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  • What's my old Soul worth? (Sorry!)
  • Goat Karma

    Thinking of selling my Cotic Soul, but have no idea how much to ask for the whole bike.The stuff on it’s pretty outdated now I think so not expecting much, but have had my moneys worth of fun on it through the years!

    Cotic Soul, large, in yellow/mustard. It’s one of the older lighter ones (before the EU safety thingy)
    Air U Turn Pikes
    9sp XTR shifters & mechs
    XT Chainset
    Mavic 321s on Pro 2(f) and XT (r)
    Thomson seatpost
    Easton EA70 bars

    Thanks! 😀


    £500 ish, depends what’s worn especially the fork/drivetrain.

    Love Tubs

    Now that’s gutting as I’m after a 17ish (ride an 18 atm)

    Split it, always worth more that way.


    I might be interested in the frame if you split

    Goat Karma

    Thanks guys, have put it up on my local club’s message board for £600, with expectation of getting haggled down 🙂

    Took some photos here if it makes valuing it easier!

    Cotic Soul

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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