What won't you let go of as MTB technology advances?

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  • What won't you let go of as MTB technology advances?
  • cfinnimore

    The chain. Rollers, rivets, plates.

    Lock on OURY grips.

    32:14 only

    Pretty sure someone somewhere is hatching a plan to meddle with this for some reason.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    They joy of riding whatever bikes are available with whatever technology that allows me to explore further – faster

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Hanging onto:
    26″…like I can ride well enough to make a difference? Spare me!

    2×9 and 2x 10. Fat, arthritic 50 year old pushing a 32t single up any sort of hill? Do me a favour!

    Currently embracing :
    Tubeless. At last count there were over 30 self sealed holes in my tyres. That’s a lot of riding time, or getting on for two centuries in middle-aged MTBer faffing years.

    Oh, and HT2. Light and it works.

    My 26″ wheeled filing cabinet with triple rings, all of which I use & have absolutely no bother with.
    No plans whatsoever to change anything about it.

    Premier Icon smett72

    Cane Creek Ergo bar ends for me.


    Riding uphill

    Premier Icon richmtb

    685mm is wide enough
    9 Speed

    Premier Icon edhornby

    I’m staying with mechanical gears, I can’t be arsed with having to keep an eye on whether the battery in my bike is charged so that it will move the gears – whole point about a bike is that you can get it out of the shed and go and ride it save for a quick tyre pump and chain lube

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The things I’m holding onto are the things where I don’t think the claimed advances, are actually advances- they’re just differences. When things are better, I’ll switch.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    and don’t need a compressor
    and 99.9% of the time, hold in all the air and seat the tyre bead first time

    and release all the air upto 6 times a ride.
    personal experience (@45psi), YMMV etc

    Multiple bikes would be my keeper I guess – arguably a stupid idea. Droppers, 1×11, carbon super bikes, leccy shifting etc all sound good but costs too much. If I went to one bike I could probably afford bling stuff, but….I like having a singlespeed, a lakes bike (slacker, heavier and more travel) a nice “normal” bike and a parts bin bike that gets all my old parts to eke every bit of moneys worth out of them and gets ridden through winter/rain/mud without worrying about ruining my bestest gear.

    Only owning 1 bike at a time would mean switching to the new “standards” every 3 or 4 years would be less of a PITA too.


    Hmm. Well by the end of the week I will have the following.

    FS Bike
    160mm forks(20mm axle)
    Wide bars
    26″ wheels
    Short stem

    HT bike
    140mm forks (20mm axle)
    wide bars
    26″ wheels
    Short stem
    Rigid post

    So on the FS its tubes and arguably a 20mm axle on a trail bike. And on the HT its tubes, 20mm axle, 2×9, rigid post and steel frame.

    I refuse to call different wheel sizes an advancement.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Someone pitched in with 15mm vs 20mm, I now have stiffer 15mm forks than a lot of 20mm used to be, it’s a con in some ways spec a 20mm axle to cover up the fact you cant make stiff light forks 🙂


    Circular wheels. Not sure square ones will be as effective.

    Seriously though, I’m currently riding a rigid single speed 29er. So there isn’t much I have.

    However, it does have big wheels, short stem and wide bars.

    Next build though will be 140mm, 650b hard tail running 1*10, have a dropper, tubeless, and all the other commodities I miss from my Meta before it was stolen. Cannot. Wait.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    and release all the air upto 6 times a ride.

    or release all the air a whopping 3 times in 7000 km 😉


    I’m hanging on to 26 inch wheels, 20mm axles and cables.

    I’ve embraced wider bars, dropper posts, slack head angles, 1×10, tubeless because it all makes by bike better.

    I have no interest in electric shifter or suspension control. Water and electrics don’t seem like a good idea to me in the long run.

    I’ve mostly avoided carbon to date too, but that’s because I’m tight.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    DMR V8’s, bought some of these thinner pedals for one bike, can’t say I notice much of an improvement tbh, they can stay on the other bikes.


    26″ and inner tubes.

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