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  • What would your daily routine be if you won the lottery?
  • jekkyl

    I’ve often thought how nice it’d be if you won a proper shed load of cash you could put an advert in the paper and invite people who are hard up to write to you saying why they should have a gift and how much they’d need. Of course you’d get loads of chancers but you’d be able to sit and sift through them at your leisure and be able to help thousands of people: get life saving operations abroad, help a young couple out with a house deposit, help that recently redundant man buy a new car so he could get to work. How nice would that be? you could just turn up at their house one day in your ferrari like Noel Edmonds on Christmas day.


    would buy the island off Scotland that was for sale a while back (£2.5M), run the sailing school and turn over buildings to the scouts and guides association for most of the year. run and ride and sail and swim as much as possible and travel doing 3 or 4 daft multi-week adventures a year.

    and blow the rest on titanium bikes, blow and fast cars.


    In reality, my daydreams haven’t got beyond the initial epic bike-buying session.

    Probably this for me, by the time I’d got my fleet sorted there’d be a new wheel size out that I’d NEED to get.

    I’d get a house in the Highlands, Cornwall and south of Barcelona. I’d slow the pace of my life right down but as others have said not sure how long that would last without getting bored.

    How much would you have to win to make sure you could live off the interest? Do you have to pay tax like when you have a job?

    Invested in property, at a nominal 6% return you’d need about £660,000 to make an income of £40,000* p.a. and yes you pay tax, in different ways, but it’s broadly similar ammounts to income tax.

    *Ok, you could halve that, but you’d not be living like a lottery winner would you?

    Mr Woppit

    “Routine”? 😯


    one million scratch cards.

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Employ a shopper, handyman and bike mechanic.

    I am retired and have enough money really I suppose, but I keep having to get home to buy food, do jobs around the house and fettle bikes. Barely time to come on here or Twitter!

    A couple of apartments around the world would be nice along with helping out people less fortunate than myself. Maybe fund an outdoor education centre.

    Edric 64

    I would run my pub my way and sell what I like to eat and drink and be selective about who I allowed in .Either that or in my bike shop doing similar so no carbon,no niche shit, no 29ers !!

    Premier Icon aracer

    I’d get the kids out to school, the au-pair would walk them in

    There was me thinking other people were more into kids than me – walking kids to and from school is one of the best parts of my day (ditto with bells on for those wanting to send kids to boarding school).

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I would run my pub my way

    How about a pub in the middle of a velodrome?

    Oh yeah on the subject of boats, I’d buy one and sail from Cardiff to my in-laws house near the great lakes.

    Edric 64

    Good idea a pub at Newport Velodrome and six day racing going on

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Wake up to butler brought fresh coffee and a BJ off my fit wife
    eat smoked salmon and scrambled
    Take dogs for a walk along the beach
    Rag the scrambler around my land for a bit
    take the Vulcan for a quick spin
    pop out for lunch in the Aston
    check my investments
    got for a bike ride
    return home, shower, eat an excellent but healthy tea washed down with a nice Mcallan whilst planning my next Alp trip for skiing or mountain biking
    have superb sex with my fit wife
    snooze off into a deep and happy sleep


    Wake up to butler brought fresh coffee and a BJ

    Busy butler

    off my fit wife
    eat smoked salmon and scrambled

    Sounds good

    pop out for lunch in the Aston

    You’ll get crumbs on the leather. It’s a bit cramped in an Aston. I prefer proper tables


    Give half the winnings to a selection of animal charities, and leave the country for somewhere hot and sunny, with mountains.

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Get the wife to take the kids to school and get a BJ off the Au Pair surely.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    I have had this discussion at work and in all seriousness I doubt it would change anything at least initially. I wouldn’t want to step outside of current work until I was certain I had a sensible plan. I think it’s too easy to go off and lose track of who you are (sorry that’s a serious answer!).

    I would however blow a few quid on a decent wheel truing jig .

    Premier Icon NZCol

    A very good friend of mine is probably in this category – not through lottery but v wealthy, and young. He has his own jet…He works pretty much FT though as he would get bored and despite stonking wealth is very normal. He did earn it though which i think makes a difference rather than winning it where i think it is easier to lose perspective. He does have a fine car collection but more often arrives at mine in a bashed up ute !

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Buy my employers business, sack all the staff and burn it to the ground.
    £30 million is nowhere near enough.. have you seen how much it costs to run an F1 team.
    I’d make a merry nuisance of myself planning elaborate hoaxes and practical jokes.
    HTF could you get bored.. only those lacking imagination I spose.
    There’s biking, surfing, fishing, sailing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, swimming, gardening, cooking, fast cars, tinkering, coke, hookers etc etc.. I would never be bored again..

    b r

    Always amazes me with people when faced with enough wealth they’d never have to work again say they would open a business. I get the point about staying sane though, but come on, you’d feel the need to earn yet more dosh….really?!

    I use to work for this bloke, well second-in-line.


    His wealth doubled last year, from $3bn to $6bn. He still works (more than) full-time at 72 y/o. And he’s all the trappings you’d expect a billionaire to have – yet isn’t stopping yet.

    For me, as someone who has worked on/off for the last 5-6 years, I’d just go back to doing what I did before starting my current job – renovating our house and grounds while out MTBing. Travelling the world would be pretty much the last thing I’d do, as I’ve spent +15 years doing that with work. Probably have to have a top-line Range Rover though, an OPEC/petrol one 🙂


    b r – Member

    His wealth doubled last year, from $3bn to $6bn. He still works (more than) full-time at 72 y/o. And he’s all the trappings you’d expect a billionaire to have – yet isn’t stopping yet.

    Coz he is tight fisted that is why he keeps working.

    Question is do we want to be buried in gold coffin?



    Being realistic i’d still be working a little but **** off whenever i want or feel – ride my bike from marple to eastern russia the long way, eating and drinking most things in site 🙂

    Doubt i would have many friends if i won the lottery, i’d sort the grafters outs though, enough so they’d never have to worry or put in 90 hrs weeks again.

    First things first – straight to the lbs and put a massive order and getting building some bikes!

    Long term i build me own school for severe autism – aba therapy. Sod all the learning stuff, just teaching independant and living skills, along with a few hobbies – riding, climbing skiing etc etc.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Wake, in the same bed as a plethora of fit women, including horas sister in laws sister 😉
    Light breakfast, cooked by my chef.
    Drive a ludicrously fast and expensive car into town to my bicycle emporium where I sell only the finest bike porn (naer do wells on BSOs will not be admitted), employ beautiful saleswomen and have the bestest workshop ever. Which my friends would be free to use.
    After a nice lunch at a top restaurant I would take the afternoon off I’d take one of my considerable collection of bikes for a ride until I got tired/play video games in my awesome games room depending on the weather.
    Glorious tea, again done by chef.
    Pub, to collect women.

    Holidays would be every top riding destination, appropriate for the time of year.


    Keep it a secret. But still buy all the nice things, see how long it takes for folk to notice 😈

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    I’d disappear for a year riding the bike around the coast of the UK

    Keep myself to myself, but living well on the road

    Try to decide how to live my life upon my return to ‘normality’

    Probably head out to America for a big road trip – from Chile to Alaska

    Do something similar from Europe to Singapore

    Do it all over again in Africa

    Ride lots but don’t go mental with the house – but there would be a few – the Lakes, Exmoor, Highlands and the Alps

    Try to avoid partying to much

    If not, i’d be dead in a month 🙂

    Premier Icon molgrips

    What car though? Would you seriously all be going to the shops in a Lambourghini Gallardo? You’ve got to have something a bit more normal for a runabout?

    b r

    Coz he is tight fisted that is why he keeps working.

    Aiming for world-domination maybe, but not tight-fisted – at least where I was concerned 🙂

    Premier Icon tomhoward


    458 for Sundays, big old pick up for ferrying bikes on day trips, that unimog camper truck for longer trips, rs6 avant for day to day.

    Plus a collection of ‘interesting’ classics.


    Move somewhere hot.

    Brush my gold teeth. (Actually, replace natural teeth with gold/titanium so I don’t have to brush them)

    Appointment with personal tailor.

    Lounge around with a group of beautiful women, drinking cocktails, taking exotic drugs, and listening to records on my insanely high-powered sound system.

    Premier Icon bigdean

    I’d probably do something boring like visit every local historical building/ site.
    That and setup a cnc shop to playwith.


    Interesting thing is, many people do have enough money to live off without working (it only takes a house, and a decade or two in a well-paid job, and no kids. Especially if the house was in London, and you’re prepared to move somewhere with better riding). But hardly any of them go for it…


    Can it be the £100 million Euromillions? Ok then. Country estate. Need at least 100 acres. Let it go wild for a few years while I dig my own bike park. Stock it with remote control wolves to keep the scrotes away.


    Id get up nice an early and take the dogs out in the private forest at the back of the house – you know!, the one with graded trails etc. Have a nice lite breakfast and get to work rebuilding the latest classic bike project in my snap-on equipped workshop.
    For lunch I’d have a few mates round and we could then take the helicopter shuttle up the really big hill at the back of my house. Couple of runs in before dinner, and then a Loch Lomond Gold in the hot tub watching the sun set across the Loch in front of the really ridiculously large house I now own.
    Taking said mates to Morocco in the Kamaz Dakar special for a week or two exploring the High Atlas would also feature highly. Bugger sitting at home getting p***d, snorting coke and hookers (OK thats different) but hey, its all good.


    I would finally buy that 5 I’ve wanted for years. In fact I would buy one every couple of days in various spec until the novelty wore off. I would buy an estate with a big house that had a top of the range alarm system so I could keep all the bikes there.. .probably in the dining room.


    I always used to say I would keep working, partially because it’s a family business and the syndicate includes 4 of the 10 office staff, partially to stop me getting board.

    Then the wife suggested why not voulenteer part time for Chase Trails, this is possibly the best idea she has ever had. So two or three full days trail building/testing, I would also put my own money into the trails and all my building kit such as a mini digger. I would spend the rest of my time restoring classic 911s and riding my bikes. Funnily enough I would only add one bike to the fleet(a DH bike), while replacing the Enduro and the road bike and properly upgrading my BFe.


    Hmmmm, spend the first winter skiing, then try to figure out how I’m going to educate my kids, and live somewhere close to the school. Spend my days looking after the (small) estate, the wifes horses, my bikes and flying (on good days) my shiney new ASH-30M glider, or driving to lunches at ludicrous speeds in something not too falsh, but gob smackingly fast (de-badged RS6 or similar). Lots of sailing, lots of riding and lots of flying. I think I’d be happy!


    would involve riding , swimming and running most days

    would involve doing hill rallying/breslau/dakar rally

    would involve a 1970s 2 door v8 range rover for a daily driver 😀


    I’d still be sleeping right now, that’s for sure.


    I wouldn’t have a routine

    That would kind of defeat the object

    I know that I wouldn’t be flying out to south of France or Italy once a month

    I’d be living there

    With a few nice old exotic cars


    I’d wake up with the sunrise, make breakfast over the remains of last nights fire , pack the gear and tent away and carry on cycling round the world on my ECR. The money would just free me from having to support the family.


    Ive been thinking about this since I saw the thread yesterday and the overriding thing for me is that I wouldnt live in the UK (at least not full time). I’m not unhappy here per se and the work here for me is fantastic but free from that hold and I would choose to live somewhere else and maybe only come back to see friends/family etc. Time to start looking at I move I think 😕

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