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  • what worklamp?
  • Have an old 240v worklamp similar to this
    Light not great off it and thinking of led
    Probably rechargeable
    Magnetic and hanging hook probably be good
    Any recommendations

    Premier Icon nickjb

    I just use my bike light (Solarstorm) or a head torch


    Picked up a rechargeable LED version of one of those in Aldi years ago and its been great.

    Just reminded me I need to pop to costco and get a mains LED spotlamp to light up my fume cabinet for spraying.

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    I got this one from Clas Ohlson

    It looks identical to the one you posted except it’s rechargeable which can be very useful. Oh and it’s cheaper.


    ^ that’s identical to my Aldi (or was it Lidl?) special.


    I have the Snap On battery powered LED lamp sane as this one. It is very good with a strong magnet, bright and batteries seem to last ages. The design includes a hexagonal collar which prevents it rolling about and if laid on its side stays where your aiming the light.
    Costco used to do them but now do the triple packs of the smaller version for the same money which maybe better as you position multiple lamps to avoid shading areas where your working.

    Premier Icon chipster

    Andyl, I got mine from Lidl.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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