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  • What would you post to Nick Griffin?
  • Junkyard

    He's got a point about the way he is being treated

    Considering how he wants to treat millions of british people with the wrong skin colour I think he can hardly complain about discrimination now can he?

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I'm surprised he lives in Welshpool – it seems such a compassionate and generous town.

    Well, judging by the number of charity shops on the high street it is.


    David Haye.


    David Haye

    Back in the 1980s the NF had a bookshop/office/headquarters in the Thornton Heath area of Croydon. The NF obviously required a fair amount of post to be delivered to the address. In a stroke of genius Croydon Sorting Office decided that where possible, the NF should have their post delivered by the biggest and blackest postman they had available.

    He was about 6 foot 4, weighed in the region of 20 plus stones, and very black. I remember him recounting in the local trade union social club that whilst he could easily have posted their mail through their letterbox, he always preferred to ring their doorbell and hand it over personally !

    Apparently they were extremely reluctant to open the front door to him, so he would bend down and whilst peering through the letterbox, would shout out "come and get your mail boys" ! ………brilliant 😀

    Although Croydon was identified by NF as an area with some potential for them, they always did badly – thanks in large part to the work of a well organised local trade union backed anti-racist committee. After a short period they closed their offices and abandoned Croydon.

    In recent years the BNP has also targeted Croydon, specially the very deprived New Addington council estate – which is sometimes known as the "white ghetto". However they too have failed to make their desired breakthrough. And again it's thanks in large part to the hard work of local trade unionists and anti-racists, specially at election time.

    Premier Icon Haze

    They did have a Freepost address, unfortunately it got shut down due to "sustained abuse" 😀

    neninja – Member
    Why it's the British National Party

    I'd be inclined to post him a dog turd – no matter how they try to sell their policies you simply can't polish a turd.

    No!, but you can roll it in glitter!

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