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  • What would YOU do?
  • transporter13
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    Tesla Supercharger etiquette put forward after a misconduct by a Model X owner

    How hard is it to remove it for 20-30mins?

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    Put the saddle up by about six inches?

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    Take the bike off, open gullwing doors, shove it in. Park normally and charge.

    Maybe they should supply a charge cable extension with the bike rack?

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    Getting extreme eco car hate from a US earth muffin.

    They’ll probably come back with the V8 and leave that there instead.

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    WTF is with that bike rack??! “Industrial” is putting it mildly!

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    Fat bike owners…white van man of the biking world..

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    Parked normally and charged the thing as normal!!

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    Slit my wrists because I’d paid money for that bike?

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    I’d say in the title what the post’s about

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    Does the 24 in the URL denote this question has been asked 23 times already?

    Edit: Apparently it does. Time to take a trip through STW history.

    Edit 2: The first time this was asked was 7yrs ago. The most interesting was on the 4th time of asking. Although 21 is quite entertaining.

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    The most interesting was on the 4th time of asking.

    ….Tags anyone 🙁

    A Tesla undertook me at speed in a school 40km/h zone this morning – OK though driver of an AMG 63 was busy chasing it down- no doubt they had fat bikes at home and maybe a 2nd one at the beach house and winterised ones at the chalet

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    one of the replies

    It takes a little skill to accurately back into a charging spot in the first go.

    are charging spots different to normal parking spaces or something? (tho the poster may have a point about towbar cars having a charging point at the rear)

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    Even with the bike on the back the cord is still long enough to reach when parked normally. The driver is a nincompoop.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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