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  • What would your daily routine be if you won the lottery?
  • jekkyl

    Simple monday morning daydream question: What would your day look like if you won the lottery? say 30mill, enough to make life very easy and you’d never have to work again.

    This is mine:
    Wake up and get my little girl ready for nursery/school.
    Have coffee and breakfast, I’d probably watch the news then some Jeremy Kyle on the veranda then go out on a bike ride. Yup I reckon I’d ride my bike every single day, nothing would make me happier. Wouldn’t matter if it was raining, it’s all experience, it’s all fun.
    Cycling back to my house, the garage door would automatically open and I’d be wheel straight in, my housekeeper would be waiting with a bottle of ice cold Peroni as I unclipped. Racking my bike next to the 10 others my housekeeper would clean it whilst I’d go inside the house to shower and change.
    I’d probably have time for a swim or a dip in the jacuzzi before a massage and then getting changed for dinner.

    Once a month we’d fly out to somewhere nice for a few days, northern Italy for eg for bike rides and meals out.

    Over to you……

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Wake up, Coke and Hookers. Breakfast, more Coke and Hookers, Lunch, more Coke and Hookers, etc

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Probably pop out to the wooded hill I own behind my house to play on my own full-sized bike park. Obviously I’d probably need to employ someone to turf off all the cheeky hoi polloi.

    In reality, my daydreams haven’t got beyond the initial epic bike-buying session.

    Premier Icon MSP

    Wake up at about 2pm, whiskey for breakfast
    2:15 coke
    2:30 hookers
    2:45 more coke
    3:00 race the ferrari up and down the driveway
    3:15 more coke, taken stood astride the upturned ferrari.
    3:30 more hookers

    repeat until death


    I’d need a bit more structure, I’d quite like to study something like archaeology or similar. Maybe an OU degree. So I’m thinking something like:

    * Kids to school
    * Couple of hours training (running or bike)
    * Study a bit
    * Lunch + siesta
    * Study a bit more
    * Wave Mrs. mogrim off as she goes to pick kids up
    * Make dinner (I like cooking, someone else can clean up after though).


    I’d still be working just less hours & massive holidays 🙂 today, eating food for today’s ride & I’d pay for pub tea and drinks.

    My bike would have matching rims & a working reverb.

    I’d also have a load of that neverwet stuff, where ever it is.

    Winter’s coming so I’d be whilster bound 🙂

    Premier Icon somouk

    I’ve often asked this question and my answers vary depending on what I’m in to at the time but I think I’d need some form of property investment/development to keep me sane so would probably get up, breakfast, head out to work/check on builders, head home, bike/gym/swim then start the evening meal.

    Not sure I could have hired help, maybe a chef and a cleaner but I quite enjoy cleaning my own bike and tweaking it post ride.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    3:00 race the ferrari up and down the driveway

    Good call on the Ferrari.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    For all those planning to hit the powder, I wonder what your paranoia will be like after a few weeks, will everyone be after your money, those hookers are going to need to e quick to get out alive?

    I guess I would be like most people, a couple of nice houses dotted around the world, some nice cars and n+100 bikes.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I would probably also add in firing guns into the mix so something like, Coke, Hookers, private firing range and racing Ferraris & repeat.

    Less likely to get bored that way.


    0700 Gym
    0900 Shower
    0930 Steak breakfast
    1000 tend veg patch, go fishing, yoga, potter with bikes/cars/motorcycles, swim
    1300 lunch
    1400 Go ride/ski
    1800 Tea/chill out
    1900 Social (pub/evening class/meet friends/external gym class)
    2200 Bedtime with a good mix of at least 4 women

    This would be in British Colombia.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    For a while it’d be a laaazy morning breakfast. I don’t think I’d have a cook but I’d come down to a ready-cleaned kitchen and press a few buttons on my fancy automatic coffee maker. I’d get the kids out to school, the au-pair would walk them in, and me and the Mrs would probably both disappear into the workshop/studio where we’d work on our projects. I like to think they’d be different halves of the same building but I think the large amounts of dust and noise I’d be generating would adversely affect her weaving.

    I don’t know how long it’d take to get bored of that, maybe I’d start studying, researching or maybe I’d take the kids out of school and travel.

    This would take place in Mid Wales btw.


    Always amazes me with people when faced with enough wealth they’d never have to work again say they would open a business. I get the point about staying sane though, but come on, you’d feel the need to earn yet more dosh….really?!

    Premier Icon jam bo


    Premier Icon ahwiles

    …you’d feel the need to earn yet more dosh….really?!

    i guess the aim wouldn’t be to earn more money…

    there’s a shop in york called ‘Via Vecchi’ or something.

    it’s not open a lot, but they sell the most amazing bread. I can’t imagine how it makes a profit, but there are worse things than the smell of bread.

    Something like that would be nice.

    Andor do something useful, maybe foster a few kids…


    Not a millionaire, lottery winner or otherwise, but had some investments that paid off linked too a pretty cheapo lifestyle meant I am able to take time out from work.

    It’s good for first few months, particularly to get my head sorted as I was a bit of a burn out. Lots of bike riding, climbing, holidays and reading. After 6 months got a bit bored so started doing voluntary work (bike related) for the company and structure. Then worked for a few months through an agency, more fun when you are not the boss and with an end date. Now doing an MA in politics.

    Sitting on sofa with cat, not doing an essay at this precise moment

    Just my experience

    Btw +1 for Vancouver as a place to live, unfortunately -2 for me because it’s too far away 🙁


    I doubt I would have a routine to be honest


    There would be loads of travelling to do though. I’d like to spend a couple of months in Thailand at a Muay Thai school, learn a bit about Bhuddism. Spend a few months in a US boxing gym, getting properly good and a few more skydiving in the desert. I’d have a place in Italy for sun and trails. Spend a few months in an RV exploring Canada.


    One of my relatives lives on £100k savings. No mortgage, kids have left home just him and his mrs

    Lives a normal life nothing ostentatious has a decent motor plays golf and has loads of holidays

    Premier Icon MSP

    I don’t know how long it’d take to get bored of that, maybe I’d start studying, researching or maybe I’d take the kids out of school and travel.

    In reality I think studying would probably be my path, I would like to study philosophy, so the best philosophy uni going that is also close to mountains, oceans and sunshine (and also with decent supply of coke and hookers).


    Get up
    Nice breakfast
    Walk dogs on beach
    Mess around in garage

    Premier Icon footflaps

    We’ve employed quite a few millionaires who’ve all made enough to retire from share options in previous companies and then retired, got bored and gone back to work. They tend to be either very senior sales people or CFOs.

    One of the worked for us for about 5 years in Sales and never once claimed expenses. Not that he needed to, he was always buying the latest Ferrari, Porsche or other super car….

    Premier Icon molgrips

    you’d feel the need to earn yet more dosh….really?!

    I wouldn’t do it for the dosh. I’d do it just out of interest. I’ve got lots of ideas, I could make someone else do the hard graft and I’d cream off some of the profit.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    ooh great question.

    Get kids to school (no change there other than the school they attend!)
    Do some volunteer work (I reckon a bit of trail maintenance or some dry-stone walling) or help in the local school/bike shop/ski shop)
    Ride road bike/mountain bike/walk/ski depending on time of year. Might even take up rock climbing again
    Pick kids up
    The late afternoon/evening will then be the same routine of feeding kids, homework, bath and bed.
    Evening? Get the babysitters in and enjoy some time with my lovely wife doing all those things we used to do in the evening before kids came along. (note to self…find some babysitters)

    Basically, the routine wouldn’t change much, I’d just have more opportunity to do something fulfilling with my time and I’d be living somewhere dreamy surrounded by mountains.


    Spend all day crying and masturbating probably – just like normal.


    Might have to add restoring a classic car or motorbike to the list of things I’d do. I’d need to take welding classes too, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

    I could do the restoring in the big fancy garage my big fancy lottery-bought house would have 🙂

    I’d spend much of the whole first year, scouring for properties in nice places…

    then spend the remaining years flitting between them all.


    Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.

    – Maybe not though – getting a bit old for that now.
    I Guess term-time it’ll be something like –

    7.00 – get kids up, quick family breakfast then walk them to school.
    9.00 – go out for a ride.
    12.00 – shower, then lunch with the missus.
    13.30 – bit of voluntary work/charity stuff (either out doing practical stuff, or planning stuff from home office)
    17.00 – cook dinner + family time.

    I’d spend every school holiday out of the country – a mix of good experiences/holidays with the kids, or charity stuff.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Ride road bike/mountain bike/walk/ski depending on time of year.

    I wouldn’t road bike for winter, cos I’d have a belt drive Rohloff ready set up for mud plugging. Possibly fat, not sure.


    I think that if I had £30m to play with, I’d try very hard *not* to have a routine…

    Every day should be different – making sure to experience everything that can be experienced.



    I wouldn’t road bike for winter, cos I’d have a belt drive Rohloff ready set up for mud plugging. Possibly fat, not sure.

    Presumably one fat, one not?

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I wouldn’t have a routine at all!

    Once I’ve sorted family & friends out… Lots of travelling, learn to fly, scuba dive, get back into skydiving and then try out stuff like this

    Also, I’d probably build my own indoor skydiving rig (like those AirKix ones). And I’d do a lot of waterskiing on my private lake too.


    Shoddy that the OP can’t get a better beer than Peroni. The reason it’s served ice-cold is so you cant taste it. I think I would buy a small Belgian abbey and get them to make beer for me.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    I think be boring, live up a little, nicer food and furniture, bigger house, a car with decent economy. I’d spend a big chunk on buying up houses for rent so my kids would have a steady income without ever having to worry about money like their parents!

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    The guys I used to work for sold their company last year and got £10M’s. Boringly it hasn’t changed them at all. Slightly nicer cars, a few new houses and still very good folks. Like I say kinda boring. The main issue for them both is now to find something to do for the rest of their lives. Both of them are starting voluntary work/non profits/working with charities.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Presumably one fat, one not?

    Well I’d buy a fattie to see if it was good in mud, then if not I’d keep it to use in snow. No point selling anything on if you are a lottery winner 🙂


    First thing take my daughter to School ( I would love to be able to do this ) Mention recent lottery win to the yummiest looking Mummy’s there !
    Come home and cook some combination involving bacon and eggs
    Out on the bike with the dog
    Back to clean it off then fiddle around in my luxury man cave for a bit
    Play with various new motorised toys
    Pick daughter up from school
    Do something fun until tea time !

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Back to clean it off then fiddle around in my luxury man cave for a bit

    not sure, whether I’d still do my own fettling or drop it off at LBS after every ride (2 identical bikes of each type so you can ride one while the other is in the shop 🙂 ).
    Lots of riding most of the year, snowboarding in winter, dunno whether I’d move to the lakes and spend winter abroad or emigrate to somewhere mountainous. Would have to do a long trip of the american/canadian iconic riding places.

    Boarding school for the kids 🙂

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Daily routine at which house and which season?

    The house near Bourg in winter, wake up, breakfast, drive to resort with the best conditions, ski till my legs fall off, go home, sauna, eat & drink good wine, repeat. In the summer replace ski with bike and sauna with jacuzzi, and I might mix up some boating and climbing.

    Spring and autumn would be spent in Scotland biking, sea kayaking or WW kayaking depending on the prevailing conditions.

    I don’t think I would like to suddenly stop working at all, and I like the people I work with, so I would still get up, have a big dump, a shower and then drive to work. Although I would drive there in my Maserati, wearing much more dapper threads than I do now, and give a gallic shrug or flick the Vs at any boss who said something I didn’t like. That would do to start with.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I reckon anyone that says they’d ride every day is kidding themselves 🙂

    Most normal people would be bored within say, a year, and then be looking for stuff to do. The human brain is not wired to be idle (in the main anyway!) – I honestly don’t think you’d be able to live a life where you didn’t “do” anything, and just having the ability to go wherever you pleased or do whatever you liked wouldn’t be enough to fulfil you. That’s my 2 pennorth anyway 🙂


    Boarding school for the kids

    Genius – I’d not thought of that!

    Suddenly a whole new world of opportunity opens up 🙂


    I honestly don’t think you’d be able to live a life where you didn’t “do” anything, and just having the ability to go wherever you pleased or do whatever you liked wouldn’t be enough to fulfil you

    I’ll have a bloody good go though. This thread isn’t about reality 😈


    Initally i’d be doing sweet f-a,riding in all the places i’d like to(Alps/pyrenees/cobbles of northern Europe etc.) holidaying all over the world, but after a while i think i’d like to do something to put some good back into society and the world in general, but only part time mind still want to have plenty of time for me and the family.


    Woo sister in law.

    Buy a Mercedes G Wagon

    Buy a Lotus Elise.

    Wrapped round a tree by Friday.

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