What’s good and positive about today?

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  • What’s good and positive about today?
  • Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    First of 4 days off,new to us 1 year old rescue whippet/colly cross snoozing next to me on the sofa

    Not so positive
    Plumber downstairs replacing, shower bar and toilet flush unit.both been leaking, not looking forward to the invoice😖

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    I have enjoyed some epic umps of late.


    Remember how y2k was going to kill us all?

    That problem was solved by preparation and execution of a plan…


    Meeting went well pie,chips,gravey and a pint for lunch. Got tomorrow off so instead of heading back to Manchester I’m sat at Durham Station waiting for a train up to my folks, 1st class was cheap and I’m going to see nufc vs Cardiff on Saturday so not all good.

    Premier Icon northshoreniall

    If I read that correctly congrats trail-rat, or commiserations on having to solo the puffer? 🙂
    It’s sunny and dry in Ireland, visiting the folks, and got a nice icey bright run this morning – great start to the day.


    I’m still enjoying my new job (switched out a long commute to London for a bike based Cambridge job) 4 months in.

    Working next week, then flying out to the Alps for a week in Tignes from the 26th.

    Weight watchers appears to work and isn’t quite as oppressive as I expected, although I’m having to avoid a LOT of office based treats. 3kg off in 2 weeks and I’m still eating relatively normally!

    Could be worse, I am also avoiding the news quite a lot!

    Premier Icon bikebouy


    I’ve just made a fantastic cup of tea, and found out that I can leave work in 15mins 👍🤪

    WFH tomorrow, but that’s a great choice right there anyway.

    All the best for New Baby Joiners into this world. I’ll be thinking and hoping he best for your new addition to your family 👍👍👍👍😘

    Premier Icon chipps

    Beautifully sunny here today.

    (Unfortunately I’ve not left the building all day, brought lunch with me, and I probably won’t leave until it’s gone dark. AND I have a huge amount of writing to do for the next issue of the mag (hence wasting time on here…) AND I’ve given up booze for the month.)

    HOWEVER… In a week, it’ll all be done and I’ll be packing bags for two weeks off in Spain… riding bikes and drinking cheap, but lovely, wine… Oh, and this weekend will be great, regardless of weather. Yay!


    Iced up country roads this morning. Brilliant sun just above the horizon shining straight into my eyes. Passed a motorist who had been blinded by the sun, never saw the ice on a corner and finished up in the ditch. Rode 3 miles unclipped in case I needed an emergency foot down. Then it became a beautiful day for a ride. Did 53 traffic free miles and had a nice bacon barm in the cafe. Rode my new carbon fibre Cannondale for it’s first real blast, and it’s lovely; just what I need.

    Got home to find wifey had baked a tray full of flapjacks and a sticky tea loaf. Yummy.
    Just one of those nice, feel good days.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Internet is out in our whole building today so a day of catching up on all the little things that I don’t normally have time for. Brilliant

    What you are using your own data to surf from work? That’s like taking your own toilet paper in.

    50 here!


    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Just got announced I’ve won an all expenses paid 5 day trip to Lisbon for me and the missus.

    Got a promotion, got a pay rise.

    Thumbs up!

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    Had a new person in the office today – colleagues grandson, 12 days old!

    And tonight, after a short ride in the woods, were eating pizza and drinking cider whilst finalising plans for next week’s fatbike trip to the French Jura mountains and SNOW!!!


    Had the greatest day at BPW on Tuesday.
    Still buzzing.


    Positive: At the moment every day creeps closer to me leaving the Army after 24 years, looking forward to a new challenge.

    Negative: The bloody days are dragging!


    Good: Next week off work and the Xtr cranks on back order moved from August to April delivery!
    Positive: Umm? One end of the AA battery I just put in the TV remote!


    Quit my job that was making me unhappy just before Christmas to start my own venture and also retrain as an archaeologist. Got the first wireframes of the new website through today and it made me absurdly happy to see my new enterprise actually taking shape. You know how you daydream about doing your own thing for years? It’s actually happening which is awesome, weird and mildly unsettling all at the same time 😀

    Oh and steak for dinner.


    Good for you yossarian.
    It’s Friday, I’m off on holidays tomorrow. I can turn on a tap and get drinking water which is more than a lot of the world can say. Simple things.

    Premier Icon ceept

    The NHS is great 🙂

    Bilateral hernias fixed yesterday. Going home from hospital this morning
    Recovery, and puffer 2020 training starts now.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    The Grand Tour Season 3 and The Punisher Season 2 both dropped today!

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Ohhh, are we carrying on from yesterday?? 👍

    Right then..

    It’s Friday, obvz, I’m WFH 🤪 It’s very quiet at work now the recent chutzpah is almost over and no-one has called or emailed me this morning.. 👻

    So, that could mean I’m out of a Job 😱👍 or everyone else is so knackered they’re all at home cleaning the kitchen…

    In about 30mins Solo (the next Star Wars film) is on Sky Movies 😍

    It’s blazing sunshine down this way, not that cold either.

    I’ve also put off seeing my friend on Sunday so I can go windsurfing (in hardly any wind, but hey)

    Oh, and I’ve just cleaned my coffee machine 🥰

    Premier Icon kilo

    It’s Friday and we’re going out to a very nice Japanese restaurant tonight and I will have a few beers. Sun is shining.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    The cold/flu/Black death that I’ve had for two weeks seems to be on the way out finally.


    Just had my new skydiving license come through the post (Yay!!!) So I can now jump again if I wish. I also had, despite the ice on the roads, a great commute in to work today. I have a nice weekend planned doing DIY and sleeping in, so it’s looking good!

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