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  • Whats in your Room 101
  • Premier Icon freeform5spot
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    At least one bike related!

    1. Toilet seats that dont stay up when you want to pee so you have to use one knee to keep the twunting thing up whilst you aim*
    2. Showers that you cant get to the right temperature so you are constantly hopping in and out of to get washed as they go from freezing to lava in a matter of moments*
    3. Avid brakes that, when set up on the track stand dont squeak but so as you take it off start to squeak.

    * stayed in a bargin bucket hotel last night btw!


    Premier Icon wwaswas
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    list threads.

    Premier Icon coffeeking
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    Shower in my flat – so low is its mounting point that I cant get under it. I point it sideways but that sprays all over the floor. Bath is too short for me to sit in without having only my arse and ankles in the water. Loo is so close to the wall I have to lean over when having a number 2 as my shoulders hit the wall, same with the sink*. **** hate the bathroom.

    *I dont have a number two in the sink.

    Premier Icon IanMunro
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    1) Steeds
    2) Rigs
    3) Rides

    Premier Icon mrmichaelwright
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    Premier Icon ransos
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    Incorrect usage of the reflexive pronoun.

    Premier Icon coffeeking
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    People who use only the word “bike”, instead of sprucing up the conversation a little 🙂

    Premier Icon brakes
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    – the angriness of bears (I want a pet Grizzly)

    Premier Icon CaptainMainwaring
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    1) political correctness
    2) the Scottish midge
    3) children – specifically when my mates have to ferry them around all bloody weekend so they cannot go out riding

    Premier Icon ski
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    Those little plastic ties they use to pack new toys with, they use hundreds of the darn thing making it nearly impossible to remove the toy from the packing!




    Premier Icon jimmy
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    1. Sainsbury’s buckets of pre-cooked rice and the lazy feckers who buy it.
    2. Midges
    3. Work.
    4. Bike-related… errr… right now, external BBs. Baggashite.

    Premier Icon colnagokid
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    UGG boots

    Premier Icon RudeBoy
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    People who think a cycle lane is for parking cars in (selfish **** in general, really).
    Plastic bubble packaging, that you need a **** chainsaw to open, and end up hurting yourself. And by the time you’ve got the bastard thing open, you’ve opened up an artery, and the thing inside is smashed, anyway.
    Car alarms, that go off all **** day, while the owner is happily oblivious, somewhere else.
    Children’s mobile ‘phones that play sh1tty tinny music.
    Annoying squeeks on your bike, that no matter what you do, you just cannot cure.

    That’s just a random selection, from a very, very, very long list.

    freeform5spot; I feel your pain re the toilet seat thing. Why is it, they’re always in someone’s house, where it’s quite posh and nicely decorated? You stick the thing up, start peeing, then without warning, the **** thing comes crashing down, there’s p1ss everywhere, and you’re desperately trying to clean up their entire bathroom…

    Premier Icon freeform5spot
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    LOL! 😮

    Premier Icon uplink
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    eco warriors

    Premier Icon neverfastenuff
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    1) telesales people –
    2) Rover Streetwise
    3) Tioga Tyres

    Premier Icon Flaperon
    Free Member

    Woolly jumpers
    Fish bones

    Don’t ask why.

    Premier Icon Lootenant
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    Forum threads about dogs?

    Amongst many other things….

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