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  • cbmotorsport

    Off to Daytona for the 500 at the weekend. I am a little excited to say the least. Not really a fan of oval/yank motorsport, but it’s on the bucket list.

    What’s on yours?

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    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Moab/Sedona/Rim road trip.
    North shore/Whistler

    Build a house


    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    This year, It’s pass my motorbike test and then build a cafe racer

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    To not have a bucket list.


    This year, It’s pass my motorbike test…

    I have ticked this one off a few years ago, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.


    To not have a bucket list.

    😀 Er..ok…What do you have to do to achieve this?


    Aurora Borealis.
    Mates just been to Sweden and posted some absolutely breath taking photos on his FB. I’m incredibly jealous.

    Premier Icon ton

    to cycle off a ferry into Europe with the wife, with nothing to think about but riding, drinking and sight seeing, for a whole summer/year/maybe more. 8)

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Er..ok…What do you have to do to achieve this?

    I know it sounds silly, but planning to die (and, sort of, setting a time limit) doesn’t sit well with me. What do you do once you’ve got through the list? 12 guage?


    I know it sounds silly, but planning to die (and, sort of, setting a time limit) doesn’t sit well with me. What do you do once you’ve got through the list? 12 guage?

    I think your list constantly evolves as you get older, so I don’t suppose you’d ever get through it. Unless of course, you’re given a certain length of time to live, in which case you won’t need the 12 guage when you’ve completed your then list.


    Northern Lights for me too, I can’t really explain why but I have a real fascination with them and I think it would absolutely blow me away to see them!

    I’ve applied to study for a year in Trondheim in Norway next year, get the response back next week so fingers crossed.


    Ride the Himalayas and Andes and New Zealand and Rockies (done) and Norway and and and


    Cycle tour the outer Hebrides
    The whole Cuillin Ridge in nice weather
    Kayak on Doubtful Sound, NZ and wild camp whilst there

    cage dive with proper scary sharks

    ride in Whistler


    1. Do falconry.
    2. Do wheel building.
    3. Whip a tandem.

    That’s it, im only 27 so…..


    1. Buy a bucket
    2. Make a list


    I was bored one day at work so here’s my bucket list, for your admiration and/or derision.

    1. Get and maintain independence- Achieved 1999
    2. Fall in love – Achieved 2004
    3. Get married and be happy- Achieved 2007
    4. Have at least one child – Achieved 2011
    5. Get proficient at a sport (Golf: 25%, Swimming: strong but never competed, Mountain Biking/Cycling: 70%?)
    6. Compete in a XC mountain bike race and not come last. Achieved 2013
    7. Complete an olympic distance triathlon and not come last
    8. Scuba dive somewhere tropical.
    9. Get proficient at a musical instrument.
    10. Have a ride on a helicopter
    11. Parachute jump, incl freefall
    12. Visit Thailand
    13. Visit Rome, incl The Colisseum & St Peters Basilica – Achieved 2008
    14. Visit New York
    15. Visit Paris and climb the Effiel Tower, see the Mona Lisa @ the lourve and visit Notre Dame Catherdral – Achieved 2007
    16. Cycle coast to coast UK – Achieved Sept 2011
    17. Cycle coast to coast Italy
    18. Cycle coast to coast USA.
    19. Cycle John O’Groats to Lands End
    20. Ski down a mountain.
    21. Ride a gondola in Venice – Achieved 2007
    22. See a wild snake – Achieved 2011
    23. See a wild badger – Achieved 2013
    24. See a wild bird of prey – Achieved
    25. See a london show- Achieved X 3
    26. Hike up the highest mountain in England – Achieved 2011
    27. Hike up the highest mountain in Scotland
    28. Hike up the highest mountain in Wales – Achieved 2013
    29. Live long enough to see a grandchild (hopefully many)
    30. Ride on a horse at a gallop
    31. Swim across a lake (& back again) – Achieved, Coniston 1994
    32. Shoot a magnum – Achieved 2007
    33. Shoot a shotgun – Achieved 2007
    34. See an opera – Achieved 2007, in Verona – La Boheme.
    35. Visit Pompei – Achieved 2008
    36. Visit the houses of Parliament, London – Achieved 2009
    37. Go to Oktoberfest, Germany
    38. Go to a music Festival
    39. Go to all-night ‘Rave’ – Achieved several times ;o)
    40. Compete in a Poker Tournament – Achieved 2010
    41. Create a sculpture


    Wow. You’d better get busy Jekkyl!!

    That USA C2C will take some time.


    Yes I know, just looked online and USA c2c is approx 2092 miles so at about 75 miles a day (taking it easy) that’s 27 days pure cycling, so doable with nice breaks in 2 months. That’s a nice ambition for the first 2 months of my retirement perhaps.


    Me and 2 young and attractive ladies!!

    …but on a more achievable level I fancy riding (or pushing/carrying) my bike up and down Snowdon!

    EDIT: starts planning weekend in May for a day/morning on Snowdon and a day uplift at Antur Stiniog.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    oh – just remembered another after reading jekkyl’s

    Eat fresh Durian in Thailand

    Premier Icon righog

    Jekkyl.. I like your list.

    I have achieved most of my vague notions ( I might make a retro list )

    2 things in the near (ish) future though.

    1. get a dog, never had one, now in a position to get one, hope the wife is not allergic.

    2. buy a open top sports car ( sad I know) never even had a drive in one ( unless you count my old roofless landy)


    Bucket list is always evolving.. Currently within the next couple of years.

    Drive a Nascar
    Hire RV around Utah/Moab, 3 weeks
    3-4 weeks riding in Whistler
    Buy an old car and restore it
    Drive more tracks than just Castle Combe… Ultimately Nürburgring

    Far better parts of Asia to visit Jekkyl (ex-pat in Phuket!)


    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Daytona cbmotorsport. I went to the 200 bike race 20-odd years ago, the stands are hoooge!

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