, need to decide whether I want to build one, or just get a built one. Over 5 years or so.


    to get the car I will need a garage, which means buying a new house 😆


    An Abus Granit Steel O Flex 1000 100cm Cable Bike Lock (waiting for it to be discounted by 20% at wiggle) and MARMOT MEN’S MINIMALIST JACKET which I’ve tried on and is really nice but pretty expensive So still pondering.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    Lightweight landrover.. like the girl you fancied down the street, always there but beyond you and now due to some twists of fate it ll be parked in the drive within the month! result..

    love the Morini BTW

    Premier Icon fathomer

    KS Lev and some new riding shoes (AM41’s) as the cardboard insole in my cheap Duffs has disintegrated after 2 soggy rides.

    I also keep trying to justify a full suss but I get nearly there and realise my Soul is good for all the riding I do and I love riding it.


    I’ve ordered what was on my list 8)

    Vw caddy pickup and a sub £2k 130ish FS


    @passtherizla: have you seen the new carbon Covert? I’d be waiting for that to land, has definately made my list!

    don simon

    Hilux TRD
    BMW 1200 GS
    Orbea Orca

    An S-works Venge with Di2 and Zipp 404’s, but sadly I don’t have a spare £8k at the moment. 🙁

    don simon – Member
    Orbea Orca

    A guy in my club has one of those. Very pretty looking bike.


    Want : a ducati 800 evo
    Need a new light, but really can’t justify the money right now.

    So many things at the moment. The weather has driven me to look for other things to do, so….

    Track Day Motorbike.
    Vintage Motorbike.
    Trials Motorbike.
    Fixed wheel bike.

    Certainly is a theme there.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    triumph street triple,
    coil sektors with rev dampy bits, or just revs,
    xt 2×9 drive train
    microshift thumbies
    Easton EC70 bars
    then renovate dekerf and airy-fairy light built, maybe a rigid carbon fork – new xlite? and SIDs,
    Oh, and a honeymoon and a new place to live, as we’re being kicked out at the end of September.

    Edit: and as soon as I’ve got a place to keep it, a trials bike.


    bikeytom – Member
    @passtherizla: have you seen the new carbon Covert? I’d be waiting for that to land, has definately made my list!

    I have indeed seen that… lovely.

    problem is that the ally version is similarly priced to the SC Nomad ally version and the carbon nomad full bike is over £6K so I’m fully expecting the Carbon Covert to be about £6K for the full biek as none of my stuff will transfer over that well to a frame only purchase. plus then theres the decision of which forks to get zocchi? fox? RS? bos? aaaaggahahhghhhhhh


    A road bike. Can’t afford one though.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    New house. Got to sell mine first though.


    don simon

    A guy in my club has one of those. Very pretty looking bike.

    [not jealous]Bastid![definitely not jealous]
    I hope he enjoys and loves and cossets in ways that I would.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    VW Transporter, Carbon Covert frame, XTR Mech for my Soul, and some tyres for my Roadrat.

    Premier Icon alfabus

    until the weekend, a van was top of my list.

    bought one at the weekend.. .picking it up tonight 😀

    2007 LWB Transporter T5 Kombi…. so excited 🙂


    Premier Icon Baldysquirt

    new hardtail frame.. still deciding Ragley / Cotic / stanton / privee / on-one. But no money for it unless I sell some stuff.


    Just a few bits really:

    White Industries Eno Freewheel
    Surly tugnut
    A decent front light
    New CD player
    New walking boots

    Swanky holiday in the Caribbean
    Reverb for my Enduro
    New D-DSLR
    New waterproof jacket for the bike

    Erm. An Aston Martin V600 Le Mans, perhaps?



    In no particular order:

    Porsche 944
    Cross bike


    To be honest (and boring/smug), bike wise I’m pretty content with 1 roadbike (Giant TCR0) and 1 mtb (PA) and have all the bike gear I need.
    Even browsing the online shops doesn’t really get me twitchy any more – maybe a roadie helmet and a few items of higher end riding kit but other than that, all I’d like to spend out on right now would be plane tickets and sunscreen….


    At the moment a holiday somewhere warm and sunny away from the stuck jetstream.
    Bike wise a 120mm full suss 29er, don’t know which one as every manufacturer appears to have jumped from 100mm straight to 140mm.


    Interesting question…

    I think my next purchase might be a new tent. Something quality that will sleep a tall chap like myself and have space for maybe another person and maybe the dogs in the awning. I was thinking Vaude, but not sure.

    At one point I was looking to get a .308win F class target rifle, but that’s not looking likely right now.

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