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  • What's in the boot of your car?
  • Well…I’ll limit it to the ‘boot’ as the rest of the van is complete with the kitchen sink, fridge, bed etc etc.

    From memory, two large DHB bike bags, one short and one long tow rope, a set of Goclaws (snow chains for mud), two huge levelling ramps, a single front passenger seat, (double currently up front) the removable half of a height adjustable tow bar, two toolboxes (empty) with the tools over the floor, two socket sets (in their boxes) a Lidl trolley jack, two axle stands, wheel bearing grease/rags/brake & clutch cleaner, some old car matts, a folding table, two folding camp chairs, a PortaPotti, (primed and ready to go) a couple of forgotten coats, fire blanket (on the wall) and a short hose pipe (plugs into the water system under the van for bike and horse washing)

    Its a mess, its on todays list of ‘tidying’ but then it has been for two months…most of the tools/lifting equipment should be in the shed…


    Yay! SPANIEL!!!!

    My boot contains:
    a dog tray thing,
    a dog guard (not fitted),
    an old duvet cover (for dogs to sit on),
    jump leads,
    cable ties,
    gaffer tape,
    a full set of PLCE webbing,
    an arktis assault vest,
    a Mk 6a helmet,
    a drop leg holster,
    my dessie boots,
    my normal boots,
    a roll mat,
    a black bag,
    a daysack with my range kit in,
    a sleeping bag,
    two boxes of cartridges (12ga),
    PT kit,
    12v inverter,
    goretex (full set)

    I really should get round to clearing it out, but I need the bulk of that this weekend.


    Willard will be mostly spending this weekend taking over a small country. 😯


    Trail socks. Lots of them with mud on. Hence why I always seem to be hunting round for clean socks at home.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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