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  • What you all doing New Years Eve then ?
  • Midnighthour

    Hope whatever it is is fun. I might still be here, celebrating Singletrack is back yet again – well done ‘track staff. Hope New Year is better for you than Xmas turned out to be.


    Replying to the thread about NYE that someone else arealy started 😕

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i shall mostly be standing on worcestershire beacon watching the distant fireworks of the county (fog permitting) and gulping down cheap cava

    i like the solitude of this 2nd NYE thread, all the plebs can stay in the other 🙂

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Staying in with the missus. Kids in bed. Probably see in the new year with a small sherry.

    Joke. That was a joke.
    It wil be a medium sherry.


    just been for a hilly 22km ride so I shall probably be recovering.

    And learning to type again, you won’t believe the number of mistakes I’m making as I type this

    Hugh Jarse

    Given the choice I’d be up on Worcestershire beacon with rd, if he wanted a bit of comapany. Still hankering after moving back to Worcester area but stuck in Surrey at the moment.

    As for reality, I’ll be celebrating at home with the wife and two daughters who both have proper colds/flu.

    Mrs has to be at work for 7 in the morning so not too many drinkies for me but we’ll make up for it at the weekend.

    Happy New Year whatever you’re doing


    I’ll be doing HeeHaw.


    going to brave the London crowds and see if I can get a decent picture of the fireworks! riding my trusty Brompton into the chaos, hope I get out in one piece 🙂


    Into Huddersfield on 6.30 train~ Thai banquet at 8. Head out of town at 10’ish – prior to plebs arriving. Rest of the night / early morning with mates in the village hostelries.
    All the best one and all.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Going to be sitting in tonight, not going to be sorry to see the back of 2008 it really has been the worst year EVER.

    Think I may crack open a bottle of Bock, see what’s on telly and perhaps cook up a curry. Here’s hoping for a considerably better 2009… once the fallout from December has all worked through.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    private party in a club in Glasgow. £35 a ticket and it’s a free bar all night!

    Hugh Jarse

    Quick update.

    Just finished off half a bottle of Zinfandel and now into my 3rd glass of a very nice red so things are looking better all the time!!

    May have a problem getting the Mrs to work in the morning;-)

    Happy New Year

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