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  • Premier Icon binners

    No broken arms to report phil?

    explain your question binners or i’m reporting you for confusing me.

    yeah you heard 😯

    Premier Icon binners

    Its a reference to the swans who served ones luncheon. Clearly your table manners were impeccable or they can get a bit tetchy. The Muslim ones particularly.

    They can break your arm, you know?


    Ribeye and chips, and 2 pints.
    Productive afternoon coming…


    Just finishing my last cup of Java. Yum.

    Now to think of what for tea. Vagitas I think.


    I had a protein bar before going on a long ride that I bailed from after 40 mins. Now having coffee from a bialetti.

    I’m in a vile mood.

    They can break your arm, you know?

    I bet Philly used one of those choker holds they taught him for dealing with those mentalists*.

    *Is that the correct term? A mentalist mental health nurse** I was seeing used to refer to them as clients**.

    **At least that’s why she said she had to work nights.

    ‘clients’ or ‘customers’ seems to be the correct terms around here at the moment.

    before that it was ‘service users’ but somebody (not a service user me thinks) decided it might offend people as the ‘user’ part might, just might make some people think of drug users.

    our ‘customers’ are called ‘residents’ here, cos thats what they are 🙂 but its very easy to slip up and refer to them as ‘patients’.

    binners, i appreciate your explanation, thank you. may your penis be long and bountyful. for the record my table manners are horrendous, i once put my elbows on the table and used the steak knife for non-steak cutting.

    EDIT – 40DD, your tea is one letter away from vaginas.

    Grilled chicken and roasted veg wrap and an apple, which is more than I normally have.

    Down to 12st dead this morning

    Premier Icon binners

    How much do you weigh when you’re alive? And how do you type from beyond the grave?

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Same old salad. Same every day, week in week out. And STILL my chloresterol stays high. Grrrrr!!!!!


    First outing to the Christmas markets called for spicy bratwurst

    O O O – if it’s chicken caesar salad then that’s your answer.

Viewing 13 posts - 81 through 93 (of 93 total)

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