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  • what would you do with £100k ?
  • I reckon getting a little house somewhere that could act as a weekend bolt-hole or rental property near some decent biking would be a good plan. Even more so if you weren’t dependent on the £100k making a load of money for you so you could just rent the place out to friends and family and have access to it whenever you wanted…

    [rushes off to look at house prices near the sea but within striking distance of big hills and decent biking]

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    Pretty boring, really!

    there’s quite a lot of ‘pay down mortgage’ suggestions above.

    which is ironic, as the only way i could get my hands on that much money is to sell our house.

    (and a kidney or 3, and save hard for a decade or 2)

    so, the answer to my sub-question : ‘what should i do with the money if i sell my house ?’

    is : ‘buy a house’


    I was hoping for a few more suggestions along the lines of ‘buy this (link provided) small farm in perthshire, and make a living selling photo’s of my dog on Etsy. oh well, back to the ratrace.


    pay one of the invoices that are sat on my desk.

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    there’s quite a lot of ‘pay down mortgage’ suggestions above.

    Single biggest life changing thing you can do – frees you from servitude to ‘The Man’. Either that or kill someone which also frees you in a different kind of way….


    Two 50% buy to let mortgages on 2 £100K max properties which should be paid off in full along with my real mortgage just in time to retire in my late 50’s.
    Any yearly surplus can be used for family holidays.

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    Buy ten million penny sweets.

    I would make sure there was a mixture, so I wouldn’t get bored. Ten million Blackjacks would be just crazy.

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    Pay Woppits TV license fee for life – malevolent benevolence 😉


    By a wood.

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    Renovate the building that we bought in Greece a couple of years ago, so that it can be used as part of our house. That would take care of £25,000 probably. The rest we’d just use for travelling to and from and within Greece and stuff like that.

    Pay off mortgage

    Buy a house – a fixer, make a profit

    Buy another house – a fixer, make a profit

    Buy another……etc

    Get to the point where I had a ‘free’ house – rent it out

    Buy another……etc

    Put some money into the three business Mrs STR and I currently have and expand.

    Start a 4th business venture I have in mind.

    Retire somewhere sunny


    Pay for some less fortunate kids to go on holiday, before greed gets the better of me.


    Buy a house in Cumbria, near Whitehaven/Cockermouth and get a job up there doing whatever…..handy working in the area’s big industry already though 😉

    TBH I’d live in some ex-council house safe in the knowledge I’d never need worry much about what job I’m in as long as I can pay the bills, and just enjoy riding one of the best landscapes England has to offer!


    Saw the news tonight and the winner had gone public on his huge win. Oh dear, I fear it can only end badly for him!

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    hitman! to bump you lot off and steal your money…


    kids to private day school I reckon.

    I [sort of*] was given that amount and it went on school fees for two of my kids up to GCSE.

    *BIL offered to pay – I wouldn’t have got the money if I’d declined!

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    A decent chunk of a house, a reasonably nice but sensible car, and at least one new push bicycle. And about £30000 left over to spend on travel and trinkets

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