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    Decided to sell my medium rat, I’ve been on flat bars too long, and my retro-shitter commuter can fill the gap… But I haven’t a clue what to ask, I don’t know road stuff at all so any recommendation welcome… Winter bike/tourer/ultra-hybrid, call it what you will.

    Pics here, the main extra things are…
    Excellent pedals not included 😉
    Everything’s in good working order, no visible wear on drivetrain, good consumables throughout. Some marks from usage, like scratches on the brifters, but overall really nice.
    105 everything, except for the mini-vs and the Truvativ cranks. Wheels are Open Sports on the nicer Formula hubs. Raceface finishing kit inc carbon seatpost
    Rear wheel has a slight wobble- it’s true but a little out of round but works perfectly. Tyres have small cracks as pictured, they seem to work fine- just Michelin being Michelin but buyer might want to replace
    Small crimp in the seat-tube, previous owner overtorqued the front mech.

    The setup’s probably a bit gimpy, I’m not drop-bar compatible, don’t judge me! It is extremely brown. Also has a set of SKS guards.

    So… Where to start?

    (it looks a little gawky with the high stem! I could cut the steerer down to make it look nicer but can’t see the point in that when I’m selling, buyer can sort that out if e wants)

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