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  • What's in your MTB survival kit?
  • Ax3M4n

    I guess most will be the same or variants, but I’m interested if anyone has any useful gems worth considering.

    My Minimum Kit is:-
    – Inner Tube
    – Puncture Repair Patches
    – 2 x Tyre Levers
    – 2 x Chain Links (clip-in)
    – Topeak Mini Pump
    – Lezyne Multi-tool (V10) including chain breaker
    – Lezyne Caddy medium saddle bag
    – 4 Cable Ties
    – Camelbak MULE + water bladder
    – Big River bag (inside mule)

    Occasional (if I remember)
    – Tyre Pressure Gauge
    – Leatherman multi tool (knife and pliers)

    Obviously I try to ride as light as possible, but does anyone have any other useful suggestions to throw into the minimum kit?

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    porn mag
    1/2 oz


    i always carry a tyre boot. a homemade one; 120mm square cut from a plastic milk bottle. if you rip a tyre you can always limp home.


    Ho ho…

    Porn Mag while riding? That’d be interesting to witness.

    OK – phone, wallet, keys, err food accepted. But you’d have these even if you weren’t MTBing.

    Heather Bash

    You said survival but you haven’t listed many of the basics: map, compass, survival bag, whistle, first aid kit, duct tape, additional / spare clothing, high energy food. All assuming you actually ride in the hills of course.

    Tyre pressure gauge? I’d probably be taking the aforementioned porn mag before I threw in one of these 😉


    standard (in a seatpack so always there) –

    inner tube
    co2 inflator
    2 x tyre levers
    multi tool
    mini chain tool
    couple of chain links
    £10 note

    phone in pocket (not always though)

    longer rides will have this plus a proper pump, mini first aid kit and tiny emergency petzl torch in – carried after being benighted in the Dales once.

    i work on the basis that if these cant fix it on a local ride, then my phone in my pocket can call my wife or a taxi, and the £10 will at least count as part payment for the journey.

    unless i have decided to spend the money in a pub of course 🙂

    Heather Bash

    For Wallet see Hip Flask 😉

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    I guess most will be the same or variants, but I’m interested if anyone has any useful gems worth considering.

    My Minimum Kit is:-
    – Inner Tube
    – Puncture Repair Patches
    – 2 x Tyre Levers
    – 2 x Chain Links (clip-in)
    – Topeak Mini Pump
    – Lezyne Multi-tool (V10) including chain breaker
    – Lezyne Caddy medium saddle bag
    – 4 Cable Ties
    – Camelbak MULE + water bladder
    – Big River bag (inside mule)

    That’s about right for me for most of my riding, minus the big river bag (what’s that?) and the camel back. I generally prefer water bottles, though I’ll use a camel back or similar for an all dayer. Personal preference though, some people don’t like to have bottle cages / bottles on their bikes.

    You could consider a first aid kit I guess. I don’t take one myself, but there’s an argument for it.


    spare tube
    puncture kit
    m5 nut and bolt
    m6 nut and bolt
    3 sram links
    2 chain links
    2 cable ties

    Bottles on the bike

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    inner tube x2, whistle, tyre boots, gaffer tape (wrapped round pump), kevlar spoke, spare clothing, survival bag.

    Map, compass, GPS for anything out of sight of the house. Lights too in winter (front and rear).

    Survival bag & first aid kit, plus all the associated spares & tools, food & drink required for a day in the hills.

    I assume a river bag is what others may call a dry bag?


    Porn mag only used at stops. I like getting back to nature.

    No one carries spokes? (I don’t)
    Spare disc pads? (I do, cos I run mine to the metal)

    Tyre boot is a good one – food wrapper will do though.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    As well as the most of the above:

    Good book.
    Jelly Babies.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    You know those fish things that have soya sauce in, that you get with packaged sushi? They hold just the right amount of chain lube for an emergency oiling! Always in my pack.

    I have a tyre boot, made from an old toothpaste tube, and +1 for duct tape wrapped round the pump.


    Premier Icon senor j

    tyre boot
    2x tubes
    punture repair kit
    spare mech hanger
    brake pads
    chain links
    multi tool w chain splitter
    survival blanket
    laa’l bit of lube.

    I only pack the porn on looooong rides. 😀


    Cheers peeps…

    I seen a few good ideas which I can add to my kit…

    M5,M6 Nut and bolt
    Tyre Boot – never had a rip, but thanks for the tip
    Mech hanger and brake pads

    Survival Blanket? Is this a big sheet of that metallic stuff? Are they heavy/bulky? Do they work?

    First Aid kit… that’s a whole new thread in itself – what’s the bare minimum?

    Porn… not sure I’d be happy carrying my laptop around 😉

    Premier Icon senor j

    “Survival Blanket? Is this a big sheet of that metallic stuff? Are they heavy/bulky? Do they work?”

    yes , neither heavy or bulky.
    I had to have one as part of the kit for kielder 100.
    I’ve never taken it out of my bag yet.fingers crossed.
    My first aid consists of some ibruprofen and antihistamine tabs.
    oh ,and a small packet of hankies in case I need to squat behind a hedgerow!!nice image for lunchtime that!

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Porn… not sure I’d be happy carrying my laptop around

    Get Razzle then…

    “Its cheap, it’s dirty, its £2.30…” :mrgreen:


    Multitool including splitter
    Mech hanger
    Spare bit of chain and couple of powerlinks
    Puncture kit
    Spare Tube
    Bit of old tyre
    Nut and bolt for shock mount
    Brake Pads
    Mini First Aid Kit – Sling, bandage, butterflies, plaster, dressings. Little bottle of lube on wet rides.
    Cable ties.

    All of this fits neatly in a Thomson stem bag except the first aid stuff. Usually have some food, spare socks and gloves and a phone too.


    One of those bolts for the non cam end of a quick release. I’ve known one person lose it when changing a tube.


    Same as OP plus
    More cable ties
    Tyre boot
    Tiny swiss army knife
    Surgical gloves

    Survival blankets are only small & light but it’s never occured to me to carry one on the bike.

    Premier Icon graphite

    I always ride (off road) with a Deuter Race pack stuffed with…

    puncture kit
    multi tool
    tyre boot (old tetra pak)
    spare tube
    Fiver + debit card
    hip flask
    silver survival blanket
    energy bar or two
    … and lights in the winter cos I always get caught out!

    I’ve started carrying painkillers and a survival bag since I nearly always bike alone, in quite isolated places and going over the bars a few times has given me a wake up call! Frankly I’d look a bit of a ninny all smashed up with no survival kit in the middle of nowhere esp if there’s no phone signal!

    Edric 64

    Does anyone carry a rear mech hanger in their essentials?


    I have 2 bags. Small one has-

    Tyre levers
    Spare layer
    Brake pads
    Mech hanger

    Big one for big wilderness adventures has (on top of that)-

    warm layers
    space blanket
    a load of first aid kit
    extra food
    map if I’m somewhere unfamiliar


    Most of the stuff that I take has been mentioned before. One thing that hasn’t I think is a tiny tool to remove the valve core and a combination CO2 and tyre sealant inflator. They work with the core in but sometimes block it so the core tool can be used if you’re bothered or it’s freezing. Oh and Park Tool patches.



    Like this but I got 5 when Aldi had them for £1…

    I bring a pump also but the sealant CO2 combo can be very useful.


    In ye olde Mule I generally have:

    – 2 Tubes (most of my mates never bring any)
    – Puncture Repair Kit (see above)
    – 3 Tyre Levers (do I have to repeat myself)
    – Multi-tool c/w Chain-tool
    – Power link thingies
    – Pump
    – El Cheapo Leatherman style thingy
    – Foil blankey
    – Orange juice in the bladder
    – some cereal bars quite often a Ginsters Pork Power Bar (on big days out)
    – probably some Shimano brake pads

    If I’m out locally / on the SS then:
    – one saddle pack
    – one tube
    – some leaches
    – two tyre levers
    – 4mm & 5mm allen keys (fits every allen bolt on that bike)
    – Pump on frame.


    fags, lighter, £10 for the pub and ear plugs so i dont have to listen to my mate talking on the climbs!!
    ow and camera gopro and my canon!!

    All year round

    1 x Inner Tube
    Park puncture repair patches
    2 x Tyre Levers
    1 x power link
    Mountain morph pump
    Superstar multi tool
    2 x spare pads
    Small long nose pliers (bit of gaffa tape wrapped round both “handles”
    £10.00 cash
    Mars bar/oaty thing
    Drinking bladder
    Berghaus waterproof

    + Winter
    Spare gloves
    Alpkit head torch
    Super light north face base layer


    I like to travel light and ride in dodgy areas where theres always a risk of your bag being pinched if you put it down so usually just:

    – Allen key set
    – box spanner
    – 2 maybe 3 bottles of water/lucozade
    – Medical tape
    – Victorinox mini penknife (scissors, knife and…nail file?)
    – Spare inner tube
    – Tyre levers
    – Chocolate or something else high in sugar incase i break a leg and need to take my mind off it.


    Sometimes I take a drink other times just my iPhone and earbuds for sounds.
    Sometimes I take loads of stuff, but mostly not


    Everytime –

    In no particular order

    Camelbak + Juice
    Jelly babies/chew bars
    1x Tube
    Puncture repair kit
    Pump with Duct Tape round it
    3x Tyre levers
    200mm length of 150mm DPC (tyre boot)
    Half a dozen zip ties
    Multi tool
    2x Power links
    Spare cleat bolt
    Whistle attached to Camelbak on elastic
    Space blanket
    Medi wipes
    Couple of wound dressings + small bandage
    Stanley blade
    1x Mech hanger
    1x Brake pads
    Baby wipes


    “Edric 64 – Does anyone carry a rear mech hanger in their essentials?”

    Yup , but only when I am cycling on the pavement, in case my mech hanger snaps when I get slammed against a wall by an idiot who thinks its ok to do so because real cyclists should cycle on the road.


    Mech hanger definitely.

    The reason being it’s the one bit of the bike your mates are unlikely to have a suitable replacement for, and even a bike shop is unlikely to have one. Could seriously ruin a trip. They don’t weigh much, so order one and keep it in your pack!



    food & water
    50p to call home.

    Premier Icon steveh

    My camelbak has the following bits in…
    Emergency food
    Small adjustable spanner
    Laminated business card with ID info on
    mini compass
    First aid kit
    Topeak alien multi tool
    2 inner tubes (1 presta 1 schraeder)
    Mini pump
    First aid kit
    £4 ish in change
    Puncture repair kit
    Spare chain links
    Spare power links
    Jockey wheel
    Random spare bolts of various sizes
    Spare brake pads (well used so easy to fit)
    Lip balm
    Sometimes my folding trail saw for removing fallen trees etc

    Additionally during winter…
    Spare layer
    Silk liner gloves

    No wonder it’s quite heavy.

    Premier Icon steveh

    And I just ordered one of these as well as a mech hanger back up
    for £7 i thought it worth carrying and it should work on most of my bikes, which is better than carry several different ones.

    2x levers
    Instant patches
    2x tubes

    Set of pads for both bikes
    Multi-tool, incl. chain fixer

    Presta valve
    Crank bolt (raceface)
    Mech hangers for both bikes
    3x powerlinks

    Very compact plastic survival bag
    Pertex/waterproof top

    Water pouch


    I have a spare mech hangar. Used it twice. Once a couple of weeks ago which saved a very long walk home over a Lakeland fell in the cold.
    I also take a spare brake lever after a stack once left mine so twisted I couldn’t use it. Both of these take up v little space and weight but can save a long walk home. As do spare brake pads.
    Always worth considering I think, what happens if your mate’s taken a stack and you’re riding to get help and stack yourself… best to be self sufficient and prepare for the less obvious/likely but critical eventualities


    mech hanger always in my tool bag – broke a derailier at kirroughtree and knackered the hanger and the chain. after fixing the chain into a single speed i then wished i had a chain tensioner off a conversion kit as the rear mech wants to change gear on its shifting ramp things. so carry one of those on big trips now – not bad if shared amongst a few of you.

    also the wee pliers for the brake lynch pins – that’d be a pain to forget

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