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  • What's MMX lever on a Reverb?
  • Rickos

    If the advert says MMX will it only fit with SRAM brakes or gears or does it come with a proper bar clamp too?



    MMX allows the shifter to be mounted to the Reverb clamp

    From Merlin?

    I called them & asked before ordering, it’s since arrived and I can confirm they come with a standard bar mount too 🙂

    The MMX clamp (If its a retail boxed post) comes with a spacer that allows you to clamp it direct to the bar; works great


    Left of right mount? If the tabs are on the right side of the top tube for the reverb cable should the mount go on the left? Asking as I am considering a Trandition Bandit build and the tabs are as above.


    Good question. If I wanted to run a right hand lever on the left so it was under the bar would it have pointy bits sticking out? Am I better off just getting a left lever?

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    Left or right – get the one for which hand you want to use, not for which side the tabs are on the frame!

    I run a RH on the left upside down, no pointy bits! I’m on an iPad so can’t embed properly but:


    You can just see it poking above! That only really works if 1×10 as it would normally clash with the shifter if not. It’s better underneath if you can as it’s fragile and when on the top it’s vulnerable to being knocked and can be damaged just flipping the bike over


    Yup, 1×10 here so underneath is always preferable.

    Groovy. Looks like a right hand lever mounted on the left is the way to go for me. Good job my Kona Howler has some handy stealth holes already drilled for drainage… 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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