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  • What would you rather be doing right now?
  • Working.


    Having a massage then sorting all my kit and plans for riding next week.


    Relaxing on a sunny beach……instead off to work 2-10 πŸ™


    Dropping my new part built bike off at The Bicycle Smithy to have it completed professionaly.

    At work fit and healthy rather than off sick with yet a still knackered shoulder that seems to be taking forever to heal.

    Rocking a massive toe edge whip out over the reef in the Baie aux Tortues, looking down through the clear waters to see the creatures after which the bay is named, before heading back to the pontoon for an ice cold Blue Marlin.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Rocking a massive toe edge whip out over the reef

    No idea what you are talking about but it sounds lovely πŸ™‚


    Just having a few minutes of doing nothing while waiting to go get a lovely fried breakfast with some mates before going for a bike ride with my new wheels and tyres.

    Oh wait….


    Premier Icon swavis

    Bombing down a nice techy desent in the Sierra Nevada just like a couple of weeks ago with Ciclo Montana 8)

    Being at home celebrating our daughters’ second birthday and trying out the bouncy castle they were bought by granny and granddad.

    Roll on 2.30…

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Morning MF.

    It involves Megan Fox and Nicky Whelan.

    don simon

    Anything except having to deal with 35 year old children…
    Sitting on a roof terrace with good friends, good food and good wine enjoying the view and talking bollox would be a start.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Strolling down to the beach in Tarifa, deciding what size board and sail to take out and having a quick pre-sail snack of an omelette at the beach bar, while listening to their unique Moroccan/Andalusian chill mix, and watching the girls in yellow bikinis deciding if it’s on or off today.


    i’d rather be starting my new job in the cycling industry, which is still a month away!!!!


    I’d rather have an SLR in hand, wandering around Florence (or Naples) taking shots of the early morning husstle and bustle against a backdrop of classic Italian stylee.. Then a double espresso and cake, then collect my M’sus from her slumber and put her on the back of my scooter and head out into the hills, with camera in hand.


    Mornin’ Molgrips πŸ˜€


    wish i was in Douglas at the TT … πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    Climbing a big mountain rock route miles from anywhere. Alaska, Canada or the Norwegian fjords would be nice.


    Going with mate, who just called round to see if I was going out to play with the 3Rs group. Our Wednesday riding group – Rich, retired or redundant. Guess which I am? three job apps and creative accounting for me today.

    ron jeremy

    Currently sat on Starbuck’s having a coffee, and checking work emails before a day of meetings, so take your pick for alternative activities…. maybe a lazy morning in bed with the OH and the papers before a lazy brunch somewhere and then some riding, followed by nice food and beers watching the sun go down.

    Right now i’d like to be back in bed with someone special, have a lazy morning with good coffee, then go for a run and climbing to my hearts content/my hands give out.

    Instead i’m at work, waiting for my coffee to wake me up having had a restless night dreaming about riding round AS 31 times.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Wrong time of year for snow, so on a mountain, on my bike. Somewhere. Anywhere.

    Nicky Whelan – had to google, out of curiosity. She doesn’t appear to own any outer garments 😯


    I’d rather be wasting time on here than getting on with the stuff I should be doing…

    Hang on….

    Back to work (in a minute) πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Building my new fatbike.

    As soon as I finish this coffee, I’ll be doing that. πŸ™‚


    Apart from the obvious….

    Not much

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I would like to be building a bike actually. Haven’t done it for years.

    A racy but somewhat sturdy possibly steel hardtail. Something good for towing the trailer and possibly mixed road/trail riding. Flat bars and bar ends, 80/100mm forks. Wish I still had my 96 P7. OR possibly a Kona Ute for shopping purposes.

    I would also like to be cleaning out the garage so I can make room to park up the bike and trailer for easy access. Hopefully I can also find space to use some rollers for training.

    Premier Icon ton

    i would just like to be well again.

    this time last year i was riding every bit of spare time…….. πŸ™


    I’d rather be with my wife, involved in the activities similar to those that resulted in my becoming a dad πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Right this minute I’d rather be dozing in a comfy bed with my lovely wife, with coffee, cake and some relaxing to look forward to, maybe family ride with the nipper in the trailer.

    Mr Woppit

    Incredibly rude things to Scarlett Johanssen…


    riding, obv.

    Premier Icon lunge

    A lazy morning in bed with my GF.
    At the top of La Grave with fresh powder in front of me and blue skies above.
    Next to an alpine lake with the sun on my back and a beer in my hand.


    any-bloody-thing is better than this. πŸ™

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I would rather be on my field trip collecting my own data rather than reading about other idiots misinterpretations in hundreds of dull ass papers.

    roll on 18th then 5 weeks of living like a hobo πŸ™‚


    Touring the Alps. Done this each summer since ’99 on the motorbike except last two years in the car. Love it.


    I’d rather be somewhere hot drinking a glass of chilled wine and reading a good book


    Currently holding 10 day old daughter. Nothing in the world could be better :mrgreen:

    Apart from some sleep πŸ˜‰


    I’d rather be up at the range, lying on a nice comfy roll mat at the 1000m marker with a spotting scope and a nice .308. It’s a little bit breezy, but I could deal with it.

    I might need a small stove and a portable espresso maker just to make it perfect.

    Mind you, being at home with wife and dogs would be hard to beat. I could do with weeding the veg beds.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Outside the back of the house fettling my new cross bike, with the sun shining and Mrs and Baby North dozing on the grass under a tree.

    in a hot bath having my back, neck and shoulders massaged (actually as its a fantasy… my whole body being massaged) by wimminz with soapy boobs.

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